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Have you tried grain coffee before? This stuff has been fuming in my mug lately and kind of replaced my regular coffee intake because a) grain coffee is natural and caffeine free and b) it taste pretty good!

Grain coffee isn’t really coffee as the name says but it’s a mixture of all ground grains, nuts and dried fruit.

If you give me a cup of grain coffee without telling me it’s grain coffee I’d say it’s coffee. But I’d probably raise a question because it does have an unique taste and flavour to it, a bit barley/malt and ‘aged’ taste if that makes sense. Anyway I like it!

You should try it too someday!

Since this is a food post, check out my latest nomnom as well!  

Heb je weleens granenkoffie geprobeerd? De laatste tijd heerst dit spul vaak in mijn beker en heeft eigenlijk een beetje mijn normale koffie inname vervangen, want a) granenkoffie is natuurlijk en cafeïne vrij en b) het is best lekker spul!

Granenkoffie is niet echt koffie zoals de naam ook zegt, maar het is een mengsel van allerlei gemalen granen, noten en/of gedroogd fruit.

Als je mij een kop granenkoffie aanbiedt zonder te zeggen dat het granenkoffie is dan zou ik zeggen dat dit gewoon koffie is. Waarschijnlijk ga ik wel afvragen wat voor koffie het is, want het heeft wel een aparte smaak. Het heeft iets gerstachtig/mout en 'oude' smaak vind ik, mocht dat je wijsmaken. Maar goed, ik vind het lekker!

Probeer het eens zou ik zeggen!

Aangezien dit een voedsel post is, check ook mijn meest recente nomnoms!

 My current grain coffee in my kitchen cabin! By the Dutch brand Zonnatura and is organic too. 

+ milk and sugar obvious.

Homemade spicy 'udon' noodles.

 Green tea latte and green tea snacking!


  1. Never heard of grain coffee before! That I'd quite interesting.

    Nat | Dignifiable

  2. I have never heard of grain coffee! I should look into this, I love coffee but I really need to cut down on the caffeine haha.

  3. First time hearing about grain coffee, but if there's a way to have more healthy coffee, I'm all for it!

  4. looks really healthy! maybe i should try it some time. these green tea snacks looks yummy too x


  5. Oh I've never heard of this stuff before but it sounds far healthier than coffee! Also loving the look of all that food and snacks.Yum!

  6. great blog :)


  7. Grain coffee sounds so interesting! My parents have a tin of similar biscuits, I'm tempted to open it :P

    becky ♡ star violet

  8. I have never drink grain coffee before.
    But I love coffee,so I want to try it!


  9. AHHH! Delicious stuff! I've never tried a coffee like that before from what I've tried! I freaking love danish butter cookies and I haven't had them in a loooong time! Also at home my mom and I often stir fry udon noodles and we like adding spicy bean paste for flavor!

  10. The coffee and the udon look delicious.
    You're making me hungry!

  11. hwaaaaaaaa very inspiring post, I love Coffee too:))

    Keep in Touch from Borneo, Indonesia
    visit Style with Story • | instagram •

  12. Never heard of grain coffee either!
    Like the biscuits tray! :3

  13. those biscuits are my fav!! when i was kid, my mum used to buy for me and siblings but we always finished everything in a day. ended up my mum refused to buy for us again. haha..my grandma used the container to put her knitting and sewing things, sometimes she put her savings in too. :)

    xo joselovincolors

  14. I've never tried of grain coffee before but I might have heard of it! c:
    Everything looks so delish! ;u; I'm super hungry now (and have no groceries either). ;u;

  15. I've never tried grain coffee before. Sounds interesting! I wonder if they sell something similar to that in the U.S.?

  16. Oh! Grain coffee reminds me of my mom when I was a child, she used to drink this all the time, with age I don't know why she moved to regular coffee, but I will always remember it in our breakfast table :) The udon noodles look too yummy!! ohmy! :)

  17. I have never heard of grain coffee, interesting!!

  18. Everything looks really yummy! :)

  19. grain coffee, that's something I never heard of before, I need to try that *O* And the food looks soooo delicious X"D


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