A killer Dim-Sum


Something that I and the families from Hong Kong that came here to Holland for Christmas & NYE last year: yam cha! Even they love our European food such as cheeses, vegetables and other fantastic dairy products; the shortcoming of Asian food was making them ‘hungry’ and longing.

So after our train lunch here and after a long cold walk through the city Rotterdam, I took my family for a nice warm and rewarding yam cha dinner at Oriental Express. I’ve been here before and I was already pleased by their food and service, so that’s enough reason for me to come back.

Did you know that my Hong Kong family find the food better than the ones in most Hong Kong? I got my jaw dropped for a moment. The why’s: the food at Oriental Express is purer, defined and less MSG taste.
Time is precious in Hong Kong and so they try to serve the food as fast as possible but also delicious and so that means most restaurants adds MSG to the food. A case of quantity over quality.


Mijn familie uit Hong Kong, dat hier voor de Kerst & NYE viering kwamen, hebben ook onze yam cha restaurants uitgeprobeerd! Ook al zijn ze dol op onze kazen, groentes en andere lekkere zuivelproducten, de beginnende tekortkoming van Aziatisch eten begon te knagen bij hun.

Na onze eerdere besproken trein lunch hier en na een lange koude wandeling door Rotterdam, nam ik mijn familie mee voor een lekker warme yam cha diner bij Oriental Express. Ik ben hier al eerder geweest en was tevreden over het eten en service en dat is goed genoeg voor een 2e keer een hapje bij Oriental Express.

De meest verrassende wending: mijn Hong Kongse familie vond het eten beter dan de meeste in Hong Kong! De reden is: het eten in Oriental Express is authentieker, gedefinieerde en minder MSG smaak. In Hong Kong is het namelijk zo dat in de meeste gevallen het eten snel op tafel geserveerd moet worden maar ook lekker! MSG is hierbij onmisbaar en dit betekent: kwantiteit over kwaliteit.
 The bubble tea was a bit on the sweet side and the tapioca's poorly cooked. 

(Thanks for liking my café latte!)


  1. Jammer dat de boba wat minder was, maar de rest ziet er in ieder geval heerlijk uit! Vooral de ultra dunne ui pannekoek :)

  2. My family is like that as well. We could be in the most exotic of locales and what they'll really miss is Chinese food. For some reason, that gene skipped me but I do get a hankering for TexMex any time I'm away from Texas for a bit

  3. Oooh yum! I haven't had yum cha in what seems like forever haha :)

  4. I think restaurants put a lot of MSG in foods here too, although I'm not certain. It's a shame! I try not to go to restaurants too much and make most of what I eat. It's so nice that you had family visit you!

  5. Yummy food variety!


  6. YUMMY! I love my dim sum as you saw in my 10 things food posts! I swear that all asians of chinese descent cannot get away from our food roots. I would love to travel to hong kong or taiwan and eat myself silly! I just got back from bangkok with my mom and we did just that! :p

  7. Wow I can't believe they would like the European one over HK :O I don't think they can say the same about Australia's yumcha :P

  8. The food is looking so delicious !

    Giveaway, win a pair of Polette glasses !

  9. There are heaps of yum cha places around here but I haven't been in ages! My favourite is those prawn dumpling things.

  10. Ahh, we actually went to eat (unlimited!) dim sum last weekend, I'm craving it already... so bad since I always eat too much (no one can stop me once I begin eating :p) but SO GOOD. Yum!!

  11. Yum! I miss yum cha and haven't had it for awhile now since I came back to school~ I enjoy having dim sum with my family and or with friends! :) I can definitely understand all the MSG and stuff in HK- they have such a busy, fast-forward oriented life; I do hope that I'll have the chance to go there to have a taste of the food though! ;) All the best!

    Chic Nikkie

  12. Looks tasty! The deep fried bread wrapped in the thick noodles (sorry, I have no idea what they're called haha!) have always been a favorite of mine. Shame to hear the bubble tea wasn't to your liking though, I prefer mine to be less sweet as well!

    becky ♡ star violet

  13. Looks good!
    What exactly is MSG? I think I saw something like that in a MV once, don't know the artist, but the song was "open door/open the door" or something like that :p Reminded me a bit of PSY actually.

  14. It's been a while since I've had dim sum, but looking at your pictures is making me crave it! I might need to go to our local dim sum place this weekend! :)

  15. How interesting is to learn about the MSG added to food, and that your family found the taste more pure to the ingredients! Love the dim sum with little plates to share :)


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