If a granita place opens up and specializes in chocolate, I'll be the first customer


I have developed my love for crushed ice with sweet fruity flavour in Italy also known as granita’s. And maybe it’s thanks to the hot weather that we are faced everyday in Italy making our tongue taste like a dry patch but granita’s are a great treat, a great cooler and way better than the bottled waters we have in our bags.

Luckily we have a similar thing in Holland and we call it ‘slush puppies’ and I have never tried them before. And not sure if there’s a chance for me to try it honestly because Holland doesn’t have many tropical weather days like we had in Italy (35C) and I really prefer eating/drinking my crushed flavour ice in really hot-hot days.
Other than that, I’d pick ice cream over granita’s anyways.

But still, granita’s are great for thirst in the hot summer days and they will always remember me my happy days in Italy.

Ik heb mijn liefde ontwikkeld voor zoete gemalen ijs met fruit smaak in Italië ook bekend als granita's. En misschien heeft het tropisch weer ernaar toe geleid maar granita's zijn een geweldige traktatie, een dorstlesser en natuurlijk veel beter dan onze flessen water in onze tassen die op ten duur toch hun koelte verlies.

Gelukkig hebben we in Nederland een soortgelijke zaak en die kennen jullie waarschijnlijk ook wel: 'slush puppy's' en ik heb ze nooit in mn mond gehad. En waarschijnlijk zal dat niet gauw gebeuren want in Nederland hebben we niet zo vaak tropische dagen als in Italië (35C) en ik eet echt mijn gebroken ijs met fruit smaak in echt hete spaanbenauwde dagen. Anders wordt het gewoon ijs voor mij dan.

Overigens, granita’s zijn lekker en ze zullen mij altijd blijven herinneren aan mijn heerlijke dagen in Italië.

This is my first granita ever and it's mint flavor! So good! @Emilia Cremeria.

Their shop is tiny and so cute! There were no English language unfortunately but the cartoon signs helped me out. They also sell ice cream as well, which I definitely want to try out next time.

 This is watermelon flavored and incredibly sweet! At Florence somewhere.

 And finally, I've tasted the cola version in Rimini. 


  1. oh my so tasty! I love shaved/crushed ice too! Have a sweet trip there :)

  2. Brrr, het lijkt mij veeeeels te zoet. Net alsof je natte suiker drinkt? :p Geef mij maar gewoon ijs :]

  3. i love shaved ice! it's a staple in the hot Japanese summers so I grew up with them :) x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  4. This place is looking so nice ! Love the photos !


  5. My kids will definitely love these icy drinks. I like the Italian soft ice cream.

  6. such a great photos!


  7. I'll take all the cold frozen drinks in this scorching summer, please

  8. I've never tried anything like that before, but it sounds really good. The store is super cute too!

  9. I'd also pick ice cream or sorbet over granitas :)

  10. seems so perfect for summer! :)

  11. Yum, so refreshing! I've never had a granita before, but I've had slushies, and I love Taiwan's shaved ice, so granita seems like something I'd like :D I hope that this helped you enjoy the city despite the heat! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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