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One day in Karlovy Vary (fuller post here!) is not complete without a bite and a drink so when we were walking along the beautiful streets of Karlovy Vary we spotted this cute and promising looking café: ‘Café Elefant’ and it was about to rain too and seeing that Café Elefant has a covered terrace we make this place to be our shelter too.

Karlovy Vary is truly a beautiful town but also quite an expensive one too and I was kind of bumped out that most shops/restaurants here do not have a debitcard device and you were pretty much forced to pay in cash. A note to myself and perhaps to you all if you ever decide to visit Karlovy Vary.

Café Elefant is a cute lovely looking café in modern and Victorian Style. And they serve one of the best cakes I have ever seen and tasted! But promising, it wasn’t. I wish I could say the same thing about the service because the service was: not welcoming, a bit cocky and when the bill arrived this waiter have the nerves trying to charge us the double!

We were paying in Euro’s which is not the most preferred currency in Czech Republic hence the attempt on charging us double? Anyway my papa was not happy at all and since my papa knew what the exact currency was, we made a calculation and managed to get the rightful price for our bill.

Try fooling us again mister waiter!

Therefore I am a bit disappointed because the food was terrific and the view over the town made this café extra enjoyable. I'm not coming back unfortunate
Scroll down to see what I mean!

Een dagje in Karlovy Vary (volledige post hier!) is niet compleet zonder een hapje en een drankje dus na de vele malen door de mooie straten van Karlovy Vary hebben gelopen, zagen we dit schattige en veelbelovend uitziende café 'Café Elefant'. Het stond ook op het punt te regenen en Café Elefant heeft een overdekt terras dus werd deze hotspot ook even onze schuilplaats.

Karlovy Vary is echt een prachtige stad, maar ook een dure en in de meeste winkels/restaurants hier hebben geen pinautomaat dus bent gedwongen te betalen in contanten. Een tip voor jullie misschien als je ooit besluit om naar Karlovy Vary te gaan?

Café Elefant is een leuke mooie uitziend café in moderne en Victoriaanse stijl. En ze serveren een van de beste cakes die ik ooit heb gezien en geproefd! Maar daarbij houdt het op met de positieve want kon ik maar hetzelfde zeggen over de service: niet gastvrij en een beetje arrogantie. En toen de rekening kwam, probeerde onze ober ons te bedonderen door de kosten te verdubbelen! Nouja zeg!

We moesten betalen in euro’s en de euro’s willen de Tsjechen niet zo graag misschien vandaar de poging op het verdubbelen van de rekening. En omdat we toeristen waren uiteraard. Mijn papa was natuurlijk niet blij en omdat mijn papa goed wist wat de exacte valuta van de euro naar kronen is, maakte we opnieuw een berekening en slaagde erin om de juiste prijs aan te geven.

Probeer maar ons nog een keer voor gek te houden meneer de ober.

Daarom ben ik een beetje teleurgesteld, want het eten was zeer goed en het uitzicht over de stad maakte dit café extra plezierig en speciaal. Nee, hier kom ik niet meer terug.
Scroll naar beneden om te zien wat ik bedoel!

This clean and modern yet in Victorian style interior makes it the best cafe I've ever visit in my life. 

Good cakes
I'm actually really happy with this fruit tart of mine because the custard was silkysmooth, not overwhelming sweet, the crust was buttery and crumbly good and the fruit pretty much speaks for itself: -drools-.

 Another service flaw: I've ordered the regular cheaper version tea (I've clearly pointed on the menu!) but instead the waiter brought their fancier tea! What!  

 A cafe with a view.

ADDRESS:  Stara Louka 343/30, Karlovy Vary 36001, Czech Republic
Food:  5/5 
Service: ♥ 1/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  2/5


  1. You're right, it looks like a very cute and modern cafe but that makes me so angry that they tried to charge you double the price and brought you the more expensive tea option even after you clearly pointed to the regular option. It's upsetting to me when a regular worker at an expensive shop acts snooty to the customers, as if they are better than them just because they work for an "elite" brand/company.

  2. This place looks amazing ! That food !! *-*

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  3. Oh wow, those cakes look a-ma-zing!!

    Have a fantastic day,

  4. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, especially in such a gorgeous cafe. I hate restaurants that only except cash too. Who carries around cash these days, especially more than a few dollars!

  5. What decadent treats, that looks like a wonderful place to experience!

  6. Ugh disappointing service although the fruit tart looks so yummy :(

  7. So sorry to know about that kind of treatment. I swear when I was travelling in europe there's sometimes a sense of the locals thinking you're in idiot who can be easily scammed or talked to badly but I think you just had a bad run in with people who were trying to make an extra buck off you! I'm glad you guys knew what was wrong because it doesn't matter how much they don't like you or give you bad faces, it's your money and they have no right to demand more than what you owe!

  8. wahhhhhhh very cozy place, and love your all pictures, so clear:))

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  9. The tart looks really good! That's unfortunate that the service there was bad.

  10. What an awesome cafe! i want to go, after reading this blog post!


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