HOTSPOT: Inntel Hotel Zaandam (hightea!)


A 1,5 week a go me and a bestie of mine had an amazing and a luxurious getaway weekend of our 2015 so far at Inntel Hotels Zaandam!

First of all I had this voucher, a 2 for 1 deal that includes the high tea and 1 night hotel stay and there was no way I was going to let this sweet deal go because 1. I love discounts obvious and 2. I love to travel and everything that comes with.
We did drive 2,5 hours to get to the hotel you know!

Inntel Hotels Zaandam is a chain hotel and our hotel is located in Zaandam. Extra nice: ours was a theme hotel with a lot of Dutch signatures and ‘Zaanse’ interior because Zaandam itself is a popular tourist place - famous for the Dutch windmills at the ‘Zaanse Schans’ and the beautiful Dutch meadow landscapes.

More hotel snaps on the next post so lets enjoy the high tea first which was lovely and as always very photogenic. The food was nice but also common like most other high tea I've had in my life. I did kind of hope to have a 'Zaanse' themed high tea but oh well.
Lets scroll down to see the high tea pictures!

Een anderhalf week geleden hebben ik en mijn beste vriendin een héérlijk luxe weekendje gehad en is zover zeker een van de hoogtepunten van 2015. We verbleven namelijk in de Inntel Hotels Zaandam!

Allereerst had ik deze voucher, een 2 voor 1 actie inclusief: een high tea en 1 hotelovernachting naar keuze. Ik kon deze actie niet links laten liggen want het is een actie en ik ben dol op acties en ik hou daarnaast ontzettend van reizen en alles wat daarbij komt. We hebben immers 2,5 uur gereden naar dit hotel!

Inntel Hotels Zaandam is een hotelketen en ons hotel is zoals vermoeden gevestigd in Zaandam. Extra leuk: ons hotel is een thema hotel met veel Hollandse glorie en vooral mooi ‘Zaanse’ interieur.  

De hotelkiekjes worden vervolgd op de volgende post. Laten we eerst hebben over onze high tea want die is zoals altijd zeer fotogeniek. Het eten was lekker maar ook beetje gewoontjes. Het was niet slecht of beter dan bij de andere high tea's. 
Stiekem had ik gehoopt op een high tea met lieve en schattige Zaanse thema.
Maar goed, scroll naar beneden en oordeel zelf?  

I've dragged this girlfriend with me for the hightea/hotel relaxation!

Our waitress advised us to start eating from the bottom (savory) and eat your way up. But we rebels foodies kind of criss-cross through the platters because we eat what we want!

1. apple pie 2. brownie 3. clotted cream (we saw vanilla bean init!) 4. cream tarts (I had orange flavored cream) 

Mint leaves for mint tea. 

1. chocolate truffles 2. jam 3. butter cookies 4. scones 5. muffins

ADDRESS:  Provincialeweg 1021506 MDZaandam - THE NETHERLANDS
Food:  3/5 
Service: ♥ 4/5
Interior:  4/5 
Price:  3/5


  1. What a cute place! The fresh mint leaves are a nice touch for the tea :) Hope you girls had fun!

  2. The food is looking so delicious !

    Win Makeup Revolution full skincare collection !

  3. Wow, all that food looks so good! It's making me crave for some sweets, haha. Maybe I'll stop by the bakery tomorrow after class to grab a slice of cake n_______n And that's right, you eat what you want! Be a rebel >:)

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. High tea is my favorite, but I rarely ever go out for it because it's so expensive! I love going with my mom, because then I don't need to worry about da monayyy hahah. Awesome that you guys got vouchers! The food looks delicious!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. The place looks really chic and I'm getting hungry looking at the food! :P

    Ellie | wunderstar

  6. I'm sooo jealous!! I totally need to check out some hi teas over here! Most of them are quite pricey but I'm sure there are a couple affordable ones I should check out! Love seeing those sandwiches and desserts! How yummy and who doesn't love miniature sized food!

  7. All that delicious food. You always make me want to go to the restaurant with all those yummy pictures!!

  8. This sounds like so much fun! I feel like so many people I follow are doing getaway weekends right now.

  9. Great food and place :D

  10. I want to go to a high tea place one day!
    The sandwiches looks really good lol

  11. haha I love the vouchers, I do the same too esp when I am traveling! it's a good way to save money and enjoy the same stuff- besides, why pay more when you can pay less and get the same?! your photos look amazing, and that piece of cake- yum

  12. Haha, I love how you referred to yourselves as food rebels :P Anyhow the food looks incredible!!


  13. pretty pics as always!
    the environment looks sooo good

  14. You always take the nicest pictures!
    Fresh mint tea sounds amazing :)

  15. Mmm highteaen! Heerlijke foto's Mei!

  16. i know what you mean by "typical" high tea food, but once in a while it's nice to have something classic! Sounds like a great time :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  17. The food! The food! I mean, no words, just the FOOD!

    ∞ Dotty

  18. lovely! and i love using fresh mint leaves for my mint tea!

  19. Laughing so hard at the "But we rebels foodies kind of criss-cross through the platters because we eat what we want!" hahaha, agree! I love to mix savoury with sweet, no order is needed ;) The voucher of the stay + hight tea looks worthy to enjoy, great idea taking your bestie for a treat! :)

  20. Echt een mooi blog en het eten ziet er verrukkelijk uit!


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