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“Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..…” and of course you know this song! I’ve been repeatedly playing the feel good Christmas song classical's in my playlist recently.

Recently we did a nice outing and went to an ice skating park/market with food stands and other stands that sells nice goodies that are worthy to be presents for the upcoming holidays.

I’m not gonna lie, this December is quite a hectic one so far with a lot of preparation, lots of writings, lots of cooking and lots of buying too. But when you prepare things will, the end result is most of the time rewarding.

Almost holiday and I can’t wait!
And not to forget, my birthday this upcoming Thursday as well!


" Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..…” Op dit moment luister en zing ik lekker vals mee naar goeie ouwe klassieke Kerst nummers en natuurlijk kent iedereen deze zin en liedje!

Laatst gingen we iets heel leuks doen want we gingen naar een kunstschaatsbaan/Kerstmarkt met onder andere eetkraampjes en andere leuke kraampjes die leuke hebbedingetjes verkopen en zeker leuk zijn om weg te geven.

December is tot nu toe vrij druk maar nog niet het kookpunt van stress bereikt. Er is veel voorbereiding aan de gang, veel geschreven, veel gebakken en vooral veel gekocht. Ik zeg altijd: goed voorbereid is het halve werk en hierdoor wordt je eindresultaat belonend!

Ik kan niet wachten voor de feestdagen!
En ook niet te vergeten, mijn verjaardag dit aanstaande donderdag!

Foodies at ice skating
This wrap with rocket salad, tuna and egg was ok.

My dads hamburger which was nice apparently.

These branches goes along with my latest DIY which I've received nice comments about! Thank you!

Lets hook!

More Christmas market visits
Again, my money went to food again and I bought a 'red pepper jam' from De Keuken van 32.

My first timer having this but I think I prefer a darker hot cacao more as this was a tad to creamy for me.


  1. That market sure looks nice! Where was it held?

  2. Beautiful photos as per usual :D Christmas in other countries look so much more appealing than where I'm from. I wish we had more Christmas markets, more Christmas lights & more Christmas activities =.= I also wish it was cooler haha .. celebrating Christmas during the summer months is not so fun when you're trying to make a roast dinner >.<

  3. I went to the Christmas Village in my city today! Unfortunately it started raining, and a lot of vendors were... creators who didn't want photos of their work taken, unless you bought something I presume. Anyways, oh gosh, is that a picture of hot chocolate with whipped cream? The whipped cream looks absolutely glorious! And I love how you strung the gingerbread men together :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. These are such great photos! That market looks like fun too, I wish they had more of those around Sydney.

  5. Ook ik wil ook zo graag de markten langs maar ik moet eerst m'n tentamens zien te overleven 😩
    Mooie foto's, as always en ik vind je polkadot canvastas zo leuuuk!!

  6. Oh, ice skating..I miss it so much..I hope it will be freezing here in Prague soon so we can go for it too ^_^
    I am happy you are enjoying the time, it's great and I see it from the photos =)
    I wish you wonderful days,
    Michael / facebook

  7. you skated? i not dare to do ice skating at all..i'm just as coward as hurt when falling down..and you're december's baby!! happy birthday girl..may your wishes come true and stay pretty always!

    xo joselovincolors

  8. i haven't gone outdoor ice skating in a long time. oh i miss it!

  9. Ice skating with friends sounds like so much fun! The twinkling lights outside are beautiful.

  10. It looks like you are doing lots of holiday things this season! I haven't been ice skating in so long, it looks like a lot of fun!

  11. The ice skating rink looks beautiful and so does that yummmmmy hot chocolate

  12. White hot chocolate!!! Never tried! :) The ice-skating ring looks located in a gorgeous place, is it next to a cathedral? Loving your dotted red tote bag.


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