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Salaries come and go and in my case they sometimes go in a poof by a snap in the finger and sometimes they tend to stay a bit longer.
I’ve been trying to save some money again, especially after that pricy UK trip of mine that happened a month a go. Boy it seems that not only money but time comes and only goes hard forward as well.

So this is how I went shopping lately for new beauty products. And a new pair of socks!

Firstly I claimed a free sample Clinique – Superdefence’ moisturizer thanks to a voucher by Dutch chain beauty shop ‘Douglas’. I thought the free sample with 7ml content inside is quite generous.

Then I still had The Body Shop giftcard with €15 inside and got myself an anti-dandruff shampoo.
My skin is kind of weird sometimes including my scalp that unfortunate produce lots of unwanting snow dandruff.

My previous anti-dandruff shampoo is Head And Shoulders and that didn’t solve my dandruff problem plus, I have heard that H&H is quite aggressive to the scalp.
Hopefully this anti-dandruff shampoo by TBS will be my solver.

Then I got myself a night cream by HEMA. Nothing fancy so it’s pretty cheap.

Then lastly I got myself socks from Monki that I had to buy it because there is a cat printed on it.


Salaris komen en gaan en in mijn geval gaan ze soms in een rap tempo ervandoor en soms houden ze zich stil en blijven ze wat langer in mijn bankrekening zitten.
Ik heb geprobeerd om weer wat geld te besparen, vooral na dat prijzig Britse stedentrip reisje van mij die alweer een maand geleden is. Tjonge, het lijkt dat naast het salaris ook de tijd komt en hard gaat.

Dus dit is hoe ik ging winkelen de laatste tijd voor nieuwe beauty producten. En een nieuw paar sokken!

Ten eerste claimde ik een gratis monster 'Clinique - Superdefence' dag crème dankzij een voucher van 'Douglas'. Best wel een gulle gratis dingetje dacht ik nog.

Dan had ik nog steeds die The Body Shop giftcard met € 15 erop en heb ermee een anti-roos shampoo gekocht.
Mijn huid is een beetje raar soms inclusief hoofdhuid dat soms irritant veel sneeuw roos produceert.

Mijn vorige anti-roos shampoo is een Head and Shoulder shampoo en die heeft de roos niet verholpen en daarnaast schijnt H&H agressief te zijn voor de hoofdhuid.
Hopelijk zal dit anti-roos shampoo van TBS een wondermiddel zijn.

Toen daarnaast nog een nachtcrèmetje van de HEMA gekocht. Niets bijzonders en lekker goedkoop.

Dan tot slot heb ik sokken van de Monki gekocht en die moest ik kopen want er is een té schattige kat opgedrukt

I have not wore it yet but look how cute this is?! There's even a sweatshirt version of it.

Day cream: Clinique 'superdefence' with SPF 20 (free sample
Shampoo: The Body Shop 'ginger anti-dandruff shampoo' 
Night cream: HEMA night cream

What's your latest purchase? Tell me!


  1. Hehe those cat socks are darling! I hope the new shampoo works out for you! My latest purchase was from LUSH: D'fluff strawberry shaving soap and Enzymion facial moisturizer.

  2. Nou idd zeker een gulle cadeau van Douglas! Ben benieuwd naar de TBS ginger shampoo het ziet er goed en natuurlijk uit hoop dat het je helpt!

  3. I am actually quite jealous of your haul! I am LOVING your Clinique and socks :)

  4. That shampoo sounds lovely! I am obsessed with ginger. Love those socks too!

  5. The socks are so cute! My last purchase was a pair of black sandals. I figured I needed something more summer appropriate. (:

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  7. Wow, it really sounds like you got great products!

    My recent post: The 'New' Lip Pencils

  8. Latest purchase: It starts with a N and it's for running. Yep, Nike shirts :p

    Funny socks :p

  9. Nice purchases! I bought a new shampoo bar and conditioner at LUSH and I am in love with them! :) Also bought some summer khakis at Zara and can't wait to wear the heck out of them :)

  10. Hmmmm, I'm pretty sure I bought the same anti-dandruff shampoo before! I don't know where it is now though... I don't think I finished it either... Or did I? Hahaha, my memory is so bad. I don't think it worked out for me though, but hopefully you'll have better luck with it! Also how adorable are those socks?! My latest purchase is a printer haha, my current one is a little wonky and kind of old so it doesn't print that well! I'll still use it for printing out papers for class and stuff since there's still ink, but I'll be using my new printer for fancy photos ;)

    becky | star violet

  11. Those socks!! Toooo cute! Today I bought some paper for school. Very exciting :")

  12. I used to have dandruff when I was younger. I used a brand called Selsun blue. That stuff really worked, though not sure if you'll be able to find it in Europe. And it is pretty pricey at around 8 to 10 dollars a bottle.

  13. OH TELL ME ABOUT IT. I spent a BOMB when I went to Bali with the bf last month! Totally am budgeting (i even got a budgeting app) and am saving up now! I totally always stop and make noise when there's something super cute with cats or food! Oh I totally need a shirt covered in fast food or cakes!

  14. I've never seen TBS Ginger anti dandruff shampoo! Looks very interesting.And I had to laugh at the guess my age night cream - you have to review it!

  15. I've had a bad case of dandruff as well :( But on a happier note, I'm loving your socks! I wish I had transparent shoes just so that I could flaunt them :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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