The belated Christmas dinner post


One of my favourite things during Christmas is the food obviously and this year I’ve decided to organise a hot/grill plate dinner for the family that I’ve mentioned before!

And I’ve also mentioned about the stress that I was undergoing to get food perfectly on the table or me and my family wont be eating. Or we just end up eating instant noodles in front of the television watching Home Alone series or something like that.
But nope! We watched Shrek and the hot/grill plate dinner was lovely.

And it was quite veggie/pescatarian friendly as well because the only protein we were eating was fish (grilled salmon is so good!). The rest was vegetables and beans. After 2 hours of grilling the entire house smelled like deep fried something that I am not so fond of but hey I guess it can’t be helped. The food was good, the dessert even better and most importantly everyone enjoyed the dinner!    

Een van mijn favoriete dingen tijdens de kerst is het eten natuurlijk en zoals eerder gezegd hebben we dit jaar gegourmet met z’n alle.

Ook eerder gezegd is de stress die ik onderging om het eten zo pictureperfect mogelijk op tafel te krijgen of anders eten ik en mijn familie dus niets of we eindigen met kant-en-klare noedels en kijken we met z’n alle naar de klassieke Home Alone reeks op de televisie.
Maar nee hoor! We keken naar Shrek het eten was bijna pictureperfect maar gelukkig wel lekker!

En het was heel veggie / pescatarian vriendelijk omdat vis het enige soort vlees dat aanwezig was (gegrilde zalm is te lekker!). De rest van het eten bestond uit groenten en bonen. Na 2 uur grillen hing er duidelijk een frituur lucht in ons huis, ietwat ik niet zo dol op ben, maar dat mocht de pret niet drukken want het eten was nogmaals goed, het dessert nog beter en het belangrijkst iedereen heeft ervan gesmuld!

Homemade vegan burgers! Recipe? Click here!

 Sorry for the lack of fancy decorations or plates but I hope the Christmas deco light compensates?

Honey white chocolate mousse with tangerine. How I did it, just check here!

 We have watched Shrek because Shrek is love! 


  1. Very nice:)

  2. such a good idea, and I'm sure everyone loved it! well done for executing it ;) x

  3. What a lovely Christmas dinner! Hot plate/grill is such a wonderful idea! I love dinners that involve everyone participating, it seems so much closer! Hope you had a wonderful New Year as well!

  4. Those are the cutest pans! My grandparents like to take us out to eat on special occasions, so our house wasn't filled with delicious aromas, but I guess as long as I got to eat good food, whether it be at home or out, then that's all that matters! You're such a wonderful cook. I should probably learn how to so that I can sustain myself in college :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Oh yum - this looks so tasty!

  6. How lovely!!! We used to have a long rectangular hot plate but we used it so much and abused it until it's rusted! We loved to do grills with slices of pork, mushrooms, prawns, cabbage and all that good stuff! I wish we had those small little pans they'd be so useful!

  7. Happy new year!
    I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

    You had a great time !
    All dishes look delicious♡


  8. Yummm! Ziet er gezellig uit X

  9. Looks really tasty, yum! I think it looks pretty pictureperfect because you're making me so hungry as always c:

  10. SHREEEK! Ik kan de film niet serieus nemen omdat mijn beste vriendin Fiona heet haha.
    En het gourmetten ziet er heel gezellig uit en vooral heel lekker. Ik vind het zelf nooit zo handig om veel decoratie op tafel te hebben met gourmetten. Wordt alles vettig en het staat alleen maar in de weg ;p

    xx Jessy

  11. Wow the food looks so delicious ! Nice movie too ! :)


  12. Happy New Year Mei! Oh my goodness, I am on the hunt for those delicious caramel waffle you sent me. If I can't find it locally, I will order it online because it's DELICIOUS!
    Love the table set up and the cake looks delicious. Can't get enough of Home Alone over the Holidays. x

  13. Ah lekker, gourmetten is altijd goed!

  14. All those food seems so great and delicious =), and end it up with Puss in Boots is the best ^_^
    I wish you all the best and joyful in 2015,
    Michael / facebook

  15. Looks like a lovely dinner and family time : )

  16. That blue bowl with star is so cute!

    Dotty ∞

  17. Yum! The food looks delicious! :)

  18. The food looks good! And I love watching animated movies! :)

  19. Hot grill dinner, that's an excellent idea! :) I have so much fun with participating meals and everyone is able to make what he/she likes more, I usually go for grilled veggies but Dani would be the meat guy instead, so the two of us are happy :) - Shrek!!!! eeek! :)


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