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Make sure you have your chocolate snacks and other food with high melting level popped in the fridge because right now my country Holland is having an abnormal heatwave that is lasting the whole week with temperatures 30.

I even stored a perfume in the fridge. Can I even store perfume in the fridge? But it gives such a nice cooling mist and a lovely scent obvious!   

Anyways, this heatwave is obviously asking for ice cream and recently I bought a pot of soy ice cream in chocolate flavour.
Have you tried soy ice cream before? I haven’t before and I must say it’s not horrible ice cream at all! The difference is the soy taste and the ice cream is less creamy.

But no matter how hot the weather is, I’m always in for a hot cup of tea or coffee and no heatwave is going to stop me from drinking that!
And I can’t wait to have that in Barcelona!  

Heb je al je chocolade en andere etenswaren met hoge smelt gehalte in de koelkast gedaan? Want de hittegolf gaat duren tot aan het einde van de week!
Ik heb zelfs een parfum in de koelkast gedaan, zonder mezelf af te vragen of het wel kan van te voren. Maar het geeft zo'n lekkere koele mist en een heerlijke geur!

Maar goed!

Deze hittegolf vraagt automatisch om ijs en onlangs kocht ik een pot soja-ijs met chocolade smaak.
Heb jij weleens soja-ijs geprobeerd? Ik nog niet tot nu dan en ik moet zeggen dat het niet al te verschrikkelijk smaakt! Het verschil zit natuurlijk in de soja smaak en het is minder romig dan roomijs.

Maar hoe warm het weer ook is, ik ben altijd in voor een hete kop koffie of thee en geen hittegolf gaat me tegenhouden!
En ik kan niet wachten om hetzelfde te doen in Barcelona!

Delicious mint chocolate!

 Yogurt and blackcurrant!

 I was in Chinatown in a Asian grocer and I saw these similar Pocky snacks in red wine flavor and I bought it! And they do taste like red wine without the alcohol!

 Soy chocolate ice cream! Pretty yum! And great for vegan people or people who can't stand lactose. 


  1. Ik haat deze hitte golf... slapen is een ramp, bleh.. ik ontloop het.. half 3 nu :D Ik denk dat ik dat best eens durf te proberen soja ijs...misschien eerst almond ijs lol, want almond milk vind ik erg lekker. geen idea of er ijs van bestaat

  2. I haven't thought to put perfume in the fridge before.... I haven't tried soy ice cream in ages, I only see it at the supermarket but most ice creameries don't have it - I wish they did though, would be better for my lactose intolerance!

  3. The temperature of 30 is consider hot in Europe. The hot weather will keep the hot drink warm for a long time..haaa. enjoy your trip at Barcelona..

  4. Hmmm mint chocolate is the best flavour combo!
    If it'll ease your mind: It's perfectly ok to store perfume in the fridge. My aunt who lives in Thailand has a small fridge in her bedroom to keep perfumes and certain other beauty products that benefit from cooler temperatures (she's a beautician).

  5. awwww yummy fooooood <3 <3 This is a wonderful post! Such a cute blog with really nicely captured photos! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, always returning the support

  6. nooit aan gedacht om je parfum in de koelkast te bewaren. Dat lijkt me zo fijn en fris~ GOOD IDEA!

    A C Y H O Z - blog

  7. Oh no to the weather! Seems the heat just keeps getting worse in many places. :(

  8. I've never tried soy ice-cream before! I do quite like the creamy texture of ice-cream though. It's not toooo hot where I am, but I don't like heat very much at all, so it still feels a little too warm for comfort. Sometimes I want to take a shower in the middle of the day and another one in the evening, but I don't like wearing more than one outfit per day. It took long enough finding one outfit haha :P Restaurants in China are always serving hot tea, no matter what season it is, but I always drink ice water, even in the winter! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. Mmm, soy ice cream likes great! I'd love to try it some day. I love Pocky also! It's one of my fvourite snacks - I'm actually eating some now hahha. And mint chocolate! X

  10. Not sure if this posted before cause it glitched - but pejoy sounds good in hot weather cause it won't make a sticky melty mess like pocky does. Soy ice cream doesn't sound like my cup of tea, but I'd like to try it at least once!

    becky ♡ star violet

  11. Omg, don't start on the heat! The temperature has gone into the mid 30s here in singapore on some days! I love chocolate sticks especially chocolate wafers! If you've never tried soft serve soy ice cream, you NEED to! There's a local company here that does it and it's so good! Just like mcdonald's vanilla ice cream but soft flavored and really creamy.

  12. yikes! heat wave! stay cool!

  13. I love drinking hot, green tea -- even in the summer! It's a staple drink in my life, no matter the weather.


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