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Black Friday was last week along with the Thanksgiving and even though it’s an American thing I sorta had my own Black Friday shopping and bought: some new beddings and shoes! Remember I wanted white shoes/sandals since last Summer but couldn’t find any dreamy pair until now? I have now!

I’ve been eying on these cut-out gems from ASOS for awhile and they finally went on sale! I’m very happy! Even though they aren’t suitable for the winter. I can't wait to wear them c:

What did you bought with Black Friday?

Vorig week vierde heel Amerika de ‘Black Friday’ gekte dat samenging met ‘Thanksgiving’ en ook al zijn het feestelijke Amerikaanse activiteiten -  heb ik ook mijn eigen Zwarte Vrijdag gevierd. Zeker met de kerststemming die langzaam maar zeker begint heb ik daarom wat goeie deals binnengehaald: een aantal nieuwe beddengoed en schoenen! Misschien herinner je je wel dat ik dolgraag witte schoenen / sandalen wilde hebben sinds afgelopen zomer, maar kon geen geschikte paar vinden, tot nu.

Deze ‘cutout’ schoenen van ASOS heb ik al een lange tijd in het vizier en stonden al heel lang op de ‘save list’. Het wachten was waard want ze gingen uiteindelijk in de uitverkoop! Een overwinning ook al zijn ze niet echt geschikt voor de winter, maar ach, ik heb ze. Voor een leuk prijsje c:

En, heb jij iets gekocht op Black Friday?

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  1. Ahh so cute! I WANT THEM. Toevallig vandaag nog iets gekocht op Asos, een galajurkje c: luf asos
    en luf jouw stijl!

  2. These shoes are very chic! Good find!

  3. The shoes are super cute! I have a pair of similar cut out booties in black! :)

  4. those boots look so cute!! loved how your styled them

  5. They seem very wearable in the winter with some thick tights in the warmer days. Very cute pair of shoes, I'm happy they went on sale for you!

    becky ♡ star violet

  6. Ooh I love how you can see your tights/socks through them! I'd love to pair these with frilly socks :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Ooh those are cute with the black tights! I stayed away from the online sales this year, I really don't need any more clothes hahaha.

  8. Such a great buy! Sadly, I did not do any shopping Black Friday :( :(

  9. Cool shoes! Love it <3


  10. Oh my gosh they are so perfect! I've been eyeing a pair of similar black ones. I just wish it wasn't so cold but you have the right idea about stockings :)
    I'm sending out my holiday cards this weekend. x

  11. Nice one! ASOS is making nice shoes, I have some from them too ^_^

    Have a nice day,

  12. Oh these look reallllly nice! I need some new sandals :D

  13. All I can think of is cold feet! D:
    But they look nice on you :]

  14. Loving these shoes - so perfect!

  15. pretty shoes! and i bought some things on asos too for cyber monday ;D

  16. This is a lovely pair! I've never owned anything like this but I love how chic it is! Love the white color!

  17. Super cute! I've had my eye on cut-out shoes for a while as well, but I am also in love with a pair of booties quite on the expensive side, so I am saving so I can purchase them, at least on January sales ;) On Black Friday & CyberMonday I made a couple of online Christmas purchases pssst, surprise! ;)

  18. Wooooooooooooowwwwww <3 die schoenen zijn echt een geweldige aankoop *O*

  19. Waaauwie ze zijn zo cute! Echt geweldige schoentjes c:
    Liefs, Tessa


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