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Woooo! I’ve survived my first week of January! But firstly thank you for liking my recipe here, my DIY here and encouraging my goals of 2015 here!

Yes, my 2014 to 2015 transition has been good so far. But then again I’m a simpleminded person who enjoys simple things in life and that most of the time involves good food. And I sure had that a lot which means I have to start off January with a healthy kick. Yoga is getting down but we still have a lot of boxes of Christmas (butter) cookies left and not to mention another Candysan order!

Apart from the good food life, I’ve been going out during the holidays as well and not in terms of partying but going out on city trips with my family members from the other side of the world: Hong Kong. It’s sad that they didn’t saw snow here as everything has melted away at the day they arrived here safely by plane. We only had 1 snowy day sadly. And I hope January or maybe February will be more because I’m ready to shoot some beautiful winter landscapes! Don’t you agree?   

Woooo! Ik heb mijn eerste week van januari overleefd! Maar ten eerste bedankt voor jullie reacties voor mijn recept hier, mijn DIY hier en de aanmoediging van mijn doelen van 2015 hier!

Mijn overgang van 2014 naar 2015 is zeer voldaan tot nu toe. Maar ik ben ook iemand die simpel gesteld is en die van simpele dingen in het leven houdt en daarbij valt goed en vooral lekker eten vaak bij. En in die periode van die overgang was het één en al feestmaal en wat betekent dat ik januari met een gezonde kick moet starten. Yoga is al aan de orde, maar daarnaast hebben we nog een heleboel dozen van die (roomboter) Kerst kransjes over en niet te vergeten heb ik ook nog een Candysan bestelling hier in huis! Aan verleiding geen gebrek, zucht.

Naast geen gebrek aan goed eten, ben ik ook nog eens uit geweest tijdens de kerstvakantie. Nee nee, niet in termen van feesten, maar op stedentrip met de familieleden die vanuit de andere kant van de wereld hierheen gevlogen zijn: Hong Kong! Helaas hadden ze net sneeuw gemist hier. Wij hadden helaas maar een dag sneeuw en daarna was het gauw gesmolten. Ik hoop dat er nog wat van die sneeuw dagen komen want ik wil dolgraag foto’s schieten van winterlandschappen!

 More Christmas pudding here!

Feeling the love from blogpals

It was ok but way to sweet as well.

Turning my favorite chocolate wrappers into crane birds.

Time for salads and more salads.
The only day...
...I've seen snow so far

My neighbor lady baked this marble bundt cake for our birthday which totally surprised me because that never happen before!

Ordering sushi with a fancy tablet. 

Coat: mums // scarf: handmade  // bag: H&M


  1. Lovely photos as always, and I love love love your outfit in the final photo! So pretty! ^___^

  2. Well look at you in your warm and perfectly put together outfit! The simple things in life are always the best, and good food knows how to put a simple on peoples faces. Hooray for a good start in 2015! x

  3. Hahaha, come to Canada if you would like to see more snow! :P I do enjoy the winter landscape sometimes- peaceful and just beautiful, but I'm not a big fan of the flu that usually comes through every winter, haha. That's so nice that you and other bloggers are connecting and sending each other things! Count me in next time, haha! I hope you have a great weekend!

    Chic Nikkie

  4. I love these photos! They set such a mood. But oh my goodness, I would never wish for more snow! Utah always has too much that lasts clear into April :(

  5. Your recent food life looks amazing indeed! congrats on surviving January, and I absolutely have to try out Candysan sometime :D
    -Ally Gong

  6. Taiwan didn't have any snow, but my family and I made a spontaneous trip to Japan, and we saw a few bits of snow! It appeared that we had just missed it :P but there was still enough snow left over for us to revel in it. When I came back from winter break, my college campus was completely coated in snow, and on the day I left campus (again) with my swim team for our winter break training trip, it was lightly snowing. Now I'm enjoying the warmth in Florida :) but I can't wait to go back to campus and wander through the winter wonderland :) // I miss Starbucks Christmas drinks! The two stores that I went to this week didn't have any D: -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. I enjoyed this peek into your life - the golden crane birds are so cute!

    Thanks for your lovely words on my last post!


  8. These pictures are so lovely ! Nice outfit too !


  9. It looks like you are off to a good start to the year! I am hoping for some snow here too, I find winter rather boring without it!

  10. Great pictures! The poor little birdy in the snow. :D

    Mischa from Wunderstar

  11. It looked like you had a good holiday season! :)

  12. Die rode jas is prachtig! Ik vind die tablets nu zo handig. :3

  13. Your outfit looks very cute on you! Hope it snows over there so you can take a winter landscape photo :)

  14. i love that --- "dill with it" :)

  15. awwww! love the pickles!! so adorable~~ <3

  16. I'm trying to eat healthy but reading your blog posts makes it so hard. I'm eating vicariously through you!

  17. Snow!! Do you usually have it every year? I am happy to make a quick appearance in illustration form, thanks sweet Mei!


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