Memoirs of a Sunday


My Sundays are bittersweet, slow yet fast, lazy yet active.
Bittersweet since it’s the end the week and a new Monday waits ahead of me. Slow when you’re a taking your time and before you know it, time already devours you.
I don’t want but I need to be lazy on Sunday for my relish, relish of goals and goals to contentment.
And all of this is making my Sunday quite warring, but luckily I have many Sundays to go.

p.s. I’m finally taking my driving lessons! Woo!  

Mijn zondag is bitterzoet, traag maar snel, lui nog actief.
Bitterzoet omdat het einde van de week is en dit betekent een nieuwe maandag die op me wacht. Traag wanneer je de tijd neemt en terwijl je neemt, verslindt tijd jou snel. Ik wil niet, maar ik moet me lui opstellen op zondagen voor mijn zin, zin van levensdoelen en levensdoelen naar tevredenheid.
En dit alles is het maakt mijn zondag tegenstrijdig, maar gelukkig heb ik vele zondagen te gaan.

P.s. ik ben eindelijk begonnen met rijlessen!

Sunday yoga to fight off my lazy body. Here I am doing a tree-pose!

Sunday snacking.

Sunday sketching.
And snacking again.

Sunday readings! Currently reliving The Hunger Games with miss Everdeen.

 Sunday revising for my driving classes. It's my 4th class already and I really enjoy driving!

How's your Sunday?


  1. Hahaha sundays are meant to be bittersweet hahaha A day for relaxing and preparing for a new week's adventures and surprises!

  2. Ugh I feel your exercise revival too, since I left uni I have literally done zilch! Escpecially with such lovely summer weather I feel like now is the time to get active. Good luck with your driving! xo

  3. I think it's really awesome that you're able to soak up Sundays! During the school year, I always dread Sundays, because that means that Monday is right around the corner, and I usually still have a lot of work left to do. Now that I'm on summer break, I'm really loving Sundays :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Very nice photos !


  5. great post! yoga is great!

  6. Wat schrijf je leuk! En hele leuke foto's :)

  7. Aw, looks like it's a relaxing sunday for you Mei! My sundays consists of eating, relaxing, and trying not to check my email! :)

  8. Looks like a really lovely Sunday <3

  9. Yummy snack!

  10. Ah yes! The sundays and how they are lazy and relaxing and then you want to do so much before the week starts again! Your snacks are a good portion! I tend to go crazy with snacks some days when I'm home! I also need to learn how to drive! I've got the book at home but haven't studied it properly, totally need to get on it.

  11. Cute post :) hope you have a wonderful week dear!

    Stephanie |

  12. These are all such lovely photos! And such a beautiful memoir! Sunday's are my favorite days because usually I do absolutely nothing, but I actually had to work today unfortunately :( So for once, Monday will be my most relaxing since I have it off! Wonderful post! :)

    Kendra | Stnkrbug

  13. Suces met de rijlessen! :]

    Ik ben ook begonnen met een yoga app :]

  14. Same as you! My Sundays are torn between trying to get work done that I meant to do on Saturday and using the last bit of the weekend to relax.

  15. Good luck with your driving classes! (:

  16. Sundays are bittersweet indeed. I need to start doing things on a Sunday instead of being so lazy, haha. Quite the opposite of you, but I suppose our lives are different so we spend our time differently! Good luck on learning to drive, I should start soon too...

    becky | star violet

  17. Wow, is that your backyard? So lush and serene! Good luck with your driving lessons!

  18. Sundays are definitely bittersweet, but I try to enjoy them as much as I can't without worrying about the week ahead. Lovely post!

  19. Yo do have wonderful views while doing yoga, girl! :) love your drawings & sketches. I own a driving license but haven't driven for ages, I guess it's not my thing, I get too worried about the stick and the pedals and all what is happening in the road. Maybe an automatic car, like in the US, will be helpful for me ;)

  20. Lazy Sundays truly are the best

  21. Sunday at 4 pm is usually when I get a little sad that a new week starts. I don't have the normal commute where I have to get ready and get on some public transportation or drive somewhere but still it still gives me the blues :)


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