My camera is dead


My camera passed away on my second last day during my holiday in Spain, right before the day I suppose to meet up with bloggers from The Cat You and US as well. Great, just my luck!
What kind of blogger am I without a camera? I still have my phone camera and it’s 13 megapixels ability which doesn’t deliver a too bad job during day light. But since I’m so used and spoiled by the quality that my Olympus E-PL1 used to deliver I am technically addicted to good pixels.

So how my camera did broke? I don’t know.
All I know that on an early morning I’ve tried to snap a picture of my breakfast and the screen went all black. I have removed my lens and see that my sensor (which is the heart of the camera) is blocked by a black screen which is called the shutter. And this basically allows you to shoot pictures. I know this is beyond my DIY skill to repair this one in my hotel room. However the naïve me did try to tape the shutter up which helped but it also it wont shutter down as well, oh you silly me!

I was really sad that morning because this camera has been with me for almost 5 years! So many memories have been shot with this camera.
And my warrantee on this camera has expired long time ago and I think having it fixed will come in a pricy price tag. So I guess there’s not much left to do then move on and get myself a new camera?   

 But until I have a new camera I am faced with a new challenge though and I’m a bit scared. I’m a blogger and pictures are important to me. They are my stepping stones to my writing, to form a post.
I was so so so blessed and lucky that The Cat You and Us was so kind to lend me their Canon 400D! Yet I have little experience with a Canon, I was still very happy to know that I can still snap pictures on my final days in Spain! And thanks to this, I am no longer a novice user of Canon! Or that’s what I think. Anyways this also made me wonder if I should stick with Olympus or try a total new brand like a Canon because Canon wasn’t bad and hard to adjust!

Who knows and we’ll see in the future!    

Mijn camera overleed tijdens mijn vakantie in Spanje, op een na laatste dag nog wel. En zelfs vlak voor de dag van onze blogafspraak met The Cat You and Us! Ik baalde als een stekker.
Wat voor soort blogger ben ik zonder camera? Ik heb wel mijn camera in telefoon en met zijn 13 megapixels levert hij nog niet zo slecht beeld materiaal op tijdens daglicht. Maar ik ben zo ingeburgerd en zo gewend aan de kwaliteit die mijn Olympus E-PL1 me al jaren levert, ben ik eigenlijk al verslaafd aan de betere foto kwaliteit.

Dus waar ging het mis met de camera? Ik weet het niet. Ik werd wakker in de ochtend en wilde een foto van mijn ontbijt schieten en opeens werd mijn scherm zwart. Ik heb mijn lens verwijderd en zie dat mijn sensor (het hart van de camera) geblokkeerd is door een zwart scherm die de sluiter wordt genoemd. Dit schermpje bepaalt het schieten van foto’s eigenlijk. Ik weet al gauw dat dit buiten mijn gebruikelijke DIY vaardigheid ligt om dit in mijn eentje in mijn hotel kamer te fixen. Maar de naïeve ik rust niet voordat ik alles geprobeerd hebt en zo heb ik nog geprobeerd het met tape vast te plakken wat lukte! Maar hierdoor kan het scherm ook niet naar beneden toe. Lekker slimme actie maar niet heus.

Ik had ontzettend meelij met mezelf die ochtend, want deze camera heeft me zoveel herinneringen geschoten. Bijna 5 jaar lang.
En mijn garantie op deze camera is allang verstreken en iets zeg me die reparatie me een rib uit mn lijf kost. Dan maar beter een nieuwe aanschaffen lijk mij?

Maar tot ik een nieuwe camera heb, is dit eventjes wel een uitdaging voor mij. Ik ben een blogger en foto's zijn belangrijk voor mij. Zij zijn mijn hulpmiddel naar mijn schrijven en zo tot een post te vormen.
Je wilt niet weten hoe blij ik was dat The Cat You and Us zo lief was om hun Canon 400D aan mij uit te lenen! Ik heb weinig ervaring met een Canon, maar ik was sowieso super blij want ik kon weer plaatjes schieten in Spanje! En dankzij dit ben ik weer een ervaring rijker met de Canon. En dit zorgde ook of ik bij een Olympus blijf of overstap maak naar een Canon.

