Peek Into My Life 55


My my, I’ve quite received some feedback on my survey already so thank you for that!

Another thankful thing is of course the weekend! Last weekend was a warm one with lots of sunshine. Unfortunate tomorrow will be a grey chilly Saturday and Sunday. Maybe I should make this weekend a movie weekend?

Speaking of movies, my most recent seen movies are: The Maze Runner (I liked it! Minho ) and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (Leonardo! Why you no Oscar?!). Have you seen these movies before?
I’m planning to watch Amélie! I have never seen it before and I am dying to see it. One thing for sure, I love their main soundtrack c:

When this weekend is over which sometimes goes to fast, I’m going to have a coffee-free week next week. No coffee, no cappuccino no latte and no single coffee bean! Why? Well, sometimes I feel like drinking way to much coffee or too relying on the power energy of coffee hence this planned coffee detox next week.

Below I’ve placed a short recipe of how to make beaten coffee. I’ll be making this tomorrow and drinking it as it’s my last coffee for the rest life…    

Wat een ontvangst aan feedback op mijn enquête dus zover! Dank jullie wel alvast!

En waar ik ook natuurlijk dankbaar voor ben is natuurlijk het weekend! Afgelopen weekend was heerlijk warm met veel zon. Helaas voor morgen zal het een grijze koele zaterdag en zondag zijn. Misschien moet ik dit weekend een film weekend van maken?

Over films gesproken, mijn meest recente films zijn: The Maze Runner (best wel leuk! Minho ) En What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Leonardo, waarom heb jij geen Oscar?!). Heb jij deze films gezien?
Ik ben ook van plan om de film Amélie te zien! Nog nooit gezien natuurlijk maar stond zeker hoog op mijn film bucketlist. Eén ding is zeker, de hoofd soundtrack is prachtig c:

Wanneer dit weekend voorbij is, die soms veel te snel gaat, ga ik een koffie vrije week houden volgende week. Geen koffie, geen cappuccino, geen latte en geen enkele koffie boon! Waarom? Soms drink ik teveel koffie dan nodig is vanwege die energieboost dat koffie heeft op mij. Ik wil koffie minder onmisbaar maken. Vandaar deze geplande koffie ‘detox’ volgende week.

Hieronder heb ik een kort recept geplaatst hoe je een ‘beaten coffee’ maakt. Deze ga ik morgen maken en drinken alsof het mijn laatste koffie is voor de rest van mijn leven...

I finally tried out the tea ball jasmine which unfold from a ball into this gorgeous looking thing in my teapot!

My Amsterdam escapades. 

And I like breakfast
My newest snif!

At Amsterdam Central Station, feel free to play this grand piano and so they did. 

Once again inspired by Stephanie c:

Sprouting basil at the moment.

This cup noodles were so-so and disappointing (still hungry after) but darn Kumamon on the packaging, I just can't ignore you but to buy you!

My homey house. DIY here!

Gin tonics! My first sip as well! And I liked it and it reminds me of bitter lemon.


  1. I actually haven't been drinking very much coffee, but that's only because it's super cold outside, and I don't have the motivation to walk all the way into town to buy some coffee. And the campus dining hall coffee looks gross and watery, so it's not in the least bit tempting. I love how thick the beaten coffee looks! I'd really like to try it, and it wouldn't require me walking all the way into town :P

    This is my last weekend of spring break :( I think I'll make this weekend a movie weekend as well :) I'll try my best to be productive during the day, and then I'll save the evenings for movies and popcorn. Just thinking about it makes me feel more relaxed already! (And omg yes Minho. I initially watched The Maze Runner for Thomas/Dylan O'Brien, but... Minho <3 Ahh I still have to read the book!)

    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Amelie is one of my favorite movies :) I hope you enjoy it too! Have a nice weekend. xx

  3. These photos are so lovely !

    Win Makeup Revolution full lipsticks collection !

  4. I feel like I rely too much on coffee also! It's scary how tired and fuzzy I feel if I don't drink it, which makes it really hard to avoid! That tea of beautiful!

  5. Nice :]
    Like your hat too!

    Amelie is a great movie, but it's quite long, so make sure you have time on your hands :]

  6. Ahw, leuk! Je thee en ontbijtjes zien er ontzettend lekker uit! En altijd leuk om plantjes te laten groeien! Ziet eruit als een goeie tijd afgelopen tijd!

  7. Omg! Your breakfast looks delicious! Mantou, haha <3 <3 I can eat so many of those!! I bought some of those tea balls a while back and haven't used them yet, but I really want to now! It turned out really pretty!

    Wahh, you always have such beautiful photos! Love looking through them <3 <3


  8. You will love Amélie! I loved that movie, and to this day, I still really love it! There is a lot of cute parts, and romance. The tea looks really good! :)

  9. i love a nice cappuccino but keep telling myself to drink more green tea and peppermint tea or tea with honey since i know its good for you but damn it coffee tastes so good! xD
    again love your photos/blog

  10. Omg! your coffee looks awesome, let me try that sometime!

    Visit me too!

  11. Fresh basil is the best thing ever!<3
    Lovely pictures :)

  12. Ah, I have to watch the Maze Runner! It's been on my list for quite awhile because Kaya Scodelario is one of my favorite actresses but I keep forgetting. One of my friends recommended me Amelie, though I forgot what it was about already! Do you see a trend in forgetfulness here, haha ;P

    I agree that too much coffee isn't good for you - out of habit I used to drink a cup 5 times a week before work, but since I don't work as much anymore it's cut down to 1-2 cups a week. Steamed buns are the best - they're so tasty with condensed milk!

    becky ♡ star violet

  13. oh,no coffee week? i think this is tough but since you made a target,i believe you can success! i love guess's perfume too. i have guess envy me and i had being using third bottles now..and i still love it so much.

    xo joselovincolors

  14. Oh my gosh! I'm surprised you've never seen Amelie! Seems like such a YOU movie, I hope you enjoyed it c: Such a lovely film. That beaten coffee looks so delicious and creamy!

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo

  15. Minho is my bae. You should read the books, too! I read them after seeing the movie and I finished all 3 in, what, two weeks or so. By the way, I love your outfit and cute little hat in the last photo! Where'd you get it? ^^

  16. that korean drink you have in one of your pictures - that used to be a favorite of mine to drink. and i hear ya about the coffee although i am thinking about investing in one of those coffee drips and a kettle. i was skyping with my parents and they have been drinking coffee that way instead of brewing with a machine and i like the idea :)

  17. Looove your peeks into your life, that korean drink is so cuute looking, and so are you with the hat in the last pic! :) Love Amelie, it's one of my favorite movies, but please watch it without that pressure of people praising it so much: I don't like to be too hyped before watching a movie, ha! Who's eating Gilbert Grape is an amazing performance by Leonardo, right? And he was so young back then!


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