Ebrach Town


Last year we did a short stop at this humble old rustic town ‘Ebrach’ (Germany) while on our way home from Prague vacation. And when I say short stay it was a short stay because Ebrach is a religion town and coincidentally Ebrach were celebrating a religion holiday on our day of arrival and everything was closed. Lucky for use that the only facility that was open was the hotel we stayed in.

I think we shocked this little peaceful town a bit with our arrival: a touringbus full of tourist haha. But the hotel hospitality was great. The hotel landlady even waved us out on the day of leaving!

Again, our stay in Ebrach was short and we didn’t have the chance to explore this town fully.
But according to Tripadvisor, Ebrach’s only top attraction is Ebrach Abbey. And the still, rustic countryside landscape. So I think we’ve explored this town fully afterall!   

Vorig jaar hebben we een korte stop gedaan bij deze nederige oude rustieke dorpje 'Ebrach' (Duitsland) terwijl we op weg zijn naar huis van onze Praag vakantie. En als ik zeg een kort verblijf was het ook een kort verblijf, want Ebrach is een religieus dorp en toevallig vierde Ebrach een religieus feestdag op onze dag van aankomst en alles was gesloten. Gelukkig voor ons dat de enige faciliteit die destijds open is, is ons hotel.

Ik denk dat we ook destijds dit klein rustige dorpje beetje geschokt hebben met onze aankomst: een touringbus vol toeristen haha. Maar het hotel was super gastvrijheid. De bazin van het hotel zwaaide ons nog even uit bij onze vertrek!

Nogmaals, ons verblijf in Ebrach was kort en we kregen hierdoor niet de kans om deze stad volledig te verkennen.
Maar volgens Tripadvisor heeft Ebrach maar 1 topattractie en dat is de Ebrach Kloster. En het rustieke plattelandschap rondom dit dorpje. Dus ik denk dat we hiermee Ebrach toch volledig hebben bezocht!

Has a potential to be a high class boarding school or something. But it's a monastery, museum and partial function as a prison as well. 

 This T-Mobile phonecell looks so misplaced in this time-stood-still town like Ebrach. 

My accommodation + the rest 
Since everything was closed in town, we dined at the hotel restaurant. I had vegetarian tortellini's which were super salty. 

And here I'm really enjoying myself alone in this room, in this quiet town while wishing for a kingsize bed.

The tulips reminds me of my Holland. And I'm not that good but I just wanted to practice with the hotel piano.


  1. I love old towns like this! :)

  2. Haha, die telefooncel vind ik ook misplaatst en ''ouderwets''. Dus ik vraag mij af of de mensen daar geen vaste telefoonlijn of mobieltjes hebben of dat men dat ding gewoon is vergeten weg te halen.

  3. This place looks so pretty and rustic <3


  4. It all looks like a cosy Wes Anderson-esque fairytale!

  5. The place looks so homely, this is the type of stay that is hard to find in asia as you'd know! Our hotels and accommodations are all very modern or grand hotel types....although there are plenty of smaller boutique type options but this homely, stone, type look is rare and I'd love to stay in a cottage on hotel in europe! I couldn't get used to things being closed by 6 or 7pm! I'm just too used to everything being open until at least 10 in asia! Otherwise I'd love to visit where you were and enjoy the small town!

  6. That's so many functions for one place, and they don't seem to go together either - a prison with a museum? It must be interesting. The food looks great, and the hotel bed looks really cozy to me. I have a queen size bed and it's way too big for one person!

    becky ♡ star violet

  7. Looks like such a charming place! Quiet and cozy :)

  8. Jestem na blogu chyba pierwszy raz i bardzo mi się tutaj podoba
    będę częściej tutaj zaglądała, oby tak dalej
    pozdrawiam i zapraszam do mnie

  9. It looks like a quaint and quiet town. That is too bad that everything was closed on the day you arrived, but perhaps it was for the better to experience a peaceful vacation. :)

  10. What a cute, nostalgic town! It's on my bucket list to spend a summer in one, sort of like a temporary retirement. Haha!



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