I pick you: Clinique type 3!


My face cleanser (Tony Moly Snail Foam Cleanser) was about to run out and that means it’s time to buy a new one. Yes I’m sticking in finishing a product first before buying a new one. I was quite satisfied with the previous one but I’m also eager in trying new things out and this time it’s the brand Clinique! I’ve never had Clinique on my skin before and since a lot of people have good things to say and write about Clinique, I’d love to try it out and hopefully be part of these positive happy-skinned people as well.

I’ve chosen: the 3-step skincare set – type 3oily to combination’ which I’ve bought at Douglas. Don’t you just love that they come in all different skin types (they even come in men!)? However I doubted if I should get type 2 ‘dry to combination’ since my skin can get a bit dry in the colder days but also it can get really oily as well at the end of a workday for example. I’ve picked numuro 3.

This skincare set is not full size but a travel friendly size and also a nice way to try it out for a good few weeks first to see how my skin reacts on #3. I’ll be using it in the morning and the evening before going to bed which I’ve started this week already. So far so good!  

Mijn gezicht reiniger (Tony Moly Snail Foam Cleanser) komt aan haar einde en dat betekent dat het tijd is om deze te vervangen en een nieuwe te kopen. Ik was best tevreden met de vorige, maar ik sta ook te popelen om nieuwe dingen uit te proberen en vooral het merk Clinique! Ik heb nog nooit Clinique gehad op mijn huid en gelukkig zijn er genoeg mensen die goede dingen over Clinique schrijven en zeggen. Hopelijk ga ik ook deel uitmaken van deze groep mensen want ik ga Clinique eindelijk uitproberen!

Ik heb gekozen: de 3-stappen huidverzorging set - type 3 'vet tot gecombineerd' die ik gekocht heb bij de Douglas. Heel fijn dat deze huidverzorging voor verschillende huidtypes beschikbaar zijn (er is zelfs een mannenlijn!)? Ik had wel een twijfel moment hoor tussen type 2 'droog tot combinatie', omdat mijn huid beetje droog kan aanvoelen in de koudere dagen, maar ook plakkerig na een werkdag bijvoorbeeld. Ik heb toch maar gekozen voor #3.

De grote van deze huidverzorging set is fijn want ze zijn heel reis-vriendelijke en daarnaast een goed manier om achter te komen of #3 goed werkt op mijn huid in de komende paar weken. We zullen zien of ik daarna de producten in ware grote gaat kopen of niet. Ik heb ze deze week voor het eerst gebruikt en ik gebruik ze ’s ochtends en ’s avonds voordat ik slapen ga. Tot zover ben ik tevreden!

My previous and now an empty: my face have enjoyed you for almost a good year c: a well deserved score for you!

The big question: will all 3 products finish at the same time?

Have you tried out Clinique? Tell me your opinion!


  1. I used to use Clinique in high school. I still believe that Clinique's moisturizing lotion is the bee's knee's, especially for dry skin! I also used to wear their perfume, Clinique Happy :)

  2. I have used Clinique a few years ago, the exact three step except normal to combo. I didn't think the cleanser did anything for my skin but I quite liked the lotion. I'm at the point where I just stick with what I know works!

  3. Oh that's great you manage to get this set! I love buying smaller size sets of skincare at duty free when I'm traveling! Love trying out smaller sizes before getting a full size (especially if it's not that cheap)! I currently use Aqua label whitening cleanser which is a sister company from shiseido and the face wash literally is like shiseido's purifying cleansers! I've not any clinique skincare before but I've always wanted to!

  4. Such a cute little set! I currently their Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion+ for my daytime moisturizer and I really love it. Apart from that I've only ever tried one of their eye creams.
    Hope you get on with this set!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo (previously à la foliee)

  5. Clinique is such a good brand !


  6. I love Clinique! I use their entire Anti-Blemish range and have recently bought their Take The Day Off balm to remove makeup :) xx

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  7. Haven't tried anything from Clinique before, but I hope this set really works for you! :) xx

  8. Hooray for trying it out! Clinique has been one of my all time favorite makeup brands for almost 10 years now. I hope it works out for you! Tell us how it goes. :)

  9. i used before..i like clinique as i think their skincare is gentle for skin. but my mister hate their lotion too much that we have stop using this brand, as both of us share my skincare. maybe you can update us what you feel after using this :) and honestly, both 3 products will finish in different time. my toner always the first to finish up following with cleanser and moisturizer.

    xo joselovincolors

  10. I think I tried Clinique out in college but can't remember the details but I did love their perfume Happy. Oh that was all I used to wear! :)

  11. I love when companies can offer smaller sizes to try out! It's also really handy when it comes to traveling by airplane. I think my mom or my sister used this system before, though she bought a HUGE bottle and was never able to finish it up because girls like to try new things all the time, haha. Glad it's working well for you so far!

    becky ♡ star violet


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