Is it Leicester or Leichester?


My first stop in the UK was Leicester, a town in the midst of England. I have never been to Lei town before and it is many times smaller than London. Luckily I have friends living in Lei town who showed me around this lovely place.

Leicester itself has good hotspots and sight seeing places such as parks and museums. And universities! This apparently is one of the best universities in the UK with many (Asian) international students I have witnessed. Some advertisements were even written in Chinese!


 Leicester actually made it to our Dutch local news thanks to the new discovered bones of the old English King Richard III. There is an exhibition and honorarium to this old king and I was either fine going or not going to see this exhibition but eventually I did go. More of that in the next post!

My friend showed me a few parks, a supermarket (foreign supermarkets are fascinating) and the city centre area of Leicester. I really wanted to eat UK food so I have been to quite a few food places as well! Maybe you have already seen them on my IG because it seems all I did was posting UK food on it ha. Again more of that in the next posts.

Mijn eerste bezoek aan Engeland was Leicester, een stad midden van Engeland die ook velen malen kleiner is dan London. Ik ben nog nooit in Leicester geweest maar gelukkig heb ik vrienden die in Lei-stad wonen die me graag door deze stad willen begeleiden.
Leicester zelf heeft een paar leuke hotspots zoals eenmanszaakjes, parken en musea. En universiteiten! Die blijkbaar tot een van de beste universiteiten van Verenigd Koninkrijk behoren. En blijkbaar met ook veel international (Asian) studenten die ik inderdaad veel heb zien rondlopen in Leicester. Sommige reclames waren zelfs in het Chinees geschreven!

Maar goed.

Wellicht klinkt Leicester je bekend in de oren want Leicester was een paar weken terug in het nieuws geweest over nieuwe ontdekkingen van botten en beenderen die afkomstig zijn van de Engelse koning Richard III. Ik was daarom ook bij een tentoonstelling en eerbetoon geweest van deze koning.
Meer over dat in de volgende post!

Vriend W. liet me een paar parken zien, een supermarkt (buitenlandse supermarkten blijven me fascineren) en het centrum Leicester.
Daarnaast wilde ik alleen maar UK voedsel eten dus zijn we ook naar een aantal eetcafés geweest! Als je mijn IG volgt dan weet je het al ha. Maar goed, meer over dat in de komende post! berichten.

 Me and my friend W. was my company, guide(dog) and camera man in my entire Lei stay.

Healthy start of the day of course with cereal, nuts and milk. 

 Victoria Park 
Overall a nice quiet park with spacious grass fields, flower beds and a big memorial statue.
We were really blessed with good sunny weathers!

Supermarket field trip (lol
DESSERTS! I was kind of sad because I couldn't take them home because they will either melt or turn really awful. 
Is there a cooling bag for traveling?

Soup in milk carton?!

"Where are all the people?" "it's 10:30 in the morning" "oh right right". 

In love with English homes.

@New Walk. 


  1. I don't know much about Leicester! It's nice from the looks of it - you had good weather too!

  2. Wow looks like you were blessed with great weather! Looking forward to your future posts about your UK trip.


  3. Wat een prachtige foto's! Ik ben er zelf nooit eerder geweest, ziet er wel leuk uit!

  4. Looks like you had a lot of fun in the UK! :)

  5. It's "leh-ster" hehee~
    Lovely photos! The UK is never usually this sunny :P
    I used to live near Leicester but I've only been a couple of times

  6. Aw such beautiful snaps Mei! My best friend studied in Leicester - it's a beautiful town (: and you got such perfect UK spring weather too! (Love that all the comments thus far mention the weather hahah.)

  7. What a nice place, especially in such good weather! :D

  8. :) I love your supermaket field trip. oh your post is making me itch to go somewhere!

  9. It's so nice you had friends to show you around there! I know London is a marvelous place to visit, but it's always nice to visit other cities if you get the chance. :)

  10. I always go to supermarkets in foreign places too. They are so interesting. I like to buy some of the local teas and/or candies/snacks for souvenirs.

  11. Looks like the weather was beautiful for you

  12. Parks in the UK are so neat! so are university campus :) supermarket field trip! yay! I looove to go on them while travelling, always my favorite souvenir :) Btw, love your travelling outfit!

  13. I love your outfit! And yumm those desserts :3 It's always a struggle wanting to bring food back. I guess that just means I'll have to eat more food while I'm there! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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