Once Upon a December


I am currently enjoying one of my favourite month so far. Maybe because I’m slowly but surely building up my inner festive mood. This year I even bought fancier Christmas cards! And not only that I also invest my money on packing materials like ribbons and washi tapes and things to pretty up the envelops/parcels like stamps and stickers!

I still have not unpacked my Christmas themed deco’s yet from our attic. I also have not baked anything in snowman/deers/trees shaped yet. But making cinnamon buns are planned! But! I did crochet some gingerbread man here which is a good start!

Mijn december begint al aardig goed en wellicht komt het doordat ik langzaam maar zeker in een feestelijke stemming val! Dit jaar kocht ik zelfs wat luxer kerstkaarten. En niet alleen dat, ik heb ook met veel plezier geld uitgegeven aan mooie verpakkingsmaterialen zoals linten en washi tapes! En ook andere leuke hebbedingetjes die je enveloppen en andere post opleuken!

Mijn kerstboom heb ik helaas nog niet van de zolder gehaald. Ook heb ik nog niets in kerst thema gebakken in de oven. Wel ben ik van plan om kaneelbroodjes te maken! En! Ik heb ook speculaas popjes gehaakt hier dus dat is wat mij betreft een goed begin c:

Christmas cards from the lovely Paperchase.

Seen at my Instagram and I can't wait to try this wax seal thingie!


  1. I love that you're also into the art of gift wrapping :) The wax seal looks very intriguing! I bet it'll be a fun process and it will look neat too.

  2. Those cards!! Tooooo adorable! And those stationary stuffs! I want it all o3o

  3. Wow, everything you have is so cute! I seriously need to invest in things like that too - after clearing out old clutter, of course ;) I'm trying to wrap everything in a creative way too, it's so much fun :)

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. I'm getting into the whole wrapping presents this year! :)

  5. For me, the holidays are epically all about stationery and cute paper goods

  6. Those cards are so adorable. I really have to start thinking up some gifts for family and friends. Ever since we all started having kids, I kind of stopped making gifts because we're starting to be waaaaay too many to even have money/time to give gifts to everyone. Cards with a picture of us? Does that sound like a good idea?


  7. so nice these stuff!!! lovely!
    wish you merry xmas in advance :)

  8. Those sweater cards are too adorable!

    Have a great day,

  9. Schattige kaartjes!
    Ik heb nog steeds kaarten liggen van enkele jaren oud die ik nog gebruik. Wel steeds rouleren anders krijgen mensen elk jaar hetzelfde kaartje ;)

  10. Nice ideas, nice packing, I love it. The idea with box and Xmas postcards is great =)
    Thank you and have a great day,

  11. That wax seal is so the type of thing I'd squeal over and buy! Trust you to have the most creative and cutely decorated Christmas cards ^_^

    Jade | The Jade Aesthetic

  12. ooooh die kerstkaarten zijn echt zooo mooi! en je gehaakte speculaas poppetjes zijn echt te schattig!!! *W*

  13. Very pretty!
    Loving the cards :)

  14. Those are the cutest Christmas cards! I love the box too! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  15. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwies I think it's a very beautiful and thoughtful investment making people smile when they receive them :) xxx


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