Sketching and Searching


Happy (rainy) Sunday! I hope you are in a much sunnier place than I am. But with rainy days, creativity is where to kick in.
And watching movies and series is a lot cosier too!

But today is all about my sketching.
According to the result of my blog survey, some of you are wishing to have more sketches and drawing posts in my blog. And I agree with you.
I love to release a sketch snap of mine through Instagram but I barely post anything about here in my blog!

Maybe because I just don’t know what to say about the work I have created and so hence not blogpost worthy. Some people in my circle are telling me that I draw ‘nicely’ and that I have my own drawing style. But to be honest I just draw without a plan. There’s no story or feel behind most of my sketches and I just keep on drawing ‘nice’ girls without given them a role. Well, at least I know what I like to draw: pretty girls because I can’t draw boys.

I want to have more dept in my sketching.
So I just keep on sketching and searching. This all might sound hopeless and perhaps a bit whiny of me but I do enjoy sketching and the whole process. I feel like improving my skills too! This is motivating.

A few of my heroes: Ozabu, Audrey Kawasaki, James Jean, Jacek Yerka and Lois.  


Wat een natte stormachtige weekend! Maar met regenachtige dagen, worden creativiteit geboren.
En films en series kijken op tv is ook een stuk gezelliger op zulke dagen!

Maar vandaag wil ik even stilstaan over mijn schetsen en co.
Uit het resultaat van mijn blog enquête blijkt dat sommigen van jullie meer schets berichten willen zien op mn blog. En ik ben het met jullie eens.
Ik maak graag schets kiekjes en deze op Instagram plaatsen, maar ik post nauwelijks schetsen op mijn blog.

Misschien omdat ik vind dat er weinig over te schrijven valt en dus niet blogpost waardig. Vaak hoor ik complimenten van mensen over mijn tekeningen en dat ik een leuk typisch eigen tekenstijl heb. Maar om eerlijk te zijn, zijn het gewoon schetsen zonder een verhaal of gevoel achter. Ik teken gewoon zonder een plan.
De meeste schetsen die ik maak zijn portretten van meisjes en ik zou heel graag deze meisjes een betekenisvolle rol geven. Ik wil meer diepgang in mijn werk.
In ieder geval weet ik wat ik graag teken: mooie meisjes.

Dus blijf ik gewoon doorgaan met schetsen en zoeken. Dit alles klinkt misschien beetje hopeloos en misschien zeurderig van mezelf, maar ik geniet wel van schetsen maken. En ik word er iedere keer beter van en dat is motiverend.

Deze mensen kijk ik tegenop: Ozabu, Audrey Kawasaki, James Jean, Jacek Yerka en Lois.

Tools & weapons
 Currently using Muji binder sketchbook and this here is my Chanel sketchbook which was a magazine freebie and there used to be sample mascara inside.

My most use pencils

But I'm also working with a mechanical pencil a lot lately.

And when I feel like it I scan my work with this Canon Lide 60 scanner (high school graduation gift ).

Squary works of mine
I don't know but I really enjoy doodling on a piece of a memo! You might have seen them here before.

I also enjoy sketching with a ballpoint pen every now and then. 

Chosen to be framed
Recently I've bought some on-sale frames to frame some of my work. I think it's nice to have some of them shown and not tuck away in my sketchbooks. 


  1. I love your drawings, you're so talented! xo

  2. Gosh you are so talented! I also liked seeing what tools you used :)

  3. Thanks for sharing your sketches! I enjoy seeing your art on Instagram. I think any talent is blog worthy. :)

  4. Your sketches are one of my favorites! You definitely have a really distinct style. I need to start doing this again, I used to love sketching but I stopped a couple years ago and I don't know why.

    becky ♡ star violet

  5. I love your blog, your sketches, and your photography!!

  6. Ik vind jouw schetsen ook altijd heel mooi, erg dromerig.

    En ik denk dat je niet per se iets te melden moet hebben over je schetsen. Je kan ze gewoon online plaatsen, wat over je dag vertellen en de tekeningen voor zichzelf laten spreken.

  7. Wow I wish I could draw as well as you, these sketches are amazing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  8. Your sketches are great & frame worthy :) Audrey Kawasaki is one of my favorite artists too.

  9. These are looking so gorgeous !


  10. Awesome drawings!!! I love the delicateness<3

  11. It's important to keep doing what you love doing, even if you can't really source the reason for why. Thanks for always being so open with sharing your creative process with us

  12. You are very talented Mei! I remember when I used to draw. I still have a folder filled with some of my drawings.

  13. Woah Mei, you are an amazing artist!
    I also find it difficult to draw boys hahah :)

  14. I really like it!
    Your style somewhat reminds me of Valerie Chua :]

  15. So glad that you are going to share more about your drawings! And great idea to buy frames for your favorites, definitely they are super display worthy! <3

  16. You are such a creative person, i always love seeing what you create!
    That Chanel notebook is so cute, what an awesome freebie

    Chloé⎪ status.chlo


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