48 hours in London


Then I left Leicester for London, my 2nd city stop in the United Kingdom.

And how I was excited!

So far the public transport went smoothly and I had a relaxing train time. But one thing was a let down and that’s the WI-FI. I either had to register and even then some are for UK resident only or I had to charge it. The one in the train cost like 4 frinkin’ pounds per journey! Like no way José.

Lucky for me some cafés/restaurants had tourist friendly WI-FI connection.

My last time in London, I was 10 and I didn’t remember much apart that me and my family went to Chinatown and remembered how awful the Chinese food were.

This time I want to avoid Chinatown (no offence).

I only have 2½ days in London and I want to squeeze London in that 48+ hours as much as possible but it’s impossible because London is just so big!

I'll have to come back other time and finish London which I don't mind c: London has treat me super well, what a multicultural capital with friendly people (or maybe they know I'm a tourist) and nice food places and hotspots.

This stack-up of good London vibes weight out the not so good vibes like my insanely small hotelroom and the heavy rain I got now and then. May I present you the first snaps of me in London:

Toen verliet ik Leicester voor London, mijn 2e stop in Engeland. En ik had er ongelofelijk zin in!

Heel verrassend was het openbaar vervoer en die verliep vlotjes van begin tot eind. Maar één ding was een grote teleurstelling en dat is de wi-fi. Ik moest me registreren voor een hotspot en zelfs dan zijn sommige alleen bestemd voor mensen van UK of ik moest betalen. Die van de trein kost zelfs 4 pond voor wi-fi (enkele reis).

Maar gelukkig kwam ik restaurants/cafés tegen die wel vriendelijke Wi-Fi-verbinding hebben voor toeristen.

Mijn laatste keer in Londen was ik 10 en ik kan me niet veel herinneren naast dat ik en mijn familie naar Chinatown gingen en hoe bagger het eten was daar.

Deze keer wil ik Chinatown vermijden (no offense).

Ik heb slechts 2½ dagen in Londen en ik wil zoveel mogelijk London zien in dat 48+ uur maar dat is onmogelijk want wat is London groot zeg.

Ik zal andere keer terug moeten gaan om London af te maken en dat vind ik niet erg. Londen heeft me goed behandeld behandelen me super goed, want wat is het een multiculturele hoofdstad met vriendelijke mensen (of omdat ik een toerist ben) te veel leuke eettentjes en winkel gebieden.

Deze opstapeling van positieve London vibes weegt op tegen de niet zo positieve vibes zoals mijn waanzinnig kleine hotelkamer en de zware regen die ik mocht ervaren in London. Mag ik je presenteren de eerste kiekjes van mij in Londen:

The tin-can-feel-room

At EasyHotel. Look how teen tiny small this corridor? I have prayed for no fire break outs because I don't see myself finding my way out through these small corridors. The main reason for picking EasyHotel was obviously the price but this will be my last stay at EasyHotel. I rather pay a bit more for a bit more comfort and security. 

My bathroom shower cabin and toilet in one.

There was no option for me to do morning yoga but despise the lack of space, I did manage to make my room comfort and cozy. The bed itself was surprising pretty big.

Kensington Garden
My hotel is pretty close to Kensington area and so I went to Kensington Palace which located right next to this Kensington Royal Garden. This garden and park is really huge! And really a popular place for cyclist and joggers. 

This brave little guy but I had to disappoint you because I didn't had roper food for you, even it's prohibited to feed you.

My country need a Whole Foods Market

And I also stacked up new pencils that I bought at London Graphic Centre.


  1. Oh my goodness, what a tiny bathroom! haha, it's so adorably cute! ^__^

  2. I stayed at an Easy Hotel in Budapest! The bathroom is identical and the room too except the corridors were a lot wider. Oh dear, I wonder how that even meets OHS requirements!! Shame that London is so expensive! So hard to find something reasonable.

    But seems like you had a wonderful day in London! And good weather :)


  3. Lovely shots from london! I haven't been there for almost 10 years now! I remember loving the small shops and fish&chips! I believe you that chinese food is awful there, especially the affordably priced places or take away places! My parents did say that the best Peking duck they've had was at a fancy restaurant there though! Your bathroom was such a tiny compact thing! But it looked really clean and neat! That squirrel was all too cute, I wish I could have one as a pet :p

  4. London can be a really great place.
    And yes, you'll be getting mostly rain these few days.
    It was great weather just late in the week, so it's bad luck!


  5. Ahhh you make me miss London! I've been there a few months ago and I really miss it. If it were up to me, I'd just never leave :)

  6. nice photos..thank you for remembering me my times in this awesome city ^_^


  7. Very nice! I've been to London a couple of times, but I haven't seen these places! Should come back too.

    And damn, that's one small hotel. I also prefer a bit more room, the B&B I stayed in at Gent was too small for me too. :[

  8. Wow that is definitely a tiny hotel room, haha. Sigh, I can't wait to go to London again!

  9. Oh my gosh, I can't get over how narrow those corridors from your hotel was! & That bathroom/ shower stall + toilet...!! I would love to visit London one day...Seems like such a lovely place and it looks so clean!

  10. Ahh, I want to visit London so badly! Wonderful photos from your trip! That "bathroom" is hysterical.. At least the bed wasn't minuscule as well!

  11. Wow what a teeny tiny bathroom, so little space! Nice post! (:

  12. Oh my, that was one tiny room!

  13. there are so many places i want to visit and london is one of them! :)


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