My first French macarons


A super while ago I have finally made the Parisian delicacy ‘macarons’ for the first time.
Macarons are basically made with ground almond flour and icing sugar but there’s some serious baking technique going on!

I have bought ground almond flour a while just for the macarons but it took me quite some time and courage to bake macarons because the baking technique really intimidates and frightens me. And that bag of organic ground almonds was not cheap either.

So hurray for the people who perfectly executed macarons at first try! Because I’m not amongst them.
Well - my first try isn’t a complete failure because some did have a feet and a smooth top.

But I think if you want to have sweet macarons with perfect feet, you have to experiment and keep on experimenting and I will! I want perfect macarons so that I can tick that off on my baking bucket list but for now it’s half crossed.

It’s funny because I’m not a huge fan of macarons.

Macarons are to me overly just too sweet to have another 2nd cookie and most of the time they are pricy when store bought. But they are sure very photogenic little cookies.

So my first try here below: coffee flavoured macarons with speculoos or jam filling! Check out the faults too!  

Een super tijdje geleden heb ik eindelijk de Franse delicatesse ‘macarons’ voor de eerste keer gemaakt.

De basis voor het maken van deze populaire koekjes zijn gemalen amandel meel en poedersuiker maar de bak techniek is niet niks.

Het zakje gemalen amandel heb ik langere tijd geleden gekocht maar het kostte wat tijd en moed om uiteindelijk de macarons te bakken, want zoals eerder gezegd is de bak techniek niet niks en dat intimideerde me ontzettend. En daarnaast is dat zakje biologische gemalen amandelen niet goedkoop.

Voor diegene die perfecte macarons hebben bij eerste keer bakken: gefeliciteerd! Ik val helaas niet in jullie categorie.
Nouja, mijn eerste poging is niet een complete mislukking, want sommige hadden wel een voetje + een gladde bovenkant.

Maar ik denk dat je veel moet oefenen en experimenteren, wil je macarons met perfecte voeten creëren. Ik zou deze willen afstrepen op mn ‘bak bucket list’ maar voorlopig is het half doorgestreept.

Grappig genoeg zijn deze koekjes niet eens mijn favorieten.
Macarons zijn naar mijn mening iets te zoet om nog voor de 2e keer te eten na de eerste hap en vaak zijn ze nogal aan de prijzige kant als je ze in de winkel koopt.
Maar ze zijn wel fotogeniek moet ik wel toegeven.

Dus. Mijn allereerste macarons met koffie smaak en speculoos of jam vulling kun je hieronder zien en mijn fouten bewonderen:

The scary part. Over-folding it and you're doomed.

To have successful macarons lays in the folding and because I'm a new to macarons I decide to make 2 different batches as well, just to see what suits the most.  
Conclusion: the longer folding plate has a better feature, texture and looks. But both plates still have bad macarons. Taste wise are ok!

Fat bad macarons
Like little mountains. 

 You can't go wrong with speculoos really.

And the prettiest I could get:

Have you tried baking macarons?


  1. Well done!

  2. I <3 Macaroons :D they are such a finicky cookie! I agree they are costly in the store but I also know the fails taste the same :9

  3. Great job for your first try! I too, do not really care for the taste of macarons, but have wanted to bake them for other people....but I never got around to it, haha! The process seems a bit overwhelming for me.

  4. So pretty and tasty looking, thanks for sharing!

  5. I love macarons! I heard they were quite difficult to bake, I don't bake enough to feel comfortable enough to give it a try myself. I'll just stick to store bought macarons for now :)

  6. This looks incredible! I've always wanted to try making them, but it looks so difficult!

  7. Aww, they turned out really adorable! I'm tried making macarons before, but they turned out super flat haha -__-; However, when my mom makes them, they always turn out perfect! And she just throws everything together!! I don't understand whyyy!!

    Steph | Opal & Opal, originally Hello Stephni

  8. This is amazing. Baking macarons is intimidating indeed but well done.

  9. Not bad for your first attempt!

    LOL yeah, I've tried making macarons before with my sister and cousins. Ours turned out flat because we mixed it too much. I think macarons are too sweet as well, I can only eat one in one sitting. I do, however, prefer macarons that have jam fillings because I like the sourness. I feel like it balances out the sweetness of the cookie part.

  10. Yum! I've never tried making them, but because macarons are usually expensive, I think it'd be very worth it to learn how! I've seen macaron making kits online before, and I think I might start with that :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  11. delicious! i remember someone i knew was going through major macaron trial and tribulations while baking them :) i have never baked them myself and i'm a little intimidated! i'll enjoy through your experience and pictures!

  12. This was one of the few recipes that I failed at. I've tried to make macarons in the past, and it was such a fail, that I decided to not try it again... I've seen some of my friends on instagram who've made them though!


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