Sketching and Searching 3


The sketching below is one of my most recent work and it’s a finished one too! What! Finished? That’s so rare because most of the time I set aside the wip’s and sort of ‘forgot’ to finish it.
Remember I told you guys I was going to be more determined in my sketching? I’m holding on to it guys!

The title of the sketching is a bit cliché but I like it: Summer Sprung 2015. Basically it supposedly represents a summer full of life, freedom and happiness.
Scroll down and please tell me what you think!

Here’s what I think: I am satisfied but I hate her abnormal long left arm.    

De schets hieronder is een van mijn meest recente werk die ook nog afgemaakt is. Wat! Afgemaakt? En dat is zeldzaam want meestal bij al mijn wip’s (work in process) leg ik ze opzij met de bedoeling die later af te maken maar dat kwam er nooit echt van in want ik ‘vergeet’ ze vaak. Ik heb jullie toch verteld over mijn vastberadenheid in het afmaken? Ja, ik hou vol hoor en zal volhouden! 

De titel van de schets is een beetje cliché, maar ikzelf vind het wel mooi: Summer Sprung 2015. Het moet namelijk de zomer vertegenwoordigen, een zomer vol leven, vrijheid en geluk.
Scroll naar beneden toe en geef me je bevinding!

Dit zijn mijn bevindingen: ik ben tevreden, maar haar abnormale lange linkerarm is echt een doorn in het oog.

'Summer Sprung 2015'
Another one! Currently working on this beautiful four eyes c:


  1. I just love your sketches! They're so whimsical! You're so talented! Can't wait to see the finished works! :D

  2. I love it! The flowers are so beautiful, and summer is never complete without ice-cream :) I think exaggerated features are great for illustrations! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Wonderful illustration!

  4. So, so good! The details on the flowers in her hair are stunning. Love the one you're working on now, too (the girl with the glasses)! Can't wait to see the final product!

  5. They look great, good job. Really lovely sketches. <3
    Matcha Summer Treat

  6. You have such talent, my dear! I love the sketches and hope to see more.

  7. the illustrations look wonderful! and love sketching too, a good way to relax!

  8. Oh your style of drawing is so whimsical and pretty! Her elbow is a bit low below but it's not that obvious! I really love the flowers in her hair and the way her face looks like an elf of some sort! Can't wait to see the next one when it's done!

  9. lovely sketch..hope I have the skill too.


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