Swan Market Utrecht // HAUL


Going to a lifestyle and food market like the Swan Market (full post here!) there’s no way you leave with empty hands and an empty belly.
Even though I didn’t really went overboard with my money and kept it safe and therefore avoided impulsive buyings. Woo!


Wanneer je naar een lifestyle en voedsel markt, zoals de Swan Market (volledige bericht hier!) gaat dan kan je zo,n markt bijna niet met lege handen en lege maag verlaten.
Hoewel ik niet echt geld over de balk heb gesmeten, betekent dat ook geen impulsieve aankoopjes en dat is heel goed van mezelf c:

Where did my 50 bucks go?
- lunch/snack and dinner (a veggie bun 'pom', chips on a stick, roll biscuits, dinner at Kartoffel)
- stationery (Schriftenzo, Bloom-yourmessage)
- a dress (Monki)

And it was one of my beloved Red Pocket money :D 

I have said it before 'Schriftenzo' is one of my favorite stationery stand at the Swan Market and I've bought the following notebooks: 

 This little notebook is made by Italian artisans somewhere near Venice. 

 I bought a roll Oreo-look-a-like-biscuits at Flying Tiger, not so great as the real deal but good enough for 1 buck.

Sprout HB pencils! I've bought thyme, dill and coriander. 

 Gained in business cards because I love collecting them. 


  1. So cute!!!


  2. Great Haul ,love the Notebooks :)


  3. I've never heard of Schriftenenzo before but woooow it's cute. I have to go to the Swan market one day!! The dress you got is also adorable :3

  4. Everything is looking so cute !


  5. Great haul! I think I may have mentioned this before, but those pencils that grow are so cool!!

  6. Loooove the dress you got! Cute notebooks too :)

  7. Wacht, die pennen, zijn dat nou echte pennen of zitten er kruiden in verstopt? Ik ben een beetje in de war nu ;)

  8. Hier had ik op gewacht, hihi.
    Echt heel erg leuk! Van die potloden had ik echt nog nooit gehoord, haha.

  9. Ooooo, I just got an idea to spend only a certain amount of $ whenever I go out - that way I can think about whether I'll use something enough to buy it, hahaha. I love the purple geo notebook!

    becky ♡ star violet

  10. Stripey dress! <3 <3 Sprout pencils are too cool! And Batman notebook! big yay for your haul.

  11. Ah Your money was well spent! I always have no qualms spending money on food! I often spend TOO much on food and not even at fancy places! HEHEHE. Big fan of your striped dress, it's simple and I love those types of easy to wear ones!

  12. I'm a sucker for cute notebooks! I also love collecting business cards, but I never know what to do with them. Now that I'm living in a dorm for college and need to worry about summer storage, my hoarding habits have become even more apparent to me :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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