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Before going to Italy I was a foodie. When I came back from Italy I gained experience being a foodie and perhaps some holiday weight too but who doesn’t when you are in Italy and Italian cuisine is truly delicious!

I’ve made a food list.
And it’s a list that I want to try out in Italy. One of them is the famous risotto. Because rice is nice!

And so without pre-searching through Tripadvisor or Yelp me and travelbuddy F. ventured through the streets of Italy for that restaurant that serves risotto. Too be honest Italy has so many restaurants that making a choice is almost impossible (they all looked so good!). But we luckily made one and we found: Caffe Curatone. It was also near our B&B which probably helped making a choice easier.

We entered inside and stumbled on a quiet and empty restaurant because most guests were outside at the terrace but I was craving for AC so we chose to eat inside. Unfortunate the Wi-fi was down (bummer!). But that’s a side thing, the main thing was the food and I’ve finally ordered my seafood risotto!

Voordat ik naar Italië vertrok, was ik een foodie. Toen ik terug kwam uit Italië was ik nog steeds een foodie maar dan ervaring rijker en kilootjes erbij, maar wie niet wanneer je in Italië ben en de Italiaanse keuken is gewoon te lekker!

Ik heb een voedsel lijst gemaakt.
Het is een lijst die ik graag wil uitproberen en af wil vinken en een van de dingen op die lijst is de beroemde risotto.

En zonder enig vooronderzoek gedaan te hebben via TripAdvisor of Yelp gingen ik en vriend F. willekeurig door de straten van Italië struinen voor die ene restaurant dat risotto serveert. Eerlijk is eerlijk, Italië wemelt van de restaurants waardoor keuzes maken bemoeilijkt wordt. Maar gelukkig vonden we er een, want we kwamen Caffe Curatone tegen. En het was een makkelijke keuze sinds hij in de buurt was van onze B&B.

We liepen naar binnen toe in een lege rustige restaurant, want de meeste gasten zaten buiten op het terras. We kozen ervoor om binnen te eten want er was airco! Helaas was de Wi-Fi kapot. Maar dat is terzijde want we kwamen natuurlijk voor het eten! Eindelijk! Mijn zeevruchten risotto!

 So affordable!

We ordered
1 seafood risotto
1 hamburger with fries
1 ice tea
1 water

Everything was homemade and my seafood risotto which was only 8 bucks was still generously filled with rich seafood: clams, mussels and prawns. The shellfish were cleaned properly because I couldn't trace any sand between my teeth. Really a big thumbs up because nothing is so disappointing than in eating good looking food until you are chewing on sand. My friend F. who isn't a big fan of seafood looked at me with horror but oh boy he's so missing out because this plate was fingerlicking good! 

While I was eating I was also enjoying watching this dog giving high-5 and other tricks to this lady owner!

My seafood hater friend F. also enjoyed his dish. I've stolen couple of his French fries and they were of course yum.

ADDRESS: Borgo Ognissanti, 167/red, 50123 Firenze, ITALY
Food:  5/5 
Service: ♥♥ 4/5
Interior:  3/5
Price:  5/5 


  1. That seafood risotto looks amazing! It's been many years since my last trip to Italy, but after reading your post, I really want to go again..just to eat:)

  2. Everything looks so yummy! Trying new foods is definitely one of my favorite parts about vacations :)

  3. Oh I LOVE seafood risotto! Everything looks so yummy!

    xx Chelsea

  4. I like Italian food..I enjoyed the most was the Italian food during my Europe trip many years again.

  5. Mmmm que rico todo

  6. Loving the bag the fries come in! Cute idea.

    Have a great day,

  7. this looks like such a great place! And the food looks delicious :) Thanks for sharing!

    Check out my blog if you want:

    Tamara xxx

  8. OMG. That seafood risotto look delicious! I have food envy!



  9. Delicious food captures, especially that generous-looking burger! Yum! You're not alone by the way, when in Italy.. you've got to eat everything on offer! ;)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  10. Cafe hopping is one of my favourite ways to familiarize myself with a city. Caffe Curatone looks like a great place! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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