6 ideas you can steal from beach towels


On my final work day before the summer break I have received sweet ‘thank-you-teacher’ gifts from my little pupils. I wasn’t expecting any gifts at all so you can tell I was happily surprised.

One of the kids gave me this beautiful handy linen beach towel which I’ll be bringing it with me in the upcoming holiday to Italy and Spain because something tells me I’ll be hanging out at the beach a lot.

If it wasn’t for this gift I don’t think I would buy a special beach towel because I’ll just use my own towels from home. But this beach towel is much lighter because it’s made of linen and it made me realize how functional and versatile it can be!

Here are my tips and ways of using a beach towel!

Op mijn laatste werkdag voordat de echte vakantie begint, heb ik 'dankjewel-(lieve) juf' cadeautjes gekregen van mijn kleine opdonders. Ik had sowieso geen cadeaus verwacht dus ik was zeer verrast en blij!

Een van de leerlingen gaf me dit mooie handige linnen strandlaken en deze ga ik zeker meenemen op vakantie naar Italië en Spanje. Want iets zegt me dat ik vaak op het strand zal vertoeven, heerlijk!

Als ik dit strandlaken niet had gekregen, zou ik anders waarschijnlijk niet kopen, want ik zou gewoon een badhanddoek nemen van thuis. Maar dit strandlaken is veel lichter, omdat het gemaakt is van linnen. Hier besef ik hoe functioneel en veelzijdig dit rechthoekige stof kan zijn!

Hier zijn mijn tips en manieren in het gebruik van een strandlaken!

Beach towel from Etos (Dutch pharmacy chain) 
The 6 uses
- regular use as a mat
- wrap skirt
- cape
- scarf
- exercise tool
- bag

Step by step: from towel to bag

Which one is your favorite?


  1. You're so resourceful! I don't have a beach towel either because I figure I could just use the boring towels I already have, but this has really got me second-guessing! This is such a beautiful beach towel. I love the light color and the fringes on the sides :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. This is looking so lovely !


  3. your student is very thoughtful. folding it into a bag at time of need is very useful.

  4. What a cute beach towel! It looks pretty chic as a scarf too, haha :)

  5. The bag is genius haha! Might have to try that one out.

  6. such a thoughtful gift and really clever ways to use a beach towel!

  7. Genius ideas! My favorite is the towel to bag transition :)

  8. That's so pretty, what a lovely gift

  9. Such a lovely photos!!
    So cute;)

    Have a lovely weekend!


  10. Absolutely love the beach towel! And the ideas are just great :D


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