Sketching and searching 2


Another 4-day long weekend for me coming up and I think I’m going to use these free days in lots sketching and practising.
Check out my latest graphics here below.

Also I’m working on a new blog layout and such but HTML code and such are being a pain in the butt. I’m even considering leaving Blogspot and move to Wordpress and even getting my own domain as well. But I’m a little scared in changes like this because I’ve been loyally using Blogspot for such a long while now.

What shall I do? What do you think about this blog platform changes?


Alweer een lang weekend van 4 dagen, en ik denk dat ik deze vrije dagen ga gebruiken in lekker veel schetsen maken en oefenen.
Zie alvast hieronder mijn meest recente krabbels.

Ook ben ik bezig met een nieuwe blog layout en daar hoort ook HTML codering bij ietwat 9 uit de 10 keer super irritant is gewoon om te doen. Daarnaast overweeg ik mezelf om naar Wordpress over te stappen en wellicht ook een eigen web domein aanvragen.
Maar ik ben een beetje bang in veranderingen zoals dit omdat ik al zo lang Blogspot gebruik.

Wat moet ik doen denk jij? Wat vind je van dit blog platform veranderingen?


  1. What is the main difference between WordPress and blogger? Well I'm someone who is resistant to change and I think if it ain't broken then dont need to fix. But if Blogger is causing you a lot of headache then maybe start WordPress :)

    Lovely sketches!!

  2. I like blogspot, I'm staying. But I think I am quite small compared to you, so you might have different needs and wants for your blog than I do.

  3. Your sketches never fail to impress! I felt the same as you when I switched over to Wordpress, but I could not be happier! There is so much freedom and flexibility. If you need any help or advice I'm here and so are many of your readers who use Wordpress.

  4. I think you can totally just switch to wordpress. I'm thinking by the end of this year to switch to wordpress. Though not sure when it will happen exactly. But make sure that if you do switch to wordpress that you save all of your current content, by exporting all of your entries! Good luck! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  5. Je "krabbels" zijn echt heel erg mooi!

  6. Oh wow, I really love your sketches of those desserts! I had a friend who did a long canvas acrylic painting in all pastel shades of a long table filled and covered in cakes and desserts all cut in half so you could see all of them! I wish I was skilled enough to sketch like that!

  7. Wow! Prachtige tekeningen!

    En ik zou gewoon overstappen naar Wordpress ;-)

  8. You're so talented!

    I've heard that switching to wordpress is a pretty easy process! xx

  9. Love the sketches! :D I always love the way you portray facial expression. <3 As for platform changes, I've been loyal to blogger for many, many years like you. Wordpress seems like "the next step", kind of like graduating once your blog has gained speed. I personally have thought of moving, but layout wise, I'm fairly simple so blogger has been fine for me to work with. Good luck with your decision! I'm sure whichever you choose, your layout and blog will always impress. :D

  10. Mooie schetsen! Vooral de derde van boven is echt wauw :D
    Zelf vind ik blogspot erg fijn, maar ik ken wordpress ook niet zo goed..
    Aan mij heb je niet zo veel, haha

  11. I think about moving to wordpress here and there. I used to blog on wordpress and I don't know why I opened this blog here on blogspot.. I think I wanted to try it out because I had used wordpress and tumblr before and it was something new. Looking forward to seeing what your new space will look like!

  12. Lovely sketches! I particularly love the shading that you do to emphasize the girls' faces. I actually started off with wordpress and then moved over to blogger, with a brand new blog. I like the simplicity of blogger. I've heard that the transition from blogger to wordpress is manageable, if you're thinking of moving! :) Good luck!

  13. Such lovely sketches! I just love WP and never regretted that I'm owning my own domain and the wordpress platform is really easy to use.

  14. If you're not really feeling Blogger anymore, then don't let anyone stop you from switching to Wordpress. You probably already know this, but I think most people recommend because, as it is free, has many limitations. If you don't want to invest too much money into blogging, Blogger might be better than But since you're planning to get a domain, I guess investing some money into blogging isn't a problem for you :) Have you ever considered Squarespace? There are different packages, but each one comes with a custom domain :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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