Peek Into My Life 59


This week is my final work week and after that I can finally have a well-deserved summer break and as some of you know I’ll be heading south to the sunny Spain- Barcelona!
According to my bloggerfriends The Cat You and Us whom living in Barcelona it is boiling so hopefully it will be cooled down a bit when I arrive there.

But for now work duties comes first.

 In these final weeks there were hectic but fun festivities at work going on like attending a wedding from my co-worker and having a dinner party at another co-workers place! I’ve made a lemon bundt cake and curry triangles and this is my first time preparing this many food for many people (7). And I was nervous for their opinion about my cooking style but in the end I didn’t hear any critic about it. Or they were just being polite? But the curry triangles went quick so I must have done something right, right?

The weather lately in Holland is blissful with warm temperatures and sunshine except for yesterday because yesterday it was a wet gloomy day.
Other than that I’ve been of course stuffing my face with food again so please check them out!

Deze week is mijn laatste werkweek en daarna is het beentjes omhoog tijd, oftewel: zomervakantie! Eerder liet ik al aan jullie weten dat ik richting het zonnige Spanje-Barcelona ga!
Volgens mijn bloggerfriends The Cat You and Us die in Barcelona wonen is het daar Spaansbenauwd dus hopelijk koelt het een beetje af wanneer ik daar arriveer.

Maar eerst is er werk aan de winkel.

De laatste paar weken is er hectische, maar leuke festiviteiten op het werk gaande zoals het bijwonen van een bruiloft van mijn collega en een etentje bij een andere collega! Ik heb een citroen cake en curry loempia’s gemaakt voor 7 mensen gemaakt. Ik heb nog nooit voor zoveel mensen eten bereidt! En ik hield mn hart vast naar hun mening over mijn eten maar uiteindelijk kwam er geen kritiek over me heen. Of ze waren gewoon beleefd? Maar de curry loempia’s gingen er wel snel doorheen, dus dan moet ik toch iets goed gedaan hebben, toch?

Maar goed!
Het weer in Nederland is lekker met warme temperaturen en volop zon, behalve vandaag en gisteren want het regende pijpenstelen.
En verder heb ik mezelf de laatste tijd veel lekkere dingen naar binnen gewerkt, check ze hieronder!

Featured in my latest DIY here!

Summer dinner party with your best co's!
A humble dinner party with my co-workers where we all brought something from home! I've made curry triangles and a lemon cake! But check out that melon salad inside a melon! And it was very yum and refreshing as well!

This is Nina and she's a cheeky, sweet and playful boxer! And quite a foodie one too c:

The latest DIY's by my kiddo's in the class, cement houses!

Starry sky from my bathroom window. Sorry for the poor picture quality....

Dutch glory and market!
My newest Mcdonald's adventure and their new fries with lemon thyme flavoring and I like it!
Not so nice knowing that you have just gobbled up over 400 KCAL, ouch...

Her wedding and her pupils
My co-worker holding up a nifty crafty memo board that are made by my pupils!


  1. i love all your pictures ! I do love this type of post .

  2. That foooood! *_* <3 I'm amazed you can see the starry sky so clearly! I usually forget to even take a look outside, ouch. I love your stripey top and little bag! It's super cute.

  3. How coincidental, it was quite gloomy here yesterday too. I'm sure everyone enjoyed your food, I sure would have! :D Also no apologies for the bad image quality, because it isn't a bad image quality haha. The sky is so clear!

    becky | star violet

  4. All of that food looks sooo good! I love that picture of the sky too, I'd never be able to see the stars that clearly from Sydney.

  5. Oh everything looked so good! I had a pot luck lunch with just a few girlfriends some weeks ago and it was so nice to have your friends all chipping in! Don't worry about the calories with the fries! I sometimes indulge in fries and although it's heavy on the fat, it's such a nice treat when it's not something you eat often! Curry sauce was out of stock for a while in singapore and now I'm so glad it's back! We've never had lemon thyme seasoning before, would love to try it!

  6. omg are you gonna meet up with The Cat You and Us? :D
    I wish I could try some of your curry triangles! and the cake too
    It's so cute how your pupils were at the wedding too!
    Cappuccino Twix?!?! Yum!!
    -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  7. Ziet er allemaal goed uit!
    Waar was de markt? Leuke locatie zo met de molen :]

  8. The food looked great, damn look at those cakes! I'm so excited for your trip to Barcelona!

  9. The food is looking super delicious !


  10. oh my gosh that windmill! there is a city in california called solvang which i had a chance to visit when i was living out there and the town has lovely windmills and very cute stores and a lot of danish influence. i think going back there would be the one of the very few reasons for me to ever want to visit california again :)

  11. That is so cute that your co-worker had her pupils at her wedding!

  12. That dog is just waiting there for his turn to be served - what a cutie

  13. Jij hebt wel heldere sterren in Rotterdam zeg! In Amsterdam zie ik dus echt nooit zoveel sterren..


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