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It’s a good feeling to come home in a household still full of snacks and leftovers from the CNY last week. It’s like Christmas all over again!

And Tuesday has become my favorite day because of the following tv shows: Jane the Virgin and Hart of Dixie. I am hooked on them, especially Jane the Virgin!


Wat een fijn gevoel om thuis te komen in een huis met nog steeds vol hapjes en restjes van het Chinees Nieuwjaar van vorig week! Het is net als Kerstmis opnieuw!

Dinsdag is mijn favoriete dag geworden vanwege de tv shows die elke dinsdag uitgezonden worden: Jane the Virgin en Dokter Hart! Ze zijn heerlijk grappig en dramatisch en verslavend, vooral Jane the Virgin is echt top!

 Homemade cappuccino also called 'beaten cappuccino' - recipe by Stephanie

Delicious melon jelly snack!


  1. You seriously always have the best snacks!

    Have a great week,

  2. CNY Leftovers are the best, we still have so many at home too. I'm so craving Pocky now though....the strawberry ones are some of my favourites!

  3. The cappuchino looks really yummy! I thought it was hot chocolate at first, and now I really want some.

  4. All these snacks pictured in your post has a nostalgia factor to me -- especially the strawberry Pocky sticks! I used to eat those all the time when I was in elementary school. I think I'm going to stop by the market and pick one up this week.

  5. the food is looking so delicious !

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  6. OMG. I love Jane the Virgin! It's so...different compared to other shows LOL.


  7. OMG the melon jelly looks amazing! I used to have this japanese mango jelly like crazy...I gotta find the melon jelly<3

  8. Great to know that you had a bunch of awesome snacks during chinese new year! I've got soooo many snacks around the house like fried fish and prawn crackers, prawn rolls, pinapple tarts, peanut crunch and powder candy, roasted nuts and everything sinful! I totally need some fruit jelly though, we don't have any at home!

  9. looks like delicious right???

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  10. jelly is the best!! i bought a bag full of jellies the other days before CNY..just can't get enough of jellies..

    xo joselovincolors

  11. i love all the snacks and sweets you have :) always a great pick me up i bet!

  12. They all look so yummy! I would love to try that last one.

  13. Hahaha you and pockys XD It seems like you always have Pocky on stock. :') Fruit jellies are sooo good btw. Love the ones with the white cubes in the middle. Nomnomnom... My favorite is Lychee ^____^


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