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And I’m back from my little trip to Italy! These 5 days sure went with the speed of light and it was 5 days of fun, food and freedom and I’m sorry for not be able to blog because I was terribly having way to much fun, food and freedom!

I hope I kept you guys sort of updated through IG.

For this trip to able to take off I need plane tickets. Cheap one of course if possible and this is where I encounter airline Ryanair for the first time because they were the cheapest I could find.

Normally I would have stick to airlines that I know but I’ve decided to give Ryanair a try and experience this budget airline. I’ve read reviews of previous customers and they were not really helping much since some gives a 10 out of 10 while others gives 1 out of 10. But if it helps, Ryanair got 2 stars from Skytrax which is a quality airline ranking company.

I guess all I can do is not have high expectations. And that servers me well because the flight turns out pretty ok!
The service was ok too. But I don’t like the extra cost that comes with it after you paid for the ticket like paying for the in-check luggage for example. Or to pay for a desired seat. I also don’t like the late date to able to do your check-in online. But again this is what you’ll get from a budget airline.

Scroll down to see my final verdict!     

En ik ben weer terug van mijn trip naar Italië! Deze 5 dagen gingen zo snel voorbij! Maar het waren 5 gelukkige dagen van plezier, lekker eten en vrijheid en mijn excuus hiervoor dat ik niet in staat was om te bloggen maar ik had vreselijk toch veel plezier, lekker eten en vrijheid!

Ik hoop dat IG je toch een beetje op de hoogte hield van mijn oh-zo spannend leven.

Voor dit tripje had ik eerste vliegtickets nodig. Goedkope tickets natuurlijk en dit is waar ik voor het eerste keer in aanraking kwam met budget luchtvaartmaatschappij Ryanair.  

Normaal gesproken zou ik voor bekende luchtvaartmaatschappij hebben gekozen, maar ik heb besloten om Ryanair te ervaren want yolo. Ik heb de recensies van eerdere klanten gelezen en deze hielpen niet echt. Sommige gaven een 10/10 en andere 1/10. Maar mocht het toch helpen, Ryanair heeft 2 sterren van Skytrax gekregen!

Mijn tip: heb geen hoge verwachtingen en dat deed me goed want de vlucht bleek best ok te zijn! De service was ook niet slecht. Maar de extra kosten die erna komen nadat je betaald hebt voor het ticket zijn minder, zoals het betalen van de incheck bagage bijvoorbeeld. Of het betalen van een gewenst zitplaats. En het late online inchecken bezorgde zo nu en dan stress. Maar dit is wat je krijgt van budget tickets.

Scroll naar beneden toe voor de rest van mijn beoordeling!

I really didn't like the late available checking-in unless you pay but I was able to check-in in 2 days beforehand. 
I do like the notification of which gate to enter the plane. 

Everything on this menucard and this trolley is ridiculously overpriced! A bottle of water cost 3 euro! What!
You can also order hot food as well. 

Luckily I brought my own snacks.

I'm happy to have got a windowseat on my way back.

Food: n/a (I didn't order food)
Service: ♥♥ 3/5
Seat: ♥ 2/5
Legspace: ♥ 2/5
Facility: ♥ 2/5
Website: ♥ 4/5
Price:  4/5


  1. Thank you Ice for this brief review! I'm planning to go back to Europe next year, and I'm considering of flying with Ryanair or Easyjet.

  2. I totally like to bring my own snacks on airplanes! It helps me pass the time, and then I don't have to pay extra. :)

    xo Denysia Yu

  3. Very interesting post, hve a nice day
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  4. I guess it is similar to our local budget carrier, AirAsia. It is cheaper that allows everyone to fly just like its slogan "Now Everyone Can Fly".

  5. Hoeveel kostte je ticket naar Italie voor 5 dagen?

  6. I hate how cramped it is on Ryanair flights, but I love how cheap they are ahah
    I guess you need to prioritise when it comes to these things.
    Can't wait to see your pics from Italy though!

    Joana x

  7. Ryanair was first airline I flew with (2012), and I have to say for the price I was satisfied, for me 8/10 overall =)


  8. I actually never do early check in! I always go a few hours early and check in directly before passing any security. Perhaps I'm just old fashioned! :)

  9. My friends have used Ryanair while traveling in Europe and they actually thought the experience wasn't too bad, considering the price of airfare. How long was your flight?

  10. I've heard mixed reviews about Ryanair but it sounds as if you had a great experience overall!
    Mantenso xx
    She's AbouThat Life

  11. i love flying with them !


  12. This is so fun to read, thanks for sharing:) Do you want to support each other's blog by following each other?:) Please let me know if you do so I can follow you right back x


  13. Cheap flights! ;) Just what we all need.Thanks for the insight on Ryanair and welcome back from Italy! Looking forward to the posts. x

  14. Yeah I guess you do have to make sacrifices with budget airlines. I suppose with bigger airlines the luggage and food etc is included in the ticket anyway!

  15. ah je kan ook geen hoge verwachtingen hebben van budget maatschappijen maar gelukkig viel het mee :) snap nog steeds niet dat eten in het vliegtuig zo debiel overpriced moet zijn..

  16. Flew only 3 times in my life, was with the KLM. Would prefer to stick with KLM or anything like that :P

  17. I haven't been as up to date with the blogosphere either. I've been trying to make the most of my last few weeks of summer before I have to go back to school! Hehe I always bring snacks onto the plane as well. I don't like eating airplane food. If I have enough time before my flight, sometimes I buy my meals in the airport to bring on the plane with me. I try to get cold food so that the smell isn't too pungent -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  18. I don't like Ryanair that much, I don't like their seat fabrics...
    easyjet is much better!



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