Swan Market Utrecht


A week ago me and Carmen went to a lifestyle market called the ‘Swan Market’! Exactly, you can almost find anything on this market but mainly homemade, vintage, home, fashion and of course food.
I was really excited going to this one because I never been to a pop-up market thing before!

I knew Carmen would love this kind of market so it was a no-brainer to ask her and she happily joined me c:

Swan Market took place in Utrecht, a Dutch city that is almost perfectly centred in the country. Utrecht is such a lovely city! I think I might even love it more than Amsterdam.

Swan Market you were not a letdown that’s for sure. Well maybe with a less people next time because it was packed! Me and Carmen kind of arrived extra early for it but it didn’t matter, plus it was really sunny and warm that day which attracts people to go out. But nevertheless, I had fun!

I even introduced myself a few times as a blogger and hand out my business card to those interested!

Again, I had a blast and not only soaked up vitamin D but also inspirations of the stands and creative sellers. Obviously my camera overworked so below and behold: the pictures!

Een week geleden was ik samen met Carmen te vinden in de lifestyle market 'Swan Market' in Utrecht! Inderdaad het is een markt waar van alles te koop is, maar vooral zelfgemaakt, vintage, interieur, mode en natuurlijk eten/drinken te vinden zijn.

Ik keek er erg naar uit naar dit Swan Market want ik ben nog nooit naar zo,n typische markt geweest. En ik wist dat Carmen dit soort markt wel leuk zou vinden dus ik moest haar meevragen! Ik heb haar inmiddels al een jaar niet meer gezien en gelukkig was ze van de partij!

Swan Market vond dus plaats in Utrecht, maar is van origine Rotterdams. Maar wat is Utrecht een leuke stad! Het heeft grachtjes net als Amsterdam maar is als stad een stuk rustiger. En vriendelijker. Misschien dat ik hierdoor liever team Utrecht ben.

Swan Market was zeker geen teleurstelling maar misschien minder mensen voor de volgende keer? Wat was het overvol zeg! Ik en Carmen kwamen juist extra vroeg aan in Utrecht maar dat mocht niet uitmaken en daarnaast was het lekker zonnig weer. Natuurlijk gaat iedereen erop uit toch? Kijk maar naar ons.

Ik heb zelfs mezelf een paar keer als blogger voorgesteld en mijn visitekaartje aan belangstellende gegeven.

Nogmaals, ik heb het erg naar mijn zin gehad op de Swan Market en daarnaast heb ik inspiraties verkregen van marktjes en de creatieve mensen rondom! Uiteraard werkte mijn camera overuren dus zie beneden de foto’s!
 Crafties in crime!

 By the way, how cute is her homemade shawl?!

I like these stands & stuff!
 From 'Allerlievelings' - I giggled at Carmen that I can probably make these jars myself..

 Recycled bicycle tires into bags. Yes I know.

 That butt though. From Schakel.

Real sheep wool and fur! My heart sank a bit seeing they also sell deer fur. Poor Bambi.  

What? A pencil that grows? Yes! These pencils by Sprout can! Video info right here c:

My favorite notebook stand: Schriftenzo. This notebook reacts on warmth while this salesman rubbed on the black lettering! How cool! 

From: NakedDesign.

Here comes the food!

Swan Market food court and I ate:
- Potato tornado on a stick (flavor: pepper & garlic) - and boy it was salty but really crispy.
- A veggie bun 'pom' - this Surinamese bun was a delight! 

How good does this veggie panini with grilled aubergine, mozzarella, tomatoes, cheese and herbs look like? 
After waiting for a good 15 minute just standing in line at this panini food stall and spotted the shockingly never ending order bills we decided to move on before we starve to death and bought this delicious bun 'pom' below.


HAUL coming soon!


  1. Oh God, the food made me drool.
    And the craftmanship here is amaziiing.
    Loved the notebooks - of course! I'm a notebook addict.


  2. That doggy pendant with the poop xD and mm the market food looks nice.


  3. Gosh, the things at this market look so cute! That potato tornado looks amazing too, I've always wanted to try it but have never gotten around to it :)

  4. Looks like there were heaps of cute things there - the food looks good to! Makes a nice day out :)

  5. I need to visit Holland asap! I hear wonderful things about the market!


  6. what a great market. i miss going to markets like this. the feeling when you find a great item is priceless ;)

  7. Omg, dit ziet er te leuk uit!
    Volgende keer ga ik hier ook echt heen :D
    Ben benieuwd wat je hebt gekocht :)

  8. It's awesome that you got to take so many pictures! Usually when I'm at places like this, vendors are wary of photographers, I think because they don't want people stealing their designs :/ although I see photography more as free advertising, so I don't see the problem haha. // I'd love to see a DIY of those jars! // I really want that pooping dog necklace!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. Wow! Looks like an awesome event! All of the items you photographed look so cute! The pencil that grows is innovative. & I just literally LOL'd at the dog necklace with the poo dangling! Haha.

  10. I love that notebook, how awesome! :D

  11. Wow, I`m in love! Maar dit was dus een eenmalige markt? Zou er anders best een keer heen willen.

  12. Mijn hemel, wat een walhalla :D
    Die red velvet cupcakes zien er te lekker uit :3

  13. I love markets! This one looks really nice :)

  14. What a great market! I can picture myself in there too :) Would love to have joined you guys (only if Utrecht was not that far away ;) ) Need to make some DIY dino jars as well for our home :) and how cool that you get to introduce yourself and give a few cards (yay!)


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