Ciao! Hola!
These are my most used greetings in my holiday in Italy and in my current one in Spain each time I opened a restaurant’s door but I’ve said ‘hallo’ to the one in the Netherlands a few weeks back!

Today’s post should be published a long time ago but finding wi-fi in a foreign country is truly a hard quest. But anyway since it’s a national holiday in Spain today and almost everything is closed and therefore for me nowhere to go to I can finally do a blogpost about Katoen c:

Katoen means 'cotton' in Dutch and is our newest restaurant in our little town and it also function as a hotel. Me being a glutton and a foodie was of course happy and curious about this new food place and it also means I have a good (I think) excuse going eat outside as well!

Katoen use fair-trade products and has a European cuisine. Their menu options are not bad – however I do wish for more veggie dishes but oh well. I did actually tried to have lunch before but we were a bit late for the lunch time which was up till 3 PM. Odd because usually our lunch time passes after 5PM but oh wells.

Anyhow, my first time in Katoen happen to be dinner. And I want to share my first time, thoughts and experience with someone and that someone had to be a surfer dude friend (hello Jermo!) of mine!


Ciao! Hola!
Dit zijn mijn meest gebruikte begroetingen in mijn vakantie in Italië en in Spanje wanneer ik in een restaurant binnenstap, maar voor dit restaurant in Nederland was het gewoon ‘hallo’!

Ik voel me schuldig want ik had allang iets moeten bloggen maar ja, het vinden van wi-fi in het buitenland is soms lastig. Vandaag komt het goed uit want vandaag is het nationaal feestdag in Spanje en zo,n beetje alles dicht is en ik eindelijk tijd heb om over Katoen te bloggen c:

Katoen is een nieuw restaurant in de stad en het is daarnaast ook een hotel. Ik als lekkerbek was natuurlijk nieuwsgierig naar deze nieuwe eettent. Het geeft mij daarnaast een goed excuus om buiten de deur te eten! Katoen heeft een Europese keuken en hun voedsel optie is niet slecht (hoewel ik graag meer vegetarische opties zie). Ik heb eigenlijk eerder een poging gedaan om te lunchen daar, maar de lunch was maar tot 15:00pm en we waren te laat. Heel gek dacht ik nog, want de lunch gaat bij de meeste restaurants toch tot 17:00?

Hoe dan ook, mijn eerste keer in Katoen werd dus dinner uiteindlijk. En ik wil mijn eerste keer, gedachten en ervaringen delen met iemand en dat iemand werd mijn surfer vriend (hallo Jermo!).

We order:
1 tomato soup
1 'soup of the day' (onion soup)
1 beef stew with fries and coleslaw
1 risotto 

Our menucardboard! Me and J. kind of laughed because on the board it says 100% Katoen (mean cotton) when it's not. You get it?

Soup starters

Our soups came in a jar! 
I didn't say it but when they poured my soup into the bowl it did splatter some on my dress a bit..

Nice breadbasket! However I did miss the butter?

So this is my onion soup and it tasted great until the spoonful of bacon in my mouth that was hidden in the bottom of this soup. I should have told the service if there were any meat involved in this soup hence me don't eating meat. And J.'s tomato soup was not bad but too watery for me. 

A nice woody modern rustic open kitchen and interior. 

Main meals

J. was in dilemma choice between the seabass or the beef stew. J chose for the beef stew at the and it comes with French fries and coleslaw and we both agree, the coleslaw was weird. The mayo that came along with too. 
But the stew itself is good says J.! 

 And I had the risotto which is luckily 100% veggie friendly unlike my previous onion soup and this risotto is so creamy thanks to the pecorino cheese. Good thing I love cheese and cream and this dish was therefore a win-win.

Designers gotta eat too

A fun creative fact: J. is designer in wooden bracelet! He and his 2 pals turns waste wood into this cool looking bracelet c: More at their website: Senoawood.

 And of course I had to show off my merchandise as well ha. 

 Then there comes the bill in a cool jar!

ADDRESS: Bleekveld 9 4461 DD Goes - The Netherlands
Food: ♥ 4/5 
Service: ♥♥ 4/5
Interior: ♥ 4/5
Price:  3/5


  1. Oh that looks like such good comfort food! Hope you're having a good time right now :)

  2. I never knew you were a vegetarian... I'm such a bad reader for never noticing >.<

  3. That is funny that their menu is printed on wood but is stamped "100% cotton"! Interesting that the servers pour the soup at the table too, but unfortunate that they some of it splashed onto your dress :(

  4. I like the idea, and it looks good, but I think it's terrible that they spoiled some on your dress and the hidden bacon then is a no go either. :/

  5. So cool that the soup was poured from a jug!

    Have a great day,

  6. I love the presentation of everything! I hope you had a great meal and a great time with your friend :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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