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To eat well in England, start your day with a full English breakfast and so I did! Since my hotel stay didn’t include breakfast I was forced to get breakfast outside.

With the help of Google Maps I’ve looked for food places that serve full English breakfast. And I’ve come across The Muffin Man Tea Shop in the Kensington district which was only 8 min walk from my hotel.

The Muffin Man Tea Shop is a breakfast and brunch cafe and offers homemade treats like bread, pastry and cakes. They also offer vegan stuff as well.
I haven’t tried out any of that unfortunate but I did try out their full English breakfast!

For less than £10 I got: tea (or coffee), orange juice, 4 slices of toast, jam, scrambled eggs and baked beans. And I request to have it without the bacons and sausages (because I’m a pescatarian!). I hoped it would detract the price but unfortunately not, oh well.  

I was so looking forward because I get to eat baked beans in the morning which is really different than my usual morning meals, very yum and full of fibre. And fibre is the keystone to a healthy body!

(Thank you for your reaction and your share of solo travel experience on my previous post! The pictures of myself was taken by other trustworthy looking tourist like me c:)  


Om goed te eten in Engeland begin je de dag met een ‘full English breakfast’ en dat deed ik! Aangezien mijn hotel geen ontbijt aanbied, werd ik gedwongen om buitensdeur te ontbijten.

Met de hulp van Google Maps heb ik gekeken voor leuke eettentjes waar ze dit typisch royaal ontbijt serveren. Toen stuitte ik op The Muffin Man Tea Shop in de Kensington wijk, die op slechts 8 minuten loopafstand van mijn hotel was.

The Muffin Man Tea Shop is een ontbijt en brunch café en biedt zelfgemaakte lekkernijen zoals brood, gebak en taarten. Ze bieden ook veganistisch dingen!
De laatste heb ik helaas niet uitgeprobeerd maar wel hun full English breakfast!

Voor minder dan £10 kreeg ik: thee (of koffie), jus d’orange, 4 sneetjes geroosterd brood, jam, roerei en gebakken bonen. Daarnaast heb ik verzocht om zonder bacons en worstjes erbij te serveren (want ik ben pescatarian!). Ik hoopte hierdoor dat de prijs omlaag ging maar helaas, dat werd het niet.

Ik keek er zo naar uit om gebakken bonen te eten in de ochtend, want dat is natuurlijk anders dan mijn gebruikelijke ontbijt, en omdat het lekker is en vol vezels zitten. En vezels is de hoeksteen van een gezond lichaam!

(Dank jullie voor je reactie en verhalen op mijn vorige post! De foto's van mezelf zijn genomen door vreemden c:)

 I was here around 10 AM and as you can see it wasn't busy which is nice because I want to enjoy breakfast in quiet and peace. 

My full English breakfast:
tea, orange juice, toast + jam, baked beans and scrambled eggs
The service was kind and I was happy to hear they accept my request for no bacon and sausage. I did hope it would reduce the price but that wasn't the case unfortunate. The breakfast was satisfying as the scrambled eggs were probably the smoothest and creamiest I have eaten in my life! I tried to finish it all but after the eggs, beans, 3 slices of toast, 2 cups of tea and a few sips of that orange juice I was full and happy to finally have my Full English Breakfast in my UK trip.

ADDRESS: 12 Wrights Lane, London W8 6TA - United Kingdom 
Food:  5/5 
Service: ♥♥ 4/5
Interior:  3/5
Price:  4/5


  1. What an adorable spot!
    I've never had beans for breakfast before.
    I'll keep this place in mind for when I visit London in the future!

  2. Looks like you enjoyed your stay. Great photos, and I love the shot of the menu. I grew up with eating beans, eggs, toast and full English breakfast, and even fish, so this looks good to me. :)
    Useful Apps

  3. Beans and eggs are very filling! It seems so nice to be able to sit by yourself to enjoy a meal - I feel like NYC is too fast paced for that. Plus it's almost always a little weird to eat by yourself cause a lot of the time, people go out with friends or coworkers to eat. Definitely looks like a really cute and cozy place!

    becky | star violet

  4. What a cute spot! And the treats look divine!
    Thank you for visiting my blog sweets, would love to get your thoughts on my latest!

    Xx- Julie

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. Your breakfast looks yummy! I hope you got an extra large portion of eggs and beans to make up for the no bacon and sausage!

  6. travelling alone not only lonely but lost for me..
    have a nice trip.

  7. Nothing detracts the price of food or anything for that matter, here in London ahah
    You could have probably asked them to substitute the bacon and sausages with mushrooms and tomatoes and the price would most likely have been the same though. London is very used to people having food restrictions and almost every single restaurant has a vegetarian and/or vegan option.

    I hope you enjoyed your time here in our city :)


  8. I think my stomach would turnover for anything but my usual breakfast (bread) :x
    You look cute :3

  9. I looove a full breakfast! I personally can't skip the bacon and sausage haha.

  10. wow,english breakfast looks yummy here. i love scrambled eggs so much that almost every weekend i went to mcdonalds to get one breakfast set. your skin looks flawless in the last photo..beautiful!!

    xo joselovincolors

  11. yummm!! The scrambled egg looks so fluffy and delicious. Too bad they didn't offer you any other substitutions for the bacon and sausage!

  12. I've never had an actual English breakfast, but the eggs do look really really good! :)

    xo Denysia Yu
    That L.A. it Girl

  13. Nouuuu die bonen zijn lekker hoor voor het ontbijt, maar bij mij had het helaas een niet zo leuk effect op mijn darmen...dus :P

  14. What a find! Okay, this is so bad, it's about 1 a.m now and you have my stomach making noises! Oh, breakfast is a meal to enjoy to lunch and dinner. ;)

  15. Your breakfast looks so yummy! I haven't been to England since I was little, but I remember loving the full English breakfast. Hopefully, I'll get to visit soon!

  16. A classic breakfast is always a good way to go :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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