A detox that saved the world for centuries


A few years ago I’ve tried the cave men diet called ‘paleo’ and held on for a week and I remembered how intensive this diet was (cuz no carb allowed). Again the main reason for me to paleo was to detox and to gain strength in my body.
Nowadays I do yoga because yoga is awesome in many ways and it’s quite addictive (I do it everyday).

I’m done with paleo and I want to try something new for the upcoming summer. Something that makes a good combo with yoga and enhance my body health!
And this time a bit more vegetarian and vegan friendly method.

Recently I came across this amazing informative food site about huge range of nuts, dried fruit, flours and powders and the site all focus on healthy food. I also came across ‘spirulina’.

I thought I clicked on matcha green tea powder.

Anyways, spirulina is a blue-green algae, vegan and is an unpopular superfood. I’ll be honest I have never heard of it and the idea of eating algae doesn’t really fire up my appetite. But spirulina is a superfood with a reason because apparently it has chockfull of health benefits. And it’s an ancient one as well because the Aztecs consumed spirulina for hundreds of years because of the high amount of protein and nowadays NASA includes spirulina in astronauts’ diets!

Ok maybe I should give spirulina a try!
While reading the list health benefits, it is not the source of protein that intrigued me but the source of iron (perfect for vegan peeps) and the power of detoxing and cleaning the body that spirulina provides.

And! The best thing is: you can mix the spirulina powder with food! You can sprinkle the powders in smoothies, salads, soups and I wonder if I can make cupcakes out of it. Ha, challenged accept.
This motivates me even more in trying spirulina because I don’t think there are many detox methods where you can still eat the food in high variations? 

And what about you? What do you think about spirulina?


Een paar jaar geleden heb ik de oerman dieet genaamd 'paleo' geprobeerd en hield voor een week vol. Het was best intensief dit dieet want geen koolhydraat en zuivel toegestaan! Poe poe, en ik woon nog wel in Nederland met het lekkerste zuivel van de wereld! De reden om te paleo’en was voor mij het ontgiften en kracht verwerven.
Tegenwoordig doe ik aan yoga want yoga is geweldig op vele manieren en het is heel verslavend (ik doe het elke dag!).

Ik ben klaar met paleo en ik wil iets nieuws proberen voordat het echte zomer begint. Met iets waarmee ik met yoga kan combineren ook.
En deze keer een beetje meer vegetarische en veganistisch vriendelijke methode.

Onlangs stuitte ik op deze geweldige informatieve food site over noten, gedroogd fruit, meel en poeders en de site is vooral gefocust op gezondheid. Hier kwam ik ook 'spirulina' tegen.

Ik dacht dat ik op matcha groene thee poeder had geklikt.

Maar goed. Spirulina is een blauwgroene alg en is een impopulaire superfood. Ik zal eerlijk zijn want ikzelf heb nog nooit van spirulina gehoord en het idee van het eten van algen warmt mijn eetlust niet echt op. Maar spirulina is een superfood met een reden want blijkbaar heeft het boordevol voordelen voor de gezondheid. En een eeuwenoud goedje ook nog, want de Azteken aten spirulina honderden jaren geleden al vanwege de hoge hoeveelheid eiwit en tegenwoordig gebruikt NASA de spirulina ook in de astronauten dieet!

Misschien moet ik toch een gokje wagen met dit goedje?
Spirulina biedt niet alleen bron van eiwitten aan maar is ook een bron van ijzer (perfect voor veganisten!) en heeft de kracht van het ontgiften en reinigen van het lichaam.

En! Het beste is: je kunt de spirulina poeder mengen met eten! Zo kun je dit poeder in je smoothies, salades en soepen doen en ik vraag me af of ik er cupcakes van kan maken.
Dit motiveert me nog meer in het proberen van spirulina, want hoeveel detox methoden zijn er waar je nog best vrij bent in wat je wilt eten?

En jij? Wat vind jij van spirulina?

My every morning rituals.

Spirulina in a nutshell

Green tea is a great detox too c: 

What's your detox and health ritual?


  1. I've wanted to try spirulina for a while because of it's health benefits! how does it taste with your green tea?

  2. you have me jaw-dropping seeing photos of the wheel pose and the crow pose. you're great in yoga!! i don't even think i can do that pose..my body is not that flexible enough. how long have you being doing yoga? i love your legging,so cute! i heard of spirulina before and if i remember, my mum gave me some to drink too. and i don't like the smell although my mum kept on mentioning how good it is for digestive and constipation problems. :)

    xo joselovincolors

  3. Ohhh I tried Spirulina awhile back because it was one of those super ingredients that people around me were trying and it tasted soooo bad! Ahah. Much prefer my green tea. I'm onto Mate Tea now and I love it. It's a green tea but without the caffeine.

    I've just started doing very basic yoga and I'm can't wait until I get enough strength in my arms to do that crow pose!

  4. I love how you have your blog post in multiple languages, AMAZING! I think I'm going to give this a try. I don't have a detox ritual but you have inspired me to create one. We all could we some detoxing right


  5. I should probably develop my own detox and health ritual, but all I've been doing is reading about other bloggers' health journeys. And then there's me, sitting around and eating chips haha. I've never heard of spirulina before, but it really does look like matcha powder, and boy do I love matcha powder :P I've been drinking a lot of matcha lattes, but that probably doesn't have the same health benefits (or any health benefits??) as a plain ol' cuppa green tea -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. I have never heard of spirulina but it sounds amazing!

    Sarah | sarahanne14.blogspot.com

  7. I wish I can also adopt living a healthy ritual where I do yoga every day. I recently enrolled in a gym and it's been hard to go three times a week, mostly because I got sick + had to do other things in between

  8. Nice crow pose! :]

    Hm, al die superfoods zijn een beetje overrated volgens mij. Eet maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg :3

  9. Wow, your yoga moves are impressive, especially the crow pose! For me, the only detox program I've stuck to is drinking aojiru. My favorite is from Asahi Ryokuken (http://www.aojiruusa.com/index.html).

  10. I've been meaning to take up yoga for awhile now, but I always seem to forget. I'm amazed by what you can do!

    I actually used to blend spirulina into a lot of my juices, but I've switched to chia seeds lately. I don't have any real health rituals, but I'm trying to eat less junk food and more fruits. c:

  11. I've wanted to try detoxing with juices but I don't think I can make it past the first few days! I'm looking into trying yoga soon as well. I've heard a lot of mix reviewed about the paleo diet but I'm always in awe by people who stick to that diet!

  12. wow, lovely photos, great tips, thanks for sharing :)

  13. Your yoga poses are amazing. I tried for a few months many years ago and it just wasn't for me. I think running fits me most but nowadays I don't have a lot of time to leave the home because I look after so many dogs :) so now I relay on doing squats and planks and did a little of hardcore exercises like shaun T and jillian michaels. they are tough to do but i like sweating afterwards! and this superfood sounds great! anything sea-based i think is so great health and nutrition wise!

  14. i never try taking this. Maybe I should after this :)


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