Hotel: Inntel Zaandam


So here’s the continuous post of my and my bestie’s stay at Inntel Hotel Zaandam for a girl’s weekend!
Perhaps you already know our hotel stay because a few posts back we had a delightful high tea at this Inntel Hotel Zaandam.

Thanks to this great voucher deal that I got which gave me 50% off on that high tea + hotel stay!
We did as much as we can of what the hotel offered us (even swum and took a sauna!) and this makes the voucher very worthy!
Me and my bestie have both jobs and I thought this weekend pampering would be good for us and updating our social lives.
Knowing that my friend is also a foodie and a fan of hotels I knew she would join me.
And our girlsweekend would not be complete without a shopping spree so we decided to throw our hardearned money down the drain at clothing store: Primark - and so we did!

I’ve obvious taken way too much photo’s but I’ve tried to make a good sum up without dragging it (hopefully), so please scroll down!   

Hier is het vervolg post van mij en mijn bestie’s verblijf op de Inntel Hotel Zaandam voor een vriendinnenweekend!
Wellicht ben je al op de hoogte van ons verblijf in het hotel omdat ik in de eerdere posten over deze high tea op dit Inntel Hotel Zaandam al uitgelicht heb.

Dankzij deze actievoucher deal die ik kreeg en mij 50% korting gaf op die high tea + hotelovernachting!
We deden zo veel als we kunnen van wat het hotel bood ons (zelfs gezwommen en een sauna genomen!) En dit maakte de voucher mega voordelig!

Ik en mijn bestie hebben een baan en ik vond dat een verwenweekend voor ons beide ons goed zal doen en daarnaast onze sociale leven bijwerken.
Wetende dat mijn vriendin dol is op lekker eten en fan is van mooie luxe hotels wist ik bijna zeker dat ze ‘ja’ zal zeggen tegen dit aanbod. En onze vriendinnen weekend zou niet compleet zijn zonder een goed staaltje winkelen dus hebben we besloten om onze zuur verdiend geld over de balk gooien bij kledingwinkel: Primark - en dat deden we!

Ik heb duidelijk weer veel te veel foto’s gemaakt, en ik heb mijn best gedaan een goede samenvatting te maken zonder langdradig te maken, dus scrollen maar!
After 2,5 hours we have finally arrived!

Our beautiful 'Factory' room:
Coffee & tea facility in rooms is essential and that's it.

From the 12th floor views 
 And our main shop Primark right there a few meters a way!

Short explore Zaandam and raiding Primark

Zaandam is such a lovely town with lots of bridges, water and wooden houses. It's sadly that we only did a short stroll through this town due the cold temperature and we quickly hopped inside Primark to warm up and to shop!

Total damage!
Our lazy lavish feel dinner
It's my very first roomservice ever and we ordered: skewered chicken satay with prawn crackers and fish and chips (me!). My fish and chips was so-so as the fish tasted bland but the tartar sauce is really yum!

My favorite meal: breakfast

Everything was organic apparently. 

ADDRESS:  Provincialeweg 1021506 MDZaandam - THE NETHERLANDS
Room:  4/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Hotel interior:  5/5 
Price:  4/5


  1. Beautiful photos! Your hotel is such an interesting building. I like the way it seems to hover over the water.

  2. I've never ordered room service before but it seems so luxurious! And omg, lots of damage done at Primark :P Looks like you guys had a wonderfully relaxing getaway! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. You picked up a really good deal! The hotel seems really nice to stay in and the town seems like a pretty place to explore. Glad to hear you had a good time there :)

  4. Yaaaay, we have this Hello Kitty digiwatch too =D


  5. It looks like a really good hotel! :)

  6. Such amazing views! I love breakfast too <3 <3 xx

  7. Ahah, I love how you call shopping "damage". You always say that! You bought so much stuff!! So awesome that you can have a nice relaxing girls weekend out with a coupon!! Love your pictures, as always! I don't mind if there's lost. :P Hey, where'd you get that related posts widget btw.

  8. what a pretty hotel! The interior design looks amazing!

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

  9. Carload of shopping, dinner in bed and a breakfast buffet? SO many good things in one single post haha!

  10. This post makes me really want to get my hotel post up!
    Love the small details and of course the food.

    ∞ Dotty

  11. Ouuuuh so many Primark bags ! *o*
    This hotel looks pretty incredible !

    Win Makeup Revolution FULL skincare collection !

  12. Looks like a very quaint boutique hotel! Room service is an indulgence, but after a long journey, it's so worth it!

  13. Looks like a really cool place to stay!
    My favorite meal of a day is breakfast toooo <3

  14. Oh wow, what a great deal!! I love getting hotel deals when I'm booking rooms. I won't stay anywhere full prized anywhere anymore unless I can afford it and it's THAT amazing. Love the look of the buildings around and the hotel itself, the architecture is seriously stunning and unreal!

  15. Wow! That's so cool! Seems like a really nice way to relax :)


  16. Damn you bought a lot! The hotel looks nice :]

  17. Oh definitely! Perfect for friends to go and pampered. It's a beautiful place!

  18. What a great weekend! The architecture and colors of the hotel and the town makes me swoon, love the pop of bright green color. And the shopping spree made me smile, that's an awesome haul you got there girls! :)


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