Alone in London


It is no secret that I love to travel and I’ve always travelled with companion such as family and friends but with my most recent city trip to London I went solo.

I’ve always wanted to travel alone because that means I can do whatever I want to do and trot where I want to go! I’ve decided to kick it off with London first since it’s close by. Start new things like solo travelling with baby distance first right?

Solo travelling means taking my own actions and responsibility and this freedom suits me well. And I was filling this freedom with the one thing I love which is: photography. And just simply enjoying with me, myself and I time.  Even though I did meet friends and new randoms on my journey.

Solo travelling does have a little side effect which is obviously feeling lonely sometimes. I was exploring this beautiful city like London and I couldn’t share it directly with someone other than share a few moment snaps through my IG. Taking a picture of yourself (not a selfie) can be tricky sometimes since there’s no one there to hold the camera for you. 

Or when I was eating something delicious I couldn’t tell anyone “oh boy this food is really nomnom!” or something like that.

That is probably my most loneliest moments ever.  

But again I did really enjoy my solo travelling that for sure.

I’ve learned and experienced things all by myself like dealing with accommodation, how to get from a to b and money. Next time I want to try Airbnb for accommodations because I think you can get a lot cheaper and comfortable places than what I had.


Het is geen geheim dat ik van reizen hou en ik heb altijd gereisd met reisgenoten, zoals familie en vrienden, maar met mijn meest recente city trip naar Londen ging ik solo.

Ik wilde altijd al alleen reizen, want dat betekent dat ik kan doen wat ik wil doen en gaan waar ik wil gaan! Ik heb besloten om met Londen te beginnen omdat deze lekker dichtbij is. Start nieuwe dingen zoals solo reizen altijd met kleine stapjes eerst.

Solo reizen betekent het heft in eigen handen nemen en daarmee ook de verantwoordelijkheid en deze vorm van vrijheid bevalt me ​​goed. En ik vulde deze vrijheid met iets waarvan ik veel van hou, namelijk: fotografie. En gewoon een me, myself en ik tijd hebben. Hoewel je niet echt 100% alleen ben terwijl ik ook vrienden en nieuwe randoms hebt ontmoet.

Solo reizen heeft ook een bijwerking, namelijk je eenzaam voelen zo nu en dan. Ik was in deze prachtige stad als Londen en ik kon deze momenten niet direct delen met iemand, ook al deelde ik kiekjes via IG. Daarnaast kan het nemen van een foto van jezelf (geen selfie) soms lastig zijn, omdat er niemand is die je camera voor je vasthoudt en vastlegt. Of als je iets lekkers zit te eten en je niet tegen iemand kon vertellen hoe lekker dit eten is, of iets dergelijks.
Dat waren waarschijnlijk mijn meest eenzame momenten ooit.

Maar nogmaals, ik heb echt genoten van mijn solo reis dat zeker.

Ik heb geleerd en ervaren op mezelf, zoals het regelen van een slaapplek, hoe je van a naar b moet en geld. Volgende keer wil ik Airbnb proberen voor het zoeken van een accommodatie. Ik denk dat je hier véél goedkopere en comfortabeler slaapplekken kunt vinden dan wat ik had.

Vrienden van mij vonden het stoer dat ik alleen ging reizen, en stiekem vond ik het ook.

Exploring city of time
I would be nowhere without you but why are you so battery draining you Google Maps?!

Typical London stuff
This moss covered building reminds me of the movie The Maze Runner and its walls. 
Carnaby/Oxford/Regent shopping streeting
My first time eating falafel and my taste buds fell in love instantly! More of this soon!

A must go to places in London was Japan Centre obviously. Asian snacks makes me so happy always.

@+Debenhams, what a view from the top floor!

I wanted to safe some money so my dinner was not a grand restaurant meal but a humble salad meal from a supermarket called 'Whole Foods Market'. Whole Foods Market is a pretty big supermarket that specializes in local, fresh and organic produce and products and this made me into loving this supermarket a lot!

