My lash care with coconut!


Argan oil is a real treat for your hair. And coconut oil is apparently a treat for your hair too, precisely your lashes.

My friend D. is using coconut oil for her lashes and she is doing it for a while now and claims to see good results. Her lashes look more voluptuous than before! Dang I want it too!

I have typical short Asian lashes and I’d love to make them longer naturally and coconut oil is naturally enough for me.
My friend D. is Asian like me as well so I’m optimistic.

So I ran to the shop and bought myself a big jar of coconut oil (500 ml). Thanks to the hype of superfoods you can buy coconut oil anywhere nowadays. I might even use a bit of this coconut oil to create delicious coconut pancakes for breakfast!

Anyway I’m planning to apply coconut oil everyday on my lashes before sleeping starting this week and will keep you guys updated about it!

Argan olie is een traktatie voor je haar. En kokosolie is blijkbaar ook een traktatie voor je haar ook en om precies te zijn: je wimpers.

Mijn vriendin D. smeert dit kokosolie goedje op haar wimpers al een tijdje en zij beweert goede resultaten ervan te zien! Haar wimpers lijken inderdaad voluptueuzer te zijn dan voorheen! Ik wil dat ook! 

Ik heb typische korte Aziatische wimpers, zucht en het zou fijn zijn om ze langer te maken. Het liefst op een natuurlijke manier en kokos olie is natuurlijk genoeg.
Vriendin D. is net als ik een Chinees dus ik ben razend benieuwd en optimistisch.

Als volg rende ik dus naar de winkel en kocht ik een grote pot kokosolie (500 ml). Met dank aan de hype van superfoods kun je kokosolie overal tegenwoordig met gemak kopen. Wellicht ga ik deze kokosolie in pannenkoeken gebruiken om heerlijke kokos pannenkoekjes te maken!

Ik ga vanaf deze week dagelijks kokosolie op mijn wimpers toepassen en zal uiteraard dit op de hoogte houden met jullie!
 I was kind of surprised to see that coconut oil is quite solid than other oils I've experienced before. 
Therefor you need to melt it in your hand to make it work!

 Once it melt I dab it on my q-tip and apply it on my lashes like this. 

What is your beauty care method for lashes?


  1. Keep us updated with your results!
    I use coconut oil in hopes it will help my hair grow faster and longer :p


  2. Would love to see your results! Luckily despite being Chinese, I so have relatively longish eyelashes but of course I want them longer !

  3. Not to worry, coconut oil will become a liquid when it gets warmer than room temp :) I love using coconut oil to moisturize my face and adding it to my body lotion. However it can be pore-clogging for the face, so I only use it for moisturizer at night (I get them onto my lashes too!), every other day. My skin feels soooo good when I wake up!

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. Hi,icepandora!
    I am interested in coconut oil!
    Thanks great post.


  5. Can't wait to hear how it goes! I haven't heard of anyone use coconut oil before, but I've heard amazing results from black castor oil. :)

  6. i'm having the same problem..i wish my lashes to be thicker and blacker, yet i'm so cheapo to do eyelashes extension in saloon. so,sometimes i wear fake eyelashes a lots. recently i discovered Etude House Dr.Lash Ampule and tried it out for a month or two already. I'm seeing results and definitely worth to give it a lashes have been growing out longer..and i'm quite amazed with the results. :)

    xo joselovincolors

  7. I must try this too! Looking forward to seeing your results :)

  8. nice blog dear,follow me on gfc and i follow you back,now i follow you on bloglovin,pinterest, ,instagram ,i hope you follow me back!!kiss

  9. Dit ga ik eens proberen! Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat :)

  10. Keep us updated on your results, please! I've heard a lot about coconut oil working really well for growing lashes too, so I'd love to see your results! >u<

  11. how interesting! i have a big jar of coconut oil that i meant to cook with but never got around to it. perhaps i'll try too! :)

  12. I never knew that lash care was a thing! I'm so behind in the beauty department haha. I'm happy with the length of my lashes, but they're very light colored, so you can't see my lashes very well :s -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  13. Ik ga dit ook proberen! Hehhehe! ^_^ <3


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