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Wow, finally my UK trip is sort out! I was really stressing out about getting the tickets and finding accommodations (a B&B!) but glad this is done. All I have to do now is too print the e-tickets out. It will be a short trip of 5 days though in Leicester and London and I can’t wait! Any UK readers fancy a meet up is welcome!

What are you upcoming festival, holiday or getaway plans?

Meanwhile, it is 20°C in the Netherlands and while I type down this blogpost I kind of feel guilty for staying inside rather outside.
Laptop screens and sunshine don’t go well together anyways.

Lately I am really hooked on this Just Dance game app on my phone that sync with my laptop. If you like to dance or like me just being silly hopping around on great music than please give Just Dance a go!

And lastly, as some of you might know I went to a great pop-up market called the Swan Market along with Carmen, a crafty blogger! More of that soon but for now a small teaser down below c;  


Wow, eindelijk is mijn UK reisje afgehandeld! Ik was echt aan het stressen over de tickets en het vinden van accommodaties (een B&B!) maar ben blij dat dit klaar is. Ik moet nu nog alleen de e-tickets uitprinten. Het zal een korte reis van 5 dagen zijn in Leicester en Londen en ik kan niet wachten!

Wat zijn jouw komende festival, vakantie of uitje plannen?

Ondertussen is het 20° C in Nederland en terwijl ik mijn blogpost type voel ik me schuldig dat ik binnenshuis doe in plaats van buiten.
Laptop schermen en zonneschijn gaan toch niet goed samen anyways…

De laatste tijd ben ik echt verslaafd aan deze Just Dance spel app op mijn telefoon die synchroniseert met mijn laptop. Als je van dansen houdt of net als ik gek doen op te gekke muziek dan is Just Dance een aanrader!

En tot slot, zoals sommigen van jullie misschien weten, ben ik naar een grote pop-up markt genaamd de Swan Market geweest samen met Carmen, een crafty blogger! Meer over dat binnenkort maar hieronder alvast een teaser c;

I'm blaming my friend for my addiction to 'Just Dance' app game! 

Turning left-over eggs from my green tea eggshell cupcakes into French toasts.

 Dang, this must look like when I get mugshot. 

 My first 2015 Mcdonald meal because I wanted to try out the 'Mckibbeling' (fried fish) and the 'Shaker fries'. The fried fish were just méh and the shaker fries were ok.  

 Favorite toast spread at the moment. 

Pre-Swan Market snaps:
How cool is this purse made out of cork material! 


  1. What??? Are those fish fillet nuggets from Mcdonald's? They look so so good!!
    I am happy to hear that your UK trip is all sorted out :)
    You will have lots of fun I am sure!
    Tons of pictures please <3 xx

  2. I know your struggle! I want to do my work outside with my laptop because it's so nice outside, but I can't see my screen :P Have fun on your trip! And omg I love shaker fries! I had them once before in the HK airport :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. A trip to London! How exciting!! Have you ever been? & BTW I play Just Dance on XBOX360 sometimes, and it is soooo fun! I didn't know they had an app for it though.

  4. OMG when are you going to the UK? :D I'm in the UK
    Interesting app, might try it out when I'm over with this darn cold


  5. Ayy! I'm glad that you got your trip accommodations settled.
    The fish nuggets look good, but I'm not surprised that they're just meh, keheheh.
    The Swan Market looks like the place to be, very nice!

    Also, your phone looks so, so nice. I can't stop fawning over it.

  6. Yay for the trip! Wow your mcdonalds have fish nuggets? Also that spread looks amaaazing.

  7. Ik vind je cupcakebloem heel mooi! En cookienottie kende ik nog niet! Zal binnenkort gaan zoeken in de appie ernaar.

  8. Not going to lie, I'd eat that toast spread straight out of the jar

  9. if i didn't know better, i could have mistaken the fried fish as nuggets. they look like mcnuggets okay :)) speaking of nuggets, i do miss mcnuggets :( mcdonalds and wendy's have the best nuggets, imo.
    ugh that toast spread looks like something to die for!! sadly i can't find anything like that here :( at first i thought it's a melted ice cream LOL

  10. oh your trip to the UK sounds like so much fun! have a great time :)

  11. vond die mckibbeling ook niet lekker :p ze waren zo "vissig". En die portemonnee is indd heel vet!!!

  12. Trip to UK!! Happy for you, I'm sure you'll have so much fun! Please make sure to take looots of pics, I will be waiting for them and your recommendations. I hope I can visit London soon too :) Oh! And those little crochet cupcakes are too cute. I'm currently addicted to the TsumTsum app, I bet it's old news, but still <3


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