I mean not many supermarkets has their own graphic designers team + office right?

And finally my dinner!

 London: part 1


  1. cool photos! I love London!

  2. You look super cute! I love your scarf :3 and travelling solo seems so awesome! I think I'm too much of a kitten to do so, but maybe in the future ^^~

  3. Always look forward to your posts! Love these photos, so creative!

  4. Wow! London looks beautiful! Those sweet potato falafels looks delicious!! <3

    Steph | Opal & Opal

  5. Oh!Great trip,Ice pandora♡
    Traveling alone sometimes feels loneliness..
    but,I can do it just as wanted.
    So I love traveling alone♡♡


  6. Traveling alone gives me so much anxiety, but I definitely agree with you about the freedom! I think my ideal traveling situation would be with one friend who is also an avid photographer. Haha so how DID you get those pictures of yourself? Loving your scarf! And also that sign about the horses is hilarious :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. So cool that you went there without any company, I went there two years ago with my best friend, and I don't think I could solo without feeling, like you said, the need to share the moments with someone.

  8. Did you ask strangers to take a picture of you?
    I would be scared that they would run of with my camera! :p

    Looks nice. I agree with the feeling on traveling alone, I had that in Ghent too.

  9. I agree with you on travelling alone. You can do what you want but it can be lonely - and it sucks to be lost alone!

  10. Ugh...I can't believe I missed out on Japan Centre during my London trip :(
    Oh well, it's a good excuse to go again :)
    I also didn't know they had Whole Foods in the UK, I thought they were only located in the US (I found them a bit expensive though...)
    I think it's pretty cool that you went on your own! Well done you! :)

  11. Looks like a lot of fun! I've always wanted to travel to London, though apparently there aren't a ton of things to do there. But I think the architecture is beautiful, and it's always exciting to be in a new place with a different culture.

    becky | star violet

  12. I know what you mean about traveling solo! It has its perks and some downsides as well. Lots of freedom but comes with loneliness at times too. The sweet potato falafel looks amazing, by the way!

  13. girl, i salute you for your courage!! i never dare to travel alone although deep inside my heart i wish to do so..and london is such a pretty city. really hope i would be able to visit this city sometimes..

    xo joselovincolors

  14. We actually have whole foods in Southern California as well, though I've never had a chance to actually visit one.

    xo Denysia Yu
    That L.A. it Girl

  15. Told you! Google Maps really does suck all the life out of a phone :-(

  16. A million cheers to traveling alone! You picked a great place for your first time. I know exactly you feel about feeling a bit lonely. Every time I ate at a restaurant I would take a picture of it and send it to my brother and remind him what he is missing - haha. Even though your friends or family aren't there with you in person they are there with you in spirit and through social media ;) The whole photo thing was a little iffy - I had people take photos of me and when I got home and told my mother she said 'They could have run off with it!' Did you ever think about a selfie stick? So good to hear you will try Airbnb next time, it's such a life savior!

  17. I think traveling alone does definitely have it's great moments but for me I think I prefer to travel with a companion, mainly Yangkyu because I feel the most comfortable with him and I don't have to "feel bad" or suggest something wondering if that person may not like it or not. But I went to Taiwan alone for my friend's wedding and literally was only there for a day. I spent the day sightseeing by myself and while it was good I wish I had someone to talk to, eat with and just enjoy. :)

  18. Love airbnb - so much better and cozier than hotels

  19. You're so brave to travel by yourself. I like traveling with friends, but it's hard to do so with a big group of people because everyone wants to see something different. Maybe the key is to go with only one or two friends?

    Whole Foods is everywhere in the US! In California, I have four within a 15 minute drive of my home and in New York, I have two within 20 minute walking distance. Haha, they're insanely popular and some of the ones I've been to even have food courts.

  20. Hello,

    Amazing pics ! :D



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