My belated holiday presents


In the past few posts I have already told you about my family members from Hong Kong coming here to have holidays and we did this and this and they always bring gifts as well! Gifs from Hong Kong means mostly: food ha. And we don’t mind food as gifts right? They are the best.

My birthday and Christmas are both close dates and when I was kid I usually get 1 kind of gift that count for these both days. And as a kid that sucked and so unfair and disappointed and this makes me a ungrateful kid towards my parents. I should be already happy with something.

So that’s why food gifts are great because they aren’t pricey, it’s shareable and comforts your mind soul and body.

In de afgelopen posts heb ik je al verteld over mijn familieleden uit Hong Kong die hierheen kwamen in de kerstvakantie  en we hebben o.a. dit en dit gedaan en daarnaast komen ze altijd met cadeautjes! Cadeautjes uit Hong Kong welteverstaan en dat betekent meestal: eten ha. En we ontvangen eten met open armen nietwaar?

De datum van mijn verjaardag en Kerstmis liggen erg dicht op elkaar en als kind zijnde kreeg ik meestal 1 soort cadeau dat voor beide deze dagen telt. En ik weet nog hoe jammer en teleurstellend ik dit telkens vond en zo terugdenkend maakt me een ondankbaar kind tegenover mijn ouders.

Dus dat is de reden waarom eten de beste geschenken zijn. Het is niet duur, je kunt samen eten en is troostend.

(hover me)
Loving my tin lunch boxes! And I pack my sandwiches and go to work with it everyday!

Because my family knows how much I love bake/eat cakes.

Because my family also knows that I love to draw.

Indulge UK snacks
Ok, I kind of squealed when I saw these chocolate filled pancakes! Pretty cool quick snack concept I must say!
They taste ok. I prefer fresh ones obvious.

Some lovely handy winter essentials.
And last but not least: money in red pockets!


  1. Wat een lieve en attente kadootjes! Zo fancy, je brooddozen :)

  2. Those forks are SO CUTE!!! I'll have to remember to stop by the cutlery section the next time I go to Daiso. Which is probably in San Francisco haha, since that's the only place I know that has Daiso...

    I remember I thought it was unfair that my parents started giving me and my sister money at the same time, she's younger and I was older so why did she get the head start?! It's really silly as kids how we think the little things like that are unfair :P

    becky ♡ star violet

  3. Food is the best! (and the money in red pockets of course, lol)

  4. OOoo What a nice array of gifts! Loved the look of the chocolate filled crepes!! Pre made and packaged? Hell yeah! I too have a fond memory of tin boxes for lunches when I was a kid! I was so tempted to get myself a cute plastic one with rillakuma on it on holiday but sadly didn't! Oooo Chinese New Year is coming soon! I'll be receiving red packets myself! :p

  5. My friends usually gift me cute/cool snacks as well! I remember one birthday I got especially many gifts like that, and my mom commented saying, "Are your friends trying to feed you or something?" haha. I used to always get friends little souvenirs whenever I came back from travels, but I've since decided that it's probably better to come back with food, because you can't do very many things with most souvenirs and they end up just taking up space. Food, on the other hand, always brings immense pleasure. :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. These items are looking so adorable !

    Many giveaways on the blog right now !

  7. hahah I love food gifts too. Giving and receiving food gifts is awesome :D Those choco pancakes sound great! The mint kitkats too btw ;) We could definitely use some winter essentials this week. I'm not sure how the weather's in your part of the country, but my car was an ice ball this morning T^T "Perks" of living in The Netherlands, right? :P And I understand your feeling of being ungrateful. It is only when we're older we understand how much our parents are already giving us. Now that I'm making my own money, I'm giving back presents and such to my dad <3

  8. Food gifts are the best! Those forks with jewels on the handles are so cute <3 xo

  9. Those hand warmers are my life savers! I use about 2 to 3 each month (at least) -- mainly to ease cramps.

  10. What lovely gifts! I love food gifts yummmm.

    Ellie | wunderstar

  11. So adorable! Leuke cadeautjes X

  12. So cute! The little forks are absolutely adorable (I'd definitely feel like a princess eating with them c:) and I'm craving Pocky right now. Yay for red bags!

  13. Nice! Love the lunch boxes, very chic! :]

  14. So many cute gifts! I love the little cake forks from Daiso. If I used those to eat, I feel like I would eat extra daintily. c:

  15. New notebook and pens?! Pretty much all a girl could ask for. Happy belated!

  16. such great gifts! and i love your lunchboxes. the ones made of steel are really really great! i love them!

  17. Great gifts Mei! Epp cute cake forks and the tin lunch boxes! Dani's brother also has his birthday so very near Christmas, getting only 1 (nicer) present counting for both days it's more convenient for us but I know that it can be disappointing.


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