Coming Soon: Vacations!

Upcoming: Karlovy Vary, Zaandam, Ebrach
Binnenkort: Karlsbad, Zaandam, Ebrach


  1. I love love love the last picture !

    Charlie xx

  2. You'll be in Karlovy Vary? Woooow, it is not so far from Prague ^_^. Karlovy Vary is beautiful city, don't forget to taste water from lots of healthy springs ;)
    enjoy it..

  3. These photos are looking awesome ! Can't wait to see the rest ! :)

    Win Makeup Revolution FULL skin care collection !

  4. Gorgeous pictures! Oh my God, it's snowing cats and dogs.... it's so nice to see some green at least in your pictures :)

  5. AH! Great photos! My eyes are aching looking at that thick beautiful slice of cake with almond slices!

  6. Your travels are always so beautiful! I wish I could see these places myself.

  7. Mmm the cake looks soooo good, and you're rockin' that outfit in the last picture! :D Looking forward to see more of your travels :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  8. Lucky you traveling. We're going to Mexico in March, I can't wait!

  9. Are you going back to Czech Republic? Googling the names it looks amazing! so colorful! :) I am already checking flights online just for the fun, but we are not sure when and where we could go next ;)


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