What did I purchase lately is what this post all about. Apart the huge shopping at Primark here, I’ve also bought some nifty gadgets: fish eye lens and a USB powered LED light for my laptop! I’ve been wanting to buy a lamp for my laptop for a long while now because I work/DIY/read a lot with my laptop by my side and this extra light makes it a lot more pleasant.

I’ve also did my first purchase at COS! I love their design and the quality feel of their collection and I’ve been walking in and out this shop a lot but never bought anything since their price tag is not cheap. That’s why we love sale at COS and found a bargain! Scroll to see the what c:    

Wat heb ik allemaal bij elkaar gewinkeld is wat deze post over gaat. Afgezien van de enorme papieren tassen van de Primark hier, heb ik daarnaast ook handige gadgets gekocht, namelijk: fish eye lens en een USB aangedreven LED lampje voor mijn laptop! Ik heb altijd al een lamp voor mijn laptop willen kopen, want ik werk/DIY/lees veel met mijn laptop aan mijn zijde en dit extra lichtje maakt het een stuk aangenamer.

Ik heb ook mijn eerste aankoop gedaan bij COS! Ik hou van hun ontwerp de kwaliteit van hun kleding en als ik in de buurt van een COS winkel ben moet ik altijd wel even binnengluren, maar heb nog nooit iets gekocht omdat hun prijskaartje niet bepaald goedkoop is. Daarom zijn we dol op uitverkoop en dat had COS gelukkig! Dit keer kwam ik niet met lege handen naar buiten, scroll om te zien wat het is c:

My first lens for my phone, this 'fish eye' lens! I hope you and I will have a great capture time together!

My first COS purchase ever and I'm very happy with it since it's a bargain and there was only 1 left. In my size!
I can't wait to wear you in the warmer days. Did you know COS sell toys as well?

 Another bargain (75% off) this USB light and it's PERFECT for my night works. Bought at Xenos c:

What's your latest buying(s)?


  1. Great purchases! I can't wait to see photos from your fish eye lenses and that light is awesome, I totally could use one for my lappie too!

  2. I'm very curious as to how photos with the fish eye lens turn out. Hope you do share a review! :) I've never heard of COS before, but bargains are always a winner to me hehe....! ;)

  3. What a great cos sale find! And even better that it was on sale!


  4. I am still thinking about that fishlens for my iPhone =D
    Btw., nice color of that top ;)

  5. Bargain, 1 left in your size! It must've been meant for you :)

  6. I've never tried any lenses for my phone camera, let us know how it goes!

  7. COS t-shirts look amazing! Love the fit and the color :)

  8. my lastest purchase is a hobby cutting set! (can't wait to use it hehe) and I've somehow never heard of a usb powered light, but wahh that's pretty handy for late night working~

    A C Y H O Z - blog


  9. Cos pieces are so pretty, I love the purchase you made, such a beautiful colour! xo

  10. I love these - especially the fish eye. You got a ton of awesome things lately! :)

  11. I used to have the same laptop but it broke and I lost all my photos.
    Hope you've backed up all your lovely pictures.
    Happy Valentine's day:)

    ∞ Dotty

  12. I need to get a fisheye lens for my phone! The latest thing I bought was 2 lip colors from Sephora, and the MUFE setting spray! :)


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