Why the foodstress for the merriest day of the year?


Because it’s a must to have a grand and fancy dinner during the holidays - almost a law of nature and therefore the pressure of not screwing up is there. And on the other hand I just love to treat my family something extra as well on this merriest day of the year. Or maybe I just love Christmas too much.


 I was really getting down on business with preparing our Christmas dinner this year focusing on the desserts and since I prefer eating green over meat I’ve also prepared a vegan dish: vegan burgers!
Oh by the way we decided to have our dinner on a hot/grill plate thingy which is really fun and yummy of course! More of that soon in a different post.

For the dessert I’ve decided to do a 2-way dessert which is: white chocolate honey mousse and a humble crème brûlée. I even purchased a real vanilla bean for it! Please scroll down to check out my chaotic preparation and progress in   the kitchen c:    

Omdat de kerst diner nou eenmaal groter en feestelijker dan anders moet zijn, en is die druk om het niet te verknallen er onvermijdelijk aanwezig. En daarnaast verwen ik graag mijn familie met zoete extra’s evenals op dit héérlijkste dag van het jaar. Of misschien vind ik kerstmis te leuk gewoon.

Maar goed!

Dit jaar was ik echt aan het voorbereiden voor onze kerstdiner. Ik maakte plannen en kocht de ingrediënten die ik nodig heb voor de desserts en omdat ik liever groen dan vlees eet heb ik ook een veganistisch gerecht voorbereid: vegan hamburgers!
Oja we gingen dit jaar lekker met z’n alle gourmetten. Lekker gezellig en Hollands nietwaar jongens?

Voor het dessert heb ik besloten 2 desserts te maken! En dat zijn dus: witte chocolade honing mousse en de vertrouwde crème brûlée. Ik kocht zelfs een echt vanillestokje voor! Dus scroll naar beneden toe en aanschouw mijn chaotische voorbereiding en werking in de keuken c:

Maybe I should not wear so much white in the kitchen...

'the wannabe fine dining dessert'
recipe adapted from: Sugarhero, Ice Pandora
I've actually miscalculate measuring the ingredients so I end up doing everything on hunch, experience and a bit of a prayer... And I was happy and relieved that the white chocolate mousse came out tasty. You get the stress?

 I even used real vanilla instead of vanilla essence. The seed scraping which I've seen it a lot on tv was a pretty easy to do as well.

Savory yet vegan
recipe adapted from: Jamie Oliver
Coated with a nice 'panko breadcrumbs' which gives you this nice extra crunch!

Plating up
We lack of  right dessert plates or even matching ones. We are Asians and food above all of them.

(Thanks for the compliments on my new hairdo! Wishing you all a wonderful NYE!)


  1. Great home made goodies!!! I totally want to make some vegan burger patties...beans, lentils, backbeans...all the wholesome goodness in that patty for me! I really love how you used those little pots for the dessert, how cute! I'm fancying some panacotta right now!

  2. omg!!! this is amazing!!! cute and looks delicious!!

    happy new year!
    Animated Confessions

  3. Oh wat een goddelijk artikel is dit, heerlijk! Oh chocolademousse zo lekker! En die foto van de gehakte chocola is echt om op te eten! Het ziet er allemaal verrukkelijk uit! C:
    Liefs, Tessa

  4. This looks so good! You always have the most amazing recipes! <3 Have a great new Years babe :)
    -Ally Gong

  5. I wish you all the best and joyful to the year 2015 ^_^,
    www.ontheleaf.net / facebook

  6. I know, right? Always this pressure during the holidays for making the best food in the world! :-) Well, you succeeded again!

    Have a great New Year’s Eve,

  7. how cute is your apron!! this dessert looked yummy,making me drooling..
    happy new year!!

    xo joselovincolors

  8. What an effort you've put into it! It looks good! :]

  9. You are so talented in the kitchen, everything you make looks amazing! xo

  10. Made with love! Looks delicious!

  11. Ziet er allemaal zo goed uit! De beste wensen voor het nieuwe jaar.


  12. This is beautiful! Could definitely be served at a restaurant :P If you ever need a taste-tester... I VOLUNTEER! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  13. have i ever mentioned how skilled your hands are ugh
    i'm practically drooling and crying over your cooking skill :( why are you so goooodd....and your cooking process is neat too! trust me, i've seen worse chaos happening in the kitchen haha

    the fact that you use real vanilla makes me jealous *o* vanilla is one of my favorite flavors and i really wanna try how it originally tastes ;w; i bet the fragrance is really delicate too aahhh <33

  14. You look cute as a button with your apron! :) white chocolate mousse? Mmmm so yummy! And those little pastel casseroles are very cute!


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