HOTSPOT: American Diner 1950


And we are eating American in Italy! Oops, did we just cross the law? I guess we got slightly tired of all the good pizza we ate here in Italy so we decided to balance our palette out with something else.
I remember I wanted to eat sushi but we didn’t find any sushi places. Instead we have found a legit looking all American diner called the American Diner 1950!

My travel buddy F. who spends his childhood in USA was having a memory lane moment and was eager to try this place out.
Me and my rumbling belly too. I always wanted to eat food at a retro American diner because of the movie Grease, the 50’s flair furniture and of course the big portion unhealthy food.

And the American Diner 1950 has it all!

But the cherry on top got to be the cute service in uniform and roller skates! Awesome! I think I wanne work here too. Just joking of course but honestly…
Check out the food below first!


En deze keer eten we lekker ‘American’ in Italië! Oeps, iets te enthousiast? We waren namelijk beetje klaar mee met de pizza’s hier in Italië en we besloten ons palet eens even op te frissen met iets anders.
Ik wilde eerst sushi gaan eten, maar er was geen sushi tent te bekennen. In plaats daarvan hebben we een Amerikaans diner genaamd de American Diner 1950 gevonden!

Mijn reismaatje F. heeft namelijk zijn jeugd in USA doorgebracht en had even een nostalgie moment en wilde dolgraag deze tent uitproberen. Ik en mijn knorrende buik ook. Ik wilde altijd al in een retro Amerikaanse diner eten vanwege de film Grease, de jaren '50 flair meubilair en natuurlijk de grote portie ongezond eten!

En de American Diner 1950 heeft het allemaal!

Maar het zijn de service in schattig uniform en rollerskates die het toe doen. Hoe Geweldig! Ik denk dat ik hier kom werken. Ok, grapje natuurlijk maar check het eten even hierdoor eerst!

We have ordered
1 veggie burger + fries
1 hamburger + fries
1 mint ice tea
1 Dr. Pepper 

This sexy mint ice tea is not only sexy but it taste amazingly good and refreshing!

 Eating American in Italy! Is that even a crime?
This diner has a good menu with lots of choices and so I've chosen the veggie burger (€8,-) that comes with the curly fries. The grilled sesame bun was nice and the patty was well seasoned and to me I can't really find the difference between real meat and this one. I also like that it comes with portion curly fries.
Overall the food was good, nothing really outstanding and I think the interior and sphere that really lifts up our meal.

Not in the picture: a plastic Marilyn Monroe mannequin. 

ADDRESS:Via Del Moro 85 R | Via Del Moro 85 R, 50123 Florence, Italy
Food:  3/5 
Service: ♥♥ 3/5
Interior: ♥ 4/5
Price:  4/5


  1. Burger and curly fries, must be very filling.

  2. omggg i love theme restaurants!

  3. I craved asian food when I was in Italy too, but it's impossible to find. This diner looks really cool and retro.

  4. This place is looking so awesome ! Love the photos !


  5. American in Italy? GASP! Say it isn't so! Hahaha! In all seriousness though, American Diner 1950 looks amazing! I love setting and the food! It looks absolutely delish! <3

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'

  6. American food in Italy! Haha but I can never say no to a burger. This place looks cool!

  7. This is adorable! I love eating at diners and that one looks like so much fun to visit!

    a small bit | bloglovin

  8. Haha, can't go wrong with burgers! The interiors of this place look awesome, wish I could try it for myself :)

  9. What! The diner looks crazy cool. Can't say no to some french fries or onion rings ;)

  10. This place looks awesome! I wish I could go there sometime...
    Alexandra ~

  11. That's so fun! Since I live in America I have always wondered if other countries have "American" restaurants. But I have to admit, that looks about 100 times healthier than what you would normally find over here. Haha! And most places don't have veggie burger options :(

  12. How fun! :) I haven't been to a 50's style diner in years but I used to always go for a nice burger and milk shake :)

  13. The American Diner looks so pretty and amazing! Glad you had a good time, looking at all that food is making me hungry.
    Jas }

  14. The inside of the restaurant looks so cool! I live in Philadelphia and we have an "old school" diner in one of the neighborhoods here!

  15. Ok, Amerikaanse diners zullen altijd een plekje in mijn hart hebben. Ze zijn altijd veel te kitsch, veel te amerikaans en veel te 'te'. Maar altijd geweldig. Leuk met die rollerskates en die frietjes omnomnom!! Een goeie break tussen al het Italiaanse eten kan ik me goed voorstellen haha!

  16. Oh I've never been to a diner like that and I would LOVE to be in one just to be able to take photos and say I was in a retro looking themed place like that! The food looked good and it would have been of course best if the food was through the roof like the decor but I'm glad the experience was good overall!

  17. That's so random that you guys found an American diner in Italy! We have similar diners in SoCal, but the workers aren't allowed to be on skates anymore. I think it has something to do with being dangerous in the kitchen.

  18. Can't go wrong with burgers, fries, and a milkshake anywhere in the world! :)


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