The cat, the chow chow and the turtles


This is a post about the 4 legged creatures that have crossed my life recently: a cat, a chow chow and turtles.
And what link do they have with each other? Nothing! Except that they are cute, especially this chow chow.

But let me start with the cat first.

I’ve encountered this little fella on a rainy morning while I was doing the dishes when I suddenly hear loud meows from outside in the backyard. At first I couldn’t see where the sound is coming from so once I’ve finished doing the dishes, I went to explore.

It’s a really young looking straycat and stayed in our yard for 2 days before my neighbour brought the cat to the vet.
The cat is white with black spots and has a really cute cunning face! It’s too bad that we are not allowed to own pets because I would have adopted this cat.

In the 2 days I’ve fed Captain Twixter Rose which was my name for the cat. I’ve also tried to pet/hold Captain Twixter Rose but the cat was shy and sprint for cover as I get any closer. All Captain Twixer Rose did is eat, sleep and explore our bewildered backyard. It was funny to observe this little fella running around in our yard, hunting birds and sniffing at plants. I sure will miss this cat and I hope that Captain Twixter Rose end up in a warm catloving family.

Then there was this chow chow.
A chow chow is a dog breed from China and me and my friend A. saw the cutest one ever! It was taken a walk with the owner and the owner is kind enough to let us pet and take pictures of her chow chow.

And finally, my friend A. herself got pets too! She recently got a pair of turtles which she named Bonnie & Clyde. I don’t mind having turtles someday or a chow chow or a cat but for now I’ll just have to it with pictures. And plus I have my hand full already with my dad and brother at home, ha.  

Dit is een post over de viervoeters die onlangs mijn pad hebben gekruist: een kat, een chow chow en schildpadden.
En wat voor verband hebben ze met elkaar? Niets! Behalve dat ze schattig zijn vooral deze chow chow.

Maar laat ik beginnen met de kat eerst.

Ik heb dit kleintje op een regenachtige ochtend gevonden, terwijl ik de afwas deed en opeens luid miauw hoorde van buiten in onze achtertuin. Ik kon niet zien waar het geluid vandaan kwam dus na de afwas ging ik op onderzoek uit.

Het bleek een jong zwerfkatje te zijn en verbleef in onze tuin voor 2 dagen totdat mijn buurman hem naar een dierenasiel bracht.
De kat is wit met zwarte vlekken en heeft een lief sluwe gezicht! Het is jammer dat we geen huisdieren mogen, want anders had ik het wel geweten.

In de 2 dagen heb ik Captain Twixter Rose eten gegeven. Ja, dat was mijn naam voor die poes! Ik heb geprobeerd de poes vast te houden maar hij was schuw en nam de benen wanneer ik dichterbij kwam. Captain Twixer Rose at, sliep en verkende onze verwilderde achtertuin. Het was grappig om hem te zien rennen in onze tuin of hem op vogeljacht te zien en aan plantjes snuffelde. Ik mis Captain Twixter Rose en hoop dat hij in een warm familie terecht komt.

Dan was er dit chow chow.
Chow chow is een hondenras uit China en ik en mijn vriendin A. zag de liefste ooit! Hij was een wandeling met haar baasje aan het doen en het baasje is zo vriendelijk geweest om haar chow chow te laten aaien en foto’s te nemen.

En tot slot heeft mijn vriendin A. zelf ook huisdieren! Ze heeft onlangs een paar schildpadden in huis genomen en ze heette: Bonnie & Clyde en wat zijn ze leuk! Ik zou het niet erg vinden om ooit schildpadjes te nemen of een chow chow of een kat! Maar nu moet ik het maar doen met foto’s en filmpjes. En daarnaast heb ik papa en mijn broertje thuis waar ik mijn handen vol aan heb, ha.

Meow meow 
So this Captain Twixter Rose! A stray cat that stranded in our backyard and is now taken to an animal shelter.
Meanwhile I've fed him leftover tuna that I have thinned out with water. 

Woof woof
OMGOMGOMGOMG this face! It is melting my heart completely.

*turtle noises*
Meet Bonnie and Clyde, pet turtle from my friend A. 

What pets do you have?


  1. Oooh, die Chinese hond is zo schattig! Mocht ik ooit een hond nemen dan wel eentje die schattig is en niet te groot.

  2. That chow chow is so fluffy and cute!! Our first family dog was a chow-chow mix, but he wasn't as fluffy and small like the one pictured above!

  3. Oh my gosh, that doggy is so cutee <3

  4. We have a dog named Lucky at the backyard, he is very active. We added 3 fish in our aquarium recently. They are being taken care by my hubby..The Chow Chow is really cute.

  5. They're all so cute! I can't believe how fluffy the Chow Chow is!

  6. Oh my gosh, this post has made me smile too much! What a beautiful kitten and adorable Chow Chow (: I'd love a lil Chow Chow when I have my own house!

  7. such cute animals!! the chow chow and the cat are so cuddly!

    Oreleona | Pristine's Bliss

  8. Aw the chow chow is like the teddy bear version of a dog!

  9. oh so very cute! my parents actually fed numerous stray cats and they have become regulars in my parents patio :) they unfortunately have to move and they worry weather or not the next tenants will be as thoughtful to feed them and such but luckily their neighbors have also been attentive to it. :)

  10. Wahh. I want to adopt the kitty. *-* Also, my younger sister was so obsessed with chow chows as a kid that she wanted that to be her middle name. Lol.

  11. Awww that chow looks like a big fluffy teddy bear

  12. AWWWWWWWW I melted when I saw this post! My cat is actually a stray I picked up with my mom now 6 years ago when we were walking home. Although she was very very skinny and sick with worm when we picked her up, the one you encountered looks to be in okay shape! That's so great someone brought it to the vet! And chow chows are the cutest! There are lots in Singapore and lot's of chow chow mix breeds too! I find their purple tongues really funny.

  13. I am a dog person and I can't explain how much I adore chow chows!!! Huhuhuhu they're so fluffy!

  14. Awww that cat only looks young. Still a baby! Good job it was found and hope it receives a good home. I have two cats myself and love them so much.

  15. They're so adorable! I've never had my own pets before, except for some goldfish, which are a little difficult to interact with :P I'm in college now and living on campus so I probably won't have any four-legged cuties in my life anytime soon, but during review and exam week, families near our college bring their pets onto our campus for us to pet and de-stress :') -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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