Wie weet en we zullen zien!

 My Olympus E-PL1 with 12-50 mm lens. My first SLR. 

 It's closed and shut down forever. 


  1. So sorry that your camera broke and at such a bad time! That absolutely sucks!

  2. this is sucks! camera is so important to any bloggers!
    I also use olympus! it's a great camera<3

  3. iek RIP camera! lijkt me vreselijk :/ mja als je een beetje goed licht hebt moeten foto's met je mobiel ook wel lukken.. en anders nabewerken ><

  4. I am so sorry to hear about your broken camera! But it is so nice that you have lovely friends who can lend you theirs for some time.

    Rae | Love from Berlin

  5. Oh gosh Mei, I'm so sorry about this :( it's the worst for something like a camera to break, especially for people like us! it did have a good life though and took so many stunning photos for you - no doubt they'll get even better with a new one! x

    Miho @ Wander to Wonder

  6. Five years is a fair amount of time considering your frequent use! Oddly enough, I am a canon person and have been thinking about getting an Olympus Pen.

  7. Aww so sorry to hear about your camera! I would be so sad if mine died. Are there any repair shops around that might be able to fix it? If not, the prospect of getting a new camera can be pretty exciting!

  8. Did you google it?

    Hm, tja, het is maar wat je er voor over heb, of je meer geld er voor over heb, of je meer gewicht mee wil nemen. En of je het wel nodig heb. I mean, canon L lenzen zijn top... en heb er erg mooie foto's mee gemaakt, maar die prijs.... Ik red het met mijn 12-40 f2.8 ook :]

  9. Aw man! Sucks to hear about the camera. Glad you had one to borrow though!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your camera! I had a similar incident but instead the lens somehow fell off my camera and broke, so I had to invest in a new one at the last minute. Glad you had great friends to help you out there! :)


  11. sorry to hear that. I'll be very upset if my camera broke too, morever it's been through a lot of years with you. Hope you'll get a nice one and we all be able to see your picts again!

  12. I'm sorry to hear about your camera, but it seems that it lasted you a good long while! And getting a new camera is always fun :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  13. oh rest in peace beautiful camera.. mine died a few years ago mid vacation.. it was horrible..

  14. My camera is dead long I rely fully on my Samsung Note II to capture all the photos.

  15. Oh god it's so sad to hear about it. My tablet's camera isn't working, it also goes all black and nothing else happens so I'm a camera-less, hopeless and vvv worried about keeping my instagram alive.


  16. Sorry to hear your camera broke down! :c I totally feel you though; when my camera was lost, I felt more upset over the loss of something with such high sentimental value, as opposed to the price tag of my camera. :c 5 years though - that's a pretty long time for your camera to stay with you! c:

  17. So sweet of Dani and Damaris to lend you their camera. I hope you will find a new one that will fit your needs!

  18. Aw darn! RIP camera! I've had one of my favorite point and shoot cannon digital cameras just die on me. I loved the photos I took with it and it was so light and handy to bring around and it was also HOT PINK might I mention! But I've had others malfunction and had some repaired but finally two years ago I purchased my now cannon power shot which is just right for my needs. I'm glad to hear you were able to use someone else camera in lieu of yours! I guess the only bad thing about getting a new camera is the cost! :p

  19. Awww... That sucks! I currently have a canon T3i, and a samsung mv800 for vlogging. I have to admit that the canon cameras are pretty heavy compared to my old panasonic gf-2.

  20. Sorry to hear this! Having to pay a big price tag for a new camera might seem daunting, but I think it will pay off in the long run, since you use it so much! Hope you find one that you like! xx

  21. Awww that stinks but... new toy!


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