Trees in winter are honest because they let go

Headphone: SONY // scarf: Ralph Lauren // cardigan: wholesale // belt: Pieces // bag: Prague souvenir shop // shoes: Tally Weijl 


The wonderful fall in my Holland is still soft, not full of rain or storm and I’ve witnessed quite a few lovely clear skies in a row as well. The soft weather with temperature of 15°C last weekend made me wore a chunky jumper as coat outside. But today it dropped to 5°C today and this morning I saw a thin almost like glass layer of ice formed on rooftops.

The thought of possible ice on the car windows made me panic because not only I have to scrape, but with the chance arriving late at work increased and that is of course not a good start of the day. But a heave of relief came when I only detect innocent condense on the car windows!

Thank you for your get well messages as well! My cold is almost gone now c: When I caught a cold it’s usually 1 bad day (*knocks table*) with lots of sleeping (my #1 cure), a head full of snot and being all passive.

 So stay warm & healthy guys!        

De prachtige herfst in ons kikkerlandje is nog zacht, niet vol met hondenweer of storm en hierdoor heb ik mooie heldere lucht kunnen zien. Soms weleens dagen achter elkaar. Door het zachte weer met een temperatuur van 15°C afgelopen weekend heb ik heel eventjes mijn winterjas vervangen door een gebreide vest. Heerlijk! Maar vandaag was het 5°C en dus was winterjas niet meer overbodig meer.

Op de daken zag ik ijs en ik raakte beetje in paniek, want: mogelijk ijs op de autoruiten! Ijskrabben is sowieso geen leuk karwei maar dat ik hierdoor te laat kwam op werk was zeker geen goede start van de dag. Maar gelukkig lag er onschuldig condens op me te wachten.

Bedankt voor jullie beterschap berichtjes trouwens! Mijn verkoudheid is bijna weg nu c: en ik voel me ook stukken beter! Als ik eenmaal verkouden ben is het meestal maar 1 dag (*afkloppen*) met een hoofd vol snot en waarbij ik veel slaap (mijn #1 medicijn).

Zorg dus goed voor jezelf!


  1. Glad that you are feeling better now!! I love your bag too. So so cute.

  2. Your scarf and bag go so well together haha! Glad you're feeling better now :)

  3. Your bag is so cute! Anyways, it's forecasted to snow here tomorrow, which is bad timing, because almost everyone is traveling tomorrow for Thanksgiving break. I'm actually traveling the day after, which I thought was stupid, but considering the weather, might actually be the better option. I've already pulled out my winter coat! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. That's good that you are feeling better! :)

  5. I'm glad you've been having milder weather in Holland. Down here it'll rain for two days straight and we're not even in Winter DX Love your pictures as always and your outfit :)

  6. Beautiful photos..this year's autumn is really amazing in many countries as I calm and warm and long..I like it so keeps my mood in positive way of thinking ^_^
    Have a fantastic day,
    Michael / facebook

  7. Such a lovely outfit ! Very nice cardigan !


  8. How cute is the kitten bag styled with the cream cardigan and scarf :) Need to jump into the scarf with belt layering option until its too late to wear it without a coat ;) Glad that you are all recovered from the cold!

  9. Glad you're feeling better!
    Hoe bevalt je baan? :]

  10. the picture of the moon is amazing! there was a story i grew up with in korea - that there are two bunny rabbits on the moon pounding mortar and pestle. i always think of that when i see the moon :)

  11. I have never experienced ice forming on the road or on our cars here in SoCal, but my friends from the East Coast have disgruntled about the pains of driving during the snow season, so I can understand your panic! Thankfully it was just a bit of condensation instead :) BTW thank you so much for sending the Sephora lipbalm! It arrived to my home safely and I posted about it today:

  12. what a chic outfit! I love the title of this post!

  13. Love that scarf! Bundle up and stay warm - and drink some echinacea


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