Route Lost and Dreaming


Today’s post is about the shots I’ve took during our long bus trip from our holiday to Prague last summer. This long bus trip from over 10 hours surely was monotonous but also beautiful. And I was lucky enough to conquer a seat in the front row of our touring bus which allows me to take pictures from the front window. This was really bliss and makes this whole bus trip a lot wider in views. Just make sure you are buckled up safely when seating the first row!

Vandaag heb ik foto’s voor jullie die ik tijdens een lange busreis van Praag in de afgelopen zomervakantie heb genomen. Deze lange busreis van meer dan 10 uur was zeker eentonig, maar ook mooi. En ik had gelukkig een plek op de voorste rij van onze touringcar veroverd. Zo kon ik niet alleen plaatjes schieten van m’n zij raampje maar ook van de voorste raam! Dit maakte de busreis extra fijn met een breder uitzicht. Zorg er wel voor dat je je gordel omdoet als je in de voorste rij zit!

 Love to see crops build on wavy hills like this one. 

 We have seen all kind of weather condition during our 10-hour bus roadtrip. Gladly to be inside a bus.

Roadside restaurant bits 
A 10 hour of sitting in a bus needs a break so we stopped at this fancier roadside for a bite, to empty our bladder and to stretch our legs.

I don't like eating at roadside restaurants because they are usually overpriced and the food choice aren't the healthiest one either. But this restaurant had a fruit salad bar! 


  1. Wow, the roadside restaurant looks like they offered yummy food!

  2. The 5 pic is perfect!! *-*
    Beautiful city! Delicious food!

  3. Lovely photos! I want to visit Prague and it's interesting to see the views from your bus ride. I'm not keen on roadside restaurants either but I suppose stopping by these places are usually the highlight of a long journey :)

  4. Long rides are the worst to me! Even if it's by plane or bus or car, it's so hard for me to not feel antsy. I'm not a huge fan of roadside diners either, but that one looks good. I think it's so rare to find one that offers fruits like yours, I usually lose my appetite while I'm traveling because all there is, is junk foods.

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. Ahhh, the scenery is soooo picturesque! I remember stopping at highway restaurants when on tour in Switzerland some years back! The food WAS over priced and the places we stopped at were really mediocre, you had quite a nice deal there! Your hash brown is calling to me!

  6. Nice photos ! Seems like so much fun !


  7. ten hours in a bus for me is a torture.i really unable to survive this long hours..maybe i never conquer the first row? i guess i should buy ticket on the first row in future to have a wider vision of outside view.will update you if i manage to buy one in future.

    xo joselovincolors

  8. Some nice shots :]

    10 uur in een bus.. pfff. Lange zit idd!

  9. the scenery is beautiful here, must have been such a lovely drive!

  10. Heel leuk hoe je het in elkaar hebt gezet:) Looks like some good food there and the view is incredibly nice!

  11. aww looks so pretty!!! Prague is on my long travel list :D


  12. What pretty sights! That's awesome you were able to score a seat at the very front of the bus!

  13. Wow! So beautiful! And the roadside restaurant seems delicious! Was it a buffet style? So jelly that its a lot much easier to travel among countries within Europe! Wish the US like that :P


  14. that's awesome you got the front seat! the view out that front window beats the side ones! :)

  15. A long ride in a bus is quite tough but the pretty green fields are making up for this :) I also don't favour the roadside food but yours doesn't look at our usual here at all! The food has good presentation and I can see salad and fruit!


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