Then you wake up in England


Then you wake up in the UK for the first time and before you know it you wake up in your own bed again. My 5 days in the land of Ed Sheeran, red phone booths and crumpets and among others was delightful, quick and knackered!

Knackered because all my days consist of getting up early and exploring areas till the late evening night, leading to sore legs. And smelly feet but I’ll spare you the detail of that.

Anyway, I went there by train! And it was a lovely train experience, started from Holland to Belgium to France and finally to the UK and it all connected pretty smoothly. I was a bit worried about my luggage because I was carrying a medium suitcase on wheels, my backpack and camera bag. Luckily the Eurostar and UK train has a special rack for luggage.

Overall the UK treated me really well. What a lovely people I have met! Really friendly people and I feel really blessed in these 5 days I was in UK. To be honest 5 days is really short but I just couldn't extend my trip because UK is really pricey. Each day will be another bank account bleeding.

The upcoming post will be about my UK trip. Warning: lots of hotspots involved too.
But for now a quick sneak preview below!  

Dan word je wakker in het Verenigd Koninkrijk voor de eerste keer en voor je het weet ben je weer in je eigen bed. Mijn 5 dagen in het land van onder andere Ed Sheeran, rode telefooncellen en ‘crumpets’ waren heerlijk maar ook vermoeiend en wat ging de tijd snel.

Vermoeiend omdat al mijn dagen ​​uit vroeg opstaan bestaat ​​en het verkennen van gebieden tot de late avond wat leidt tot pijnlijke benen. En stinkende voeten, maar ik zal jullie de details besparen van dat.

Ik ging met de trein voor aller eerste keer en de hele trein ervaring verliep vlotjes gelukkig. Het begon uiteraard vanuit Nederland naar België naar Frankrijk en uiteindelijk naar de UK. Ik was natuurlijk ongerust over mijn bagage, want ik had mee: een medium trolley, rugzak en camera tas. Gelukkig heeft de Eurostar en de Britse trein een speciaal rek voor bagage.

De UK heeft vriendelijke mensen en ik voel me echt op me gemak in deze 5 dagen. Om eerlijk te zijn is 5 dagen gewoonweg niet genoeg maar hoe langer ik in de UK verbleef hoe leger mijn bankrekening werd want wat is UK duur!

De komende post zal dus inderdaad gaan over mijn Britse trip. Waarschuwing: veel hotspots!
Maar voor nu een snelle sneak preview hieronder!

The Choo-choo road
The Eurostar train has funny handy foldable tables. 

First stop: Leicester! Have you been?

My bed & breakfast @Leicester

So I stayed at The Bradgate Hotel and oh boy what a good value for money!
For only £30 (around 40 bucks) per night including breakfast and a comfy room with your own bathroom + a lovely hotel owner lady, I think it's a really good deal! The hotel owner even read about my blog as well haha :P 


  1. Looks like you had a ton of fun! Good to hear you had a very safe trip, with comfortable lodging. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  2. it was fun and so wonderful trip !!!! I love going with train for roadtrip btw, it is faster and larger than car :)
    Enjoy your day


  3. Great post! Hope you enjoy UK. I love it a lot!

  4. Oh that's lovely that you had a great time! Yes, everyday is more money spent! UGH! But for the sake of traveling, holidays and new experiences it's really one of the best use of money! I absolutely laughed when I saw that jar by the bell, that's hilarious! Looks like you had a nice cozy modern B & B! Look forward to more posts!

  5. What a tease! Can't wait to read more about your trip and see all the pictures :)
    Omg, I want to try the green tea bubble tea!
    HAHA loving the "ashes of problem customers" jar.
    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. I like that you chose Pikachu for your drink name!! Glad you enjoyed the UK!

  7. Glad you had a good time - looking forward to hearing more about it :)

  8. Seems like so much fun ! Cute photos !


  9. hope you enjoyed your stay in eng-land! cant wait to read your upcoming post!

  10. glad to know you're rewarding yourself with a trip to UK! I envy you bcause I havent got the chance to experience it, but I bet next posts about your trip gonna light up my imagination as if I'm there. Looking forward! :D

    Capturing Reves

  11. Were you on your own? (just wondering ^^") The B&B looks really nice. It reminds me of when I went for a study trip to Cambridge and we stayed at a local host. By the way, we have the same laptop!! c: Fun fact: did you know that in vaio, the "va" (the wave and the dot) stand for analoge and the "io" stand for digital? It's really cool of Sony ^^

  12. So glad you had an amazing time !xo

  13. Wow a very long train ride!

    Haha love the "ashes of problem customers"

  14. I love the photos!

  15. How wonderful this trip must've been! The ashes of problem customers cracked me up :)

  16. Oh! Excited to see your adventures during these 5 days! UK is such a wonderful place, the people is so very nice and for me that I live in a "coffee land" being able to order tea constantly without getting looks is great, ha! :) Pikachu! lol, you're so cute! How long was the train ride to Leicester?


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