Why I love Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla from Dove Bodyoil


One of the highlights in October is winning these Dove Purely Body Oils from Womanistical’s giveaway! I’ve been using it ever since. Mostly when I come out of the shower so I think it’s a good time to give my thoughts about it.

My skin is every year the same around fall/winter: it gets really dry. Especially my legs and hip area. So I was very keen to try out these body oils out and the first flask I’ve opened up is:
 ‘Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla’.

I’m a huge fan of anything vanilla scented and to me it’s a worthy winter scent as well.

I’m actually not really an oil-user because they tend to feel really sticky and greasy even they are very effective like babyoil -  but these Dove body oils are ‘dry’ oil and totally feels the opposite!
And as the title may reveal, I have more pro’s then con’s – so read them down!


Een van de hoogtepunten in oktober is het winnen van deze Dove Purely Body Oils van Womanistical’s winactie! Ik maak er volop gebruik van sindsdien en dus een valide review over dit product moet wel snor zitten! 

Mijn huid is ieder jaar hetzelfde liedje rond de herfst/winter: droge schrale huid. Vooral mijn benen en heupen vormen er dode huidcellen. Je begrijpt dat ik wel zag zitten om deze body oliën van Dove uit te proberen en de eerste fles die geopend werd, is: 'Shea Butter & Warm Vanilla'!

Ik ben namelijk een grote fan van alles wat naar vanille geurt en kleurt en daarnaast vind ik dat vanille een waardige winter geur is!
Nou moet ik eerlijk bekennen dat ik in de eerste instantie niet een enorme fan ben van oliën en dat soort vettige smeersels, zoals babyolie die ondanks je huid enorm hydrateren maar ook heel plakkerig aanvoelen. Bij Dove Purely Body Oils is dat niet zo!
En als de titel kan doet vermoeden kan ik maar 1 ding zeggen: ja doen! Lees meer hieronder!
If you look closer there are subtle glitter added in oil which makes my skin glow and shimmer in some sort of way.

Pros: the scent obvious, non-greasy feel approved, it leaves a healthy glow/shimmering effect on my skin which is nice, absorbs quickly, nice sleek flask
Cons: being a hygienic girl that I am I miss a form of seal, does not clear out (hardcore) dry spots right away - the effect is there after a couple of days of using! 


  1. It seems like most products need a few days of use to be able to see the effects, anyway! I want to try that, I have pretty dry skin as well. Though maybe in another scent, I never really liked vanilla in my bodycare products or candles.

    becky ♡ star violet

  2. I really love dry oils! They work really well with my skin! It's sensitive and I dislike super greasy films or sticky feelings. I hope to be able to try this one out soon! I love vanilla scents too! So warm and cozy!

  3. I've never won a giveaway before! Congrats, that's awesome! I love Dove :) best quality :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Ziet er goed uit! Ik ben niet zo van de body butters dus dit is wel een mooi alternatief!

    X. Jessy // Everything is Makeable

  5. This product seems to be so good !

    HUGE make up revolution giveaway ! Over 150 shades to win !

  6. ik ben een grote fan van vanille met koffie hehe. Ik heb een of ander manier nooit van dit product gehoord! I'll take a look at it ^^

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  7. So good you won this! Getting something for free is the best, especially when it's something you actually like! ;-)

    Have a great day,

  8. I love your name! Ice Pandora...so cool! :)

  9. Shea butter is absolutely amazing! I used to use coconut butter a lot but I switched to shea butter and my skin has so much improved! x

  10. That seems like a good product to try. Thanks for the review!


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