What UK coat shall it be?


I’m having a coat situation here as I don’t know which one to bring for my UK trip starting tomorrow already. Yikes!

UK weather forecast predicts a chilly spring temperature of 11-14°C degrees with a ray of sunshine every now and then. And rain too.
I want to keep warm and comfy but not getting soaked either. I have a strong feel for this spring/summer jacket that I have which is also water resistant too. I don’t want to wear a thick winter coat because it’s heavy. Yet I don’t want to freeze to death either in the UK.

I think I’ll wear a woollen cardigan underneath it and layer my way to keep myself warm and comfy.

Beside what coat to wear, I’m really excited for this short UK trip! I have made a list of places I want to go see, eat and shop and I just can’t wait. Do you know what I really want to eat? Fish & chips! I’ve been craving it since I planned this whole trip. Real fish & chips, I want!

This will be also my 2nd time travelling alone and honestly it makes me a bit nervous and scary. Yet it gives me such freedom as well.
I hope everything will go smoothly and that the weather will spare me as well and hopefully blogposts from me to you from UK too!

Help! Ik weet niet welke jas ik mee moet nemen voor mijn steden reisje naar Engeland morgen!

Volgens de weervoorspellingen zijn mijn dagen in de UK nogal koeltjes met temperaturen tussen de 11-14°C graden. Zo nu en dan een straaltje zonneschijn en natuurlijk ook regen.

Ik wil wel warm en comfortabel blijven zonder dat ik kletsnat word. Ik neig sterk naar deze lente/zomer jasje die ik heb en die is ook nog eens waterbestendig. Om eerlijk te zijn wil ik eigenlijk het liefst geen winterjas dragen want zijn best zwaar. Maarja, ik wil ook niet omkomen van de kou in de UK.

Ik denk dat ik een wollen vest onder gaat dragen en ga laagjes dragen om zo mezelf lekker warm en comfy te houden. Goed plan?

Naast deze jassen kwestie kijk ik er nog steeds naar uit voor dit korte maar krachtige UK tripje! Ik heb een lijst gemaakt van plaatsen waar ik graag wil bezoeken, eten en winkelen.
Weet je wat ik echt willen eten? Fish & chips! Ik loop al te watertanden sinds ik dit tripje hebt geboekt. Eindelijk, echte fish & chips en hier kom ik!

Dit zal mijn 2e tripje worden waar ik alleen reis en om eerlijk te zijn, vind ik het spannend en tegelijkertijd eng. Maar het geeft me daarnaast een hoop vrijheid.
Ik hoop dat alles vlotjes verloopt en dat het weer me grotendeels zal besparen. En ik zal proberen jullie op de hoogte te houden met blogging dat vanuit de UK komt!

From left to right:
Blue trench coat + hoodie
Woolen hooden winter coat
Green thin coat, also with a hoodie


  1. You have so many nice coats!! I would choose the left one, because 1) it has an amazing color 2) it's lightweight 3) it looks sturdy and water resistant (though I don't know if it is, of course, and if it isn't there's always umbrellas :D) and if you get cold, layering with scarfs and sweaters is always a good idea. A winter coat would only weigh you down, and probably be too warm anyway (it's so cute by the way). The green thin coat seems, well, too thin. Good luck and have a lot of fun!!

  2. I think either the blue trench or green coat! You can always wear more layers underneath! And of course, an umbrella!

    Have fun! I'm sure you will though :)

  3. I'd go with the green thin coat, and definitely layers! Even though you haven't gone yet (probably), I'm excited to see what kind of pictures you'll be taking. I think it's a lot of fun to travel alone, though I always have a friend to greet me since I usually visit to see long distance friends. I guess it's just the part about being alone on a bus or plane that I really like!

    becky ♡ star violet

  4. From your picture the blue trench almost looks thinner than the green coat! But I'd probably go with the blue trench for the extra warmth. Have a safe and adventurous trip! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. :o exciting! Well 11-14C is cold to me but I'm assuming not to you so I would take one of the thinner coats and layer up :) Have fun!!!

  6. I also third the first one :) its what I usually wear for round about this time, though we in the UK are expected to be having a 3 month heat wave xD so thin and lightweight coat is best :)

  7. I would pack a thin waterproof jacket, and layer up underneath with small basic cardigans. If it's warm, take the cardigan off and stuff it in your backpack. If it rains, you remain dry :]
    Enjoy your trip :]

  8. Packing for trips is so much fun but can be such a hassle, especially because of the weather! Which coat to pick?! The second one is absolutely perfect. You will have such a fun time, you are so lucky to be visiting the UK again! Can't wait for photos.

  9. I like the blue trench! Have fun in the UK Mei! Waar ga je precies heen?? Londen? :)

  10. Oh god, I am so bad at these kind of decision making dilemmas as well. But on the upside, you are going to have so much fun! I would probably take what you can layer as you said.

    Rae | love from berlin

  11. I'd go for the blue trench + layers, a pop of color will brighten your day when the UK weather gets a bit too drab and dreary.
    Also, when in London, it's always nice to stand out in the crowd :)

  12. I would choose the blue trench coat + hoodie or the green thin coat + hoodie! You can always layer up :)

  13. every pieces seem so cute and fashionista! but for me, i will go for middle one.those cute buttons are definitely winning point.

    xo joselovincolors

  14. Packing for a trip is always a fun part, oh the anticipation! As you said layering is essential. I am surely more sensitive to cold but when I have been in UK I've usually worn double tights (ha!) and of course cardigan & even a underneath t-shirt :) Are any of the two hoodie coats waterproof? if not, take an umbrella, that's for sure! :)

  15. Oh how fun! I haven't been to the UK in many years and oh dear, YES FISH AND CHIPS! Im just all into that fresh super crispy moist fish! I'm okay with chips, I'd much rather have a large portion of sweet corn or peas with my fried seafood! I think you should bring a one of the rain coats but you should definitely have some super warm woolen pieces to wear underneath if needed!

  16. The 2nd or 3rd coat - it's sunny but does still get quite cold at the moment!


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