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Last week I had a date with blogger friend Elisa from Memorable-Days and we went to visit a pop-up Japanese Market in Amsterdam.

I received an invitation on FB about this upcoming Japanese market. With the love I have for the Japanese culture and everything Japanese related I knew I had to go to this market. And I’ve decided to grab Elisa along with me knowing that she love Japanese stuff as well and also because I have not seen her since our last blogmeet up which was years ago. Time for a little reunion!

The market was open from 11am to 6pm and we arrived at a late 5pm. The late side was completely my fault because I missed my train and even though Elisa didn’t mind I felt guilty of course.
I guess the other perk with being late is being less crowdie at the market.

The entrance for this market was free and the market was spread out inside the beautiful Lloyd Hotel. The market wasn’t big and I think we were done around an hour. We then ate Japanese dinner. More of that in the next post! Lets check out the Japanese market shall we?   

Vorige week had ik een date met blogger vriendin Elisa van Memorable-Days en we bezochten een pop-up Japanse markt in Amsterdam.

Op FB kreeg ik een uitnodiging over een aankomend Japanse markt. Met de liefde die ik heb voor de Japanse cultuur en alles Japans gerelateerd moest en zal ik deze market bezoeken! En ik heb besloten om Elisa mee te vragen, want net als ik is zij ook dol op wat alles Japans is en daarnaast heb ik Elisa al jaren niet meer gezien sinds onze laatste blogmeet-up. Tijd voor een kleine reünie dus!

De markt was open van 11:00-18:00 en we kwamen aan rond 17:00. De late kant was helemaal mijn schuld, want ik miste mijn trein en hoewel Elisa het niet erg vond, voelde ik me schuldig natuurlijk.
Aan de andere kant is het wel minder druk bij de markt.

De entree voor deze markt is gratis en de markt werd verspreid in het prachtige Lloyd Hotel. De markt was niet groot en ik denk dat we klaar waren na een uur. We aten vervolgens Japanse diner. Meer van dat in de volgende post! Eerst even deze markt checken hieronder!

Delicate Japanese table ware by ZENS lifestyle

The Food Stands!
Miso paste on a toast.

The only thing we bought at the Japanese market: Dutch syrup waffle with matcha green tea from A'dam Good Story and it was YUM and fresh but me and Elisa both agree: it needed a bit more green tea powder.

You can tell that me and Elisa were super bumped out to see that all the onigiri has sold out! Apparently it was sold out around 3PM and this was YUA's first time having a marketstand as well so it was a successful one too! 

P.S. All pictures are made with my phone (One Plus One)


  1. This is looking super cute !

    GIVEAWAY ! Win Polette Sunglasses !

  2. Lovely, dear. Great. I have new post also, and will be hape if you see too:


  3. Oee super leuk dat je daar heen bent geweest zeg! Als ik tijd had was ik er mss ook geweest. Er was laatst in Leiden ook een Japans markt, hele straat vol. Was onderweg naar de uni om te leren, dus had niet zoveel gezien... Was toen even vergeten dat het Hemelvaartsdag was, dus de uni was gesloten T-T

  4. Ooo it looks really fun! You're both so pretty!! It's very different from the Japanese stuff they sell at conventions (which are more anime-related than traditional). Your phone has a really good camera c:

  5. The Dutch syrup waffle with matcha green tea looks soooo good! And I'm in need of finger yoga. My fingers are so sore from playing the guitar all day and trying to learn new songs :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. That looks like a really fun event! I am quite interested in Japanese culture as well so I would have really enjoyed this. Great photos!

  7. i would love to see that


  8. Oh my gosh this looks so awesome! I would love to be able to visit a Japanese market like this. Well, I would love to just fly over to Japan really. Japan has such a deep, beautiful culture that I want to learn more about! And girl, your photo skills are absolutely on point—makes that waffle look even more scrumptious than it already is!

    xx Chaereen | Inspinkle

  9. This looks nice! I want to go somewhere like this too TvT

    Big Dreamer

  10. Looks amazing!


  11. ohmygod! this sounds lovely!! I love that concept of finger yoga though :D

  12. Die groene thee stroopwafel lijkt me heel erg lekker! De andere spulletjes zien er ook allemaal leuk uit, vooral die delftsblauwe tegeltjes ^^ xx

  13. It looks so nice! Ik wil ook daar heen! >_<


  14. Oh this looks like such a lot of fun - I love Japanese markets of any kid. Shame about the onigiri, they're one of my favourite things to eat!

  15. Finger yoga! How interesting. Did you have a chance to try it?

  16. Japanese tablewear is sooooooooooooo beautiful *O* and The 'stroopwafels" are amazing! I wonder what it would taste like. And wow, those pictures are great quality. (I wouldn't have thought they were taken with the phone)

  17. Woaw would have loved to visit this event AND green matcha! HMMMMM


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