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Happy Ascensions Day! I’m not sure if this is a global holiday for everyone but it sure counts for Holland. Which means I have a nice 4 day long weekend!

Spring sure counts a lot of holidays and day-offs from work like 2 week spring break, Kingsday, Liberation Day and Ascensions Day.

I don’t mind because I still get paid while I staying at home!

But I didn’t stay at home for long because I went to UK for 4 days (post here!), catch up with friends, had a nice blogger meet up and I went to a Liberation festival during the Liberation Day.

And I ate Surinamese food for the very first time in my life.
Mhmm, I think it’s my favourite cuisine of the moment because oh boy, ‘roti’ is delicious! The cuisine itself has a lot of Asian influence as well making my taste buds have an instant click.

What about you? Have you eaten Surinames food before?

Fijne Hemelvaartsdag! Wat betekent dat ik een lekker lang weekend heb van maar liefs 4 dagen! Woo!

De lente telt sowieso veel vrije dagen zoals de meivakantie, Koningsdag, Bevrijdingsdag en de Hemelvaartsdag.
Ik vind het niet erg, want ik word sowieso doorbetaald met de feestdagen en dat is heel fijn!

Ik maakte gretig gebruik van de vrije dagen en ging zoals naar Engeland toe voor 4 dagen (post hier!), ben bijgekomen met vrienden, had een blog meet up en ik ging naar een Bevrijdingsfestival.

En ik at Surinaams eten voor de allereerste keer in mijn leven. 
En ik denk dat het is mijn favoriete keuken is van dit moment, want sjonge wat is 'roti' lekker zeg! De keuken zelf heeft veel Aziatische invloeden en daardoor klikte het gelijk met mijn smaakpapillen.

En jij? Eet jij graat Surinaams eten?

Hunter cat hunting for birds. Bad kitty. 

  I had the eel rice teriyaki at Little Tokyo and it was very delicious!

 A little present that I got from Carmen (the blond girl above whom I standing next with). 

 My most recent DIY: tutorial here!

 I also went to IKEA lately and I fell in love with this particular wallpaper. 

  Not sure if I'm going to finish it...

 Train snacks and time killing activity. 

Holland has great Spring weathers but also méh ones. 

 My first timer Surinames food: roti, nasi goreng and bara. SO GOOD!


  1. Oooh I've never had that type of food before. But I love trying new foods so I definitely want to check it out! The US doesn't have many springtime holidays, just Easter I think, and Memorial day which happens at the end of May. Enjoy your holiday!

  2. first of all, i'm sorry i haven't been commenting. i'm just so caught up with uh, video games at the moment lol.

    anyway, surinamese food is delicious. honestly, i had to google surinamese first before actually knowing what surinamese cuisine's usually are haha. since surinamese cuisine includes indonesian dishes (and i happen to reside in indonesia at the moment) and chinese, maybe i can say that i have ever eaten them? LOL it's confusing.
    nasi goreng, for instance, is what indonesians call fried rice. i like roti too which, surprisingly in surinamese, is the indian prata bread. if you ask for roti in indonesia though, they'll give you bread xD

    it makes me happy when people from other countries eat indonesian dishes.
    indonesian cuisine is one of my favorites since they usually have bold spices which is really awesome xD i'd love for you to try eating cassava leaves if ever you feel like trying out more indonesian dishes :)

  3. The food looks amazing as per usual ahah
    And the little knit thingies. So lovely!


  4. Oh oh oh ik heb al zoveel gemist van je blog. Weer even bijwerken dan maar! Ik heb een keer Surinaams eten geproefd, maar ik kan me er bar weinig van herinneren.:p

  5. I've never had the opportunity to try Surinames food, but it sure looks good!!

  6. Jouw peek into my life pics zijn ALTIJD zo leuk om te zien!

  7. Beautiful photos! ^^ And you're quite beautiful. Holland, huh? That's awesome!

  8. interesting, I've never ever come close to trying any surinamese food or any food from surround south american countries! I'm always up to trying new cuisines though! I'm not a picky eater and love trying all types of food!

  9. Love your first outfit, and wow your hair has gotten so long! (doesn't feel like too long ago when you cut it) Lovely photos as always and your drawing is beautiful as ever.

  10. Prachtige foto's weer! Roti vind ik heerlijk <3

  11. your life is full of colours, love and pretty moments!

  12. lovely look into your life. the one of you looking out the window while raining is a great one!

  13. That's ikea wallpaper?! So pretty

  14. The last couple pictures of food look really good! :)